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Thursday, December 11, 2008 Volume XVII, Number 123

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... American Legion Post # 9 and D.A.V. Chapter 41 will hold a rummage sale Saturday, December 13 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, December 14 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the National Guard Armory in Carthage Municipal Park. All proceeds dedicated to local Veterans.

Did Ya Know?... Carthage Business & Professional Women are selling pecans and black walnuts to support their scholarship fund. Call 358-9128

Did Ya Know?... The Family Literacy Center, 706 Orchard, holds classes in Spanish, English, Citizenship, and Computers. Closed from Dec. 19 through Jan. 5, 2009. Call 417-358-5926 for more info.

today's laugh

The teacher was proud of the results of her labors during the past few weeks. Day after day she trained her pupils in fire drill and at last they seemed perfect.
"Now," she said one day, "what would you do if I told you the building was on fire?"
Like one voice came the children’s answer.
A few days later a lecturer visited the school. Said the teacher with a beaming smile: "Now, children, what would you do if I were to tell you that Dr. Wisehead was going to lecture today?"
"We would rise promptly, put away our books, then quietly and without disorder file into the street!" they said in unison.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Entertained At Dinner.

Dr. and Mrs. F. W. Flower entertained the following at dinner last evening: Mr. and Mrs. Lon Ashcraft, Mr. and Mrs. E. Knell, Miss Emma Knell, Miss Curtes Henry of Alba, and Frank Knell.

Mr. and Mrs. Kilham of Springfield, were over to spend Thanksgiving in Carthage as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Betts, on Lyon Street.

Short But Strong.

An old woman met a well to do and humorous Irishman, and said: "Kind sir, could you give a copper to a poor old woman who is short of breath?"

The Irishman gave her a shilling, with the remark: "There you are, my good woman. Now don’t take any more, for, begorra, ye may be short of breath, but what ye do have of it is mighty strong. - London Tid-Bits.


Today's Feature

Drainage Project Approved.

Carthage City Council met Tuesday evening in a regular session and approved an ordinance entering into contract with Polston Construction, Inc. for the second phase of improvements to the drainage system from Centennial to 13th Street. The improvements are estimated to cost $140,433.30.

Mayor Jim Woestman noted during his report that he had received several calls regarding odor emissions on Tuesday. City Attorney Nate Dally and City Administrator Tom Short both mentioned that the City is in the process of revising its own odor ordinance that would allow for stricter and more immediate control over excessive odor emissions. Dally added that the city of Springfield has had some success with a similar ordinance. That item is to be discussed at the next Public Works Committee meeting.

The first reading of an ordinance authorizing the sale of a portion of the former McCune-Brooks Hospital Building for use as the State Crime Lab was heard in its first reading. City Administrator Short said that additional documentation for the occupancy is still in the review process.

Just Jake Talkin'

A little while back there was a TV show talkin’ ‘bout companies that use charities ta make money. Doubtless, a lotta folks think twice before they hand over hard earned cash to just anyone that puts out their hand.

For those who are still wantin’ to put a few dollars where they know folks needin’ it will get the benefit, there are several local organizations that can use the cash or other donations.

I don’t want to run the risk of leavin’ any organization out, so I won’t list ‘em, but they aren’t hard to find.

The nice thing ‘bout makin contributions to local organizations is ya can talk to those who make the decisions, and feel assured that your money is bein’ used as intended.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

Metcalf Auto Supply
Click & Clack Talk Cars
By Tom & Ray Magliozzi

Dear Tom and Ray:

I had new brake pads installed about three weeks ago, and when I use the brake pedal to stop, the car makes a groaning noise. The mechanic told me that it takes about a month to "break the pads in," and that after that, the noise will go away. Is that correct? - Adrienne

RAY: It groans, huh? Well, groaning noises are usually associated with mating. What’s mating in your car are the new brake pads and the old disc rotors. I’m guessing that your mechanic didn’t change your disc rotors, probably in an attempt to save you some money.

TOM: We don’t do that anymore because when new, perfectly flat pads press against old, grooved and uneven disc rotors, they make noise. And then customers come back and complain. And then we have to get rid of them by making up some story about how it takes a month for parts to get to know each other.

RAY: Unfortunately, this is not an entirely benign noise, Adrienne. Because your pads aren’t making point-for-point contact with the surfaces of your discs, you’re not getting as much braking power as you should be.

TOM: Normally, new pads will "seat" or "mate" with discs fairly quickly. In fact, we usually do it during a test drive right after we finish a brake job. And it’s usually accomplished within 10-10 minutes of working the pads.

RAY: But if it’s still groaning after three weeks, you probably need new discs.

TOM: The reason your mechanic told you it would take a month is because he’s leaving for vacation in a month.

RAY: So, I’d go back now. Explain to him that the noise hasn’t gotten any better, and ask him to take another look. My guess is that the discussion will turn to the wonderful world of new disc rotors. Good luck.

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