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Wednesday, August 6, 2008 Volume XVII, Number 34

did ya know?


Did Ya Know?... On Sat. Aug. 9th, the VFW Post 2590 will host a dance featuring Max Brown from 8-11:30 p.m. Call 358-1657 for more information.

Did Ya Know?... On Aug. 27th the Diabetic Support Group will meet at 4 p.m. in the MBRH Employee Life Center. Guest speaker will be Denise Hamar, M. D., Pediatrician. Call 359-2652 for more info.

today's laugh

You can always tell a good politician by the way he answers. He makes you forget the question.

Elections should be held on Christmas. That way, if you don’t like who we elect, we can exchange them.

A nice politician will never lie about an opponent--if the truth will do more damage.

One candidate has an identity problem---everybody knows who he is.

People always keep saying, "Things can’t go on like this." And that’s how it ends up. Things get worse.

A lot of candidates brag they started life as a barefoot boy. Who didn’t.?

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


The city council discussed during the last meeting that it is impossible to arrange for the taking of the tuberculin test, however, at present, so that requirement is a dead letter, and may remain so for a year or two, even if eventually it is made inoperative. But the requirement for the tuberculin test being in the ordinance, no certificate can be issued to a dairyman or dealer because that requirement has not been complied with by anybody. The object in removing the requirement for this test is that the ordinance can otherwise go unhindered into operation, regular certificates be issued, and all the benefits of the law be secured.

Emphasis was given the belief last night that there should be haste in making whatever changes are to result in order that the ordinance may quickly become operative, but the difference of opinion as to the required temperature caused more delay, just the same. The purity of milk and the cleanliness of stables and dairy premises are considered the most important features of the ordinance and these provisions are fast being put into operation, but the full workings of the ordinance are hindered by the delay in determining its details.

City Physician L. E. Whitney last night stated that he had communicated with numerous other cities, including Chicago, St. Louis, New York and numerous other places, and that he finds that the temperature requirement is rigidly enforced in all these places, the required degrees of coolness ranging from 75 to 60 degrees. He thought the 60 degrees named in the Carthage ordinance was reasonable.


Today's Feature


Eastern Jasper County Commissioner Jim Honey won an overwhelming victory in the Republican primary last night by taking 65% of the votes cast. Candidate Blane Mitchell ended with just shy of 20% and Craig Putnam ended with just over 15%. Honey supporters rallied after contender Putnam won the endorsement of current Jasper County Presiding Commissioner John Bartosh and Sheriff Archie Dunn.

In the much publicized race for Jasper County Public Administrator, newcomer Angie Casavecchia Ashens won 60% of the vote against incumbent Rita Hunter who garnered just under 23% of the votes cast. Monty Morgan picked up the other 17%.

The two most tightly contested races were for County Assessor and County Coroner. Connie Alumbaugh-Hoover narrowly beat out Brent Hensley by just over 300 votes in a field of six candidates in the Assessor’s race. Rob Chappel won just under 28% of the votes to win the Coroner race with three other contestants. Scott Keats pulled just over 25%, Don LeMaster, Jr. took just under 25%, and Shane Moore gathered 22%.

Just Jake Talkin'

The Jasper County Republican Committee and State Representative nominee Tom Flanigan hosted a watch party for the election in the Sassy Spoon restaurant on the Square last night. It was a good turn out. The Courthouse showed a pretty good crowd also. Lota new candidates gettin’ involved in the election process. New blood, new energy.

The hope is that those candidates that didn’t win won’t go off poutin’ in the corner and will be back for the next round.

It’s tough to win a race with four or five or six opponents. But then, it’s not supposed ta be easy. Like the singer Don Williams sings, "If it was easy, everybody would do it." Politics is a tough game. It takes guts, persistence and talent. Good qualities for elected officials.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

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Here’s A Tip.

By JoAnn Derson

"I love to work in the yard, and I always wash my hands before coming in. I put a bar of soap inside a piece of mesh from a potato sack and tied it with a string. I tied the string to my water faucet outside, and now I can easily wash my hands with soap before coming in. The sack kind of works as a scrubber as well." -- F.A. in Texas

"When I take the kids to the pool, I bring my cell phone with me. I have started putting it in a zipper-top plastic baggie, and now I don’t have to worry about it getting wet accidentally. I can see through the bag to check messages or the time right out of the pool; there’s no need to dry my hands off." -- Y.W. in Missouri

"I found a really great fix for my basement stairs. It’s a bright, reflective, nonslip tape. I used a long piece across the end of each riser, and I am much more sure of my footing when going downstairs -- especially when carrying a laundry basket. And it’s easier to see where the steps are if the lights are dim." -- N.M. in Ohio

Here’s a great conversation piece: Get a big, shallow bowl or box, fill it with loose snapshots and set it on your coffee table. People can’t resist photos.

"I have a sore back, so it’s hard for me to bend down and pull out weeds. I found a way to do this without too much bending. If you have a pair of loppers, all you have to do is cut a section of garden hose into two 1-inch pieces and slit them down the side. Then slip them over the ends of the blades. This way, you can grip the weed without much effort." -- J.K., via e-mail

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