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Friday, April 25, 2008 Volume XVI, Number 220

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... The Saturday Night Idol Contest is coming Sat., April 26th & 6:30 pm at Carthage High School Auditorium. There will be 10 contestants singing for $300 grand prize. Adults $5.00 & Ten and under $3.00. Http://

Did Ya Know?... The will be a Special Sunday Opening of the Powers Museum on April 27, 1:30-4:30pm for Vern Feaster "State of Missouri - Facts, Figures & Trivia" Free admission. Call 358-2667.

Did Ya Know?... A Guitar Hero Tournament is being held at the Carthage Junior High School Gymnasium at the corner of River and Centennial, in Carthage, MO on Saturday, April 26th. Registrations begins at 8 a.m. with Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert divisions. For a small registration fee come and enjoy this fun day. Prizes will be awarded in all categories. All monies raised will benefit the American Cancer Society, Relay For Life. For more info or to register early call 417-310-0722 or 417-434-0338.

Did Ya Know?... Ray is back, Country Gold Band, Dance at VFW 2590, April 26th, 8:00 - 12:00 p.m. $5.00 donation.

Did Ya Know?... The Ninth Hour Gospel Group of Joplin will be at Union Chapel Methodist Church, Sunday, April 27, 2008 at 2:30 p.m. The church is located 1/2 mile north of Leggett & Platt Corporate Office on CR 180. The public is invited and encouraged to attend. There will be a freewill offering. For questions, call 358-5683.

today's laugh

Why is a pig the most extraordinary animal in creation?
Because you first kill him and then you cure him.

How many peas are there in a pint?
One (p).

A man’s home is his wife’s castle.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Gas Last Night

Repairs at the Plant Finished Sooner Than was Expected.

By keeping a force of men at work in the gas plant night and day, since the water of Thursday’s flood went down, the gas company was able to give its patrons a means of illumination last night.

A few days previous to the flood the company had been having trouble with its machinery at the plant and the gas supply was unsatisfactory. This had just been remedied when the high water came and cracked the retorts at the plant. These had to be repaired before gas could be made. They were patched more quickly than was anticipated and gas was turned on last night at 8 o’clock.

The gas company is confident now that its troubles are over and that gas will be forthcoming regularly.


Today's Feature

Master Gardener Helpline.

A Master Gardener will be available to answer gardening questions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m through August 8.

The Helpline is sponsored by University of Missouri Extension. Master Gardeners may be contacted by calling 417-358-2158 or visiting the Jasper County University of Missouri Extension Center in the basement of the Jasper County Courthouse.

The Master Gardeners have completed a horticulture training course offered by University of Missouri Extension. A part of their certification requirement is to provide volunteer service in their communities. For more information about the program, contact the Jasper County University of Missouri Extension Center in Carthage, 417-358-2158.

University of Missouri Extension improves people’s lives with education and research from the four campuses of the University of Missouri System and Lincoln University that focuses on high-priority needs of people throughout the state. Each County Extension Center, with oversight by locally elected and appointed citizens, is a local link to these unbiased resources.

Just Jake Talkin'


I can still remember that day in the second grade. Mr. Norris, the school, principal handed out brand new civics books.

He showed us how to get ‘em in shape and not damage ‘em. "I want you to take care of these books," he told us. "I want you to treat them like they were your own."

I never cared much for bein’ just like ever’body else. So I proceeded to pull out my red Crayola and carefully colored along the edges of the pages. My teacher sent me confused down to the principals office.

"What in the world were you thinking?" said Mr. Norris. "You told us to treat ‘em like they were ours, that’s what I would have done to my book." I explained.

He proceeded to explain to me what he really meant. After that I treated ever’thing at school as if it belonged to Mr. Norris.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

Oak Street Health & Herbs

Natural Nutrition
By Mari An Willis

After all this rain, when the sun pops out for a long period of time so will the bugs! It is a good time to remember a few hints to get rid of the pesky mosquitoes and other flying insects naturally. Taking a garlic supplement can help reduce the risk of being bitten or stung by mosquitoes or wasps. If you are bitten by mosquitoes, B-complex vitamins and vitamin C with bioflavonoids may help enhance detoxifying the poisons and prevent allergic reactions.

It has also been noted that mosquitoes are none too fond of the smell of peppermint. Dr. Bronner has an excellent peppermint soap which can be used as a repellent and is easily washed off after exposure. It is handy for camping trips as it is biodegradable and washes off easily leaving no residue. I have used it on my children over the years and found it to be easy on their skin.

Citronella, although it does not smell as nice as peppermint, is also effective in repelling mosquitoes. It is often found in candle form. I’ve seen them at quite a few of the stores in town. They are also easy to make should you be inclined.

We have made our own bug repellent by putting a few drops of liquid peppermint soap, citronella and pennyroyal oils and some eucalyptus oil into a recycled pump hair spray bottle. Shake well before application being sure to avoid the eyes. It is always wise to test a spot on your skin before applying all over.

Ticks and chiggers are another topic. If anyone has any good suggestions which have proven effective for you, please send them to me and I will be happy to share them through this column. Thank you.

Art Notes From Hyde House
By Sally Armstrong, Director of artCentral

An exciting new exhibit is underway in both galleries, that being work by Hominy, Oklahoma artist Cha’ Tullis. Born in Carthage to a very large family with strong traditions, he began at a very early age to show his love of nature and art. Cha’ began creating artwork at a very early age and to explore his talents in all mediums. He struggled to concentrate in one medium as he was growing up, and to this day, works in a number of very different media. His talent to successfully blend those mediums to his style proves that his future accomplishments will be endless! In his teen years, as a Blackfoot Indian, he became an accomplished silver and gold smith while exploring the possibilities and techniques of painting. His creative spirit led him in all directions; sculpting, painting, and murals. Winning awards and recognition in shows his reputation as jewelry designer and restorer grew and his business prospered, always painting and creating in his spare time. Today he spends most of his time in his Stone Turtle Studio creating wonderfully artistic steel sculptures, painting at the easel, and teaching Native American Culture, crafts, and spirituality for Oklahoma University. His themes include Native American culture, crafts, and spirituality. His art has been featured in many regional, national, and local print publications as well as television and radio. "I’m constantly working on the next piece to satisfy the creative hunger and spirit that I have felt since childhood. I am always creating, and it is best for me if I just follow the spirit with which I am fed to the end result, the process of moving on to the next creation. My passion is creating works that bring a sense of emotional spiritual awe to those willing to share in the journey! To feed and be fed the spiritual beauty of life as God gives it." Our show is entitled, "SHARING THE JOURNEY" and opens May 2, 2008 with an artist’s reception at the Hyde Gallery at 6:00 pm.


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