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Friday, December 26, 2008 Volume XVII, Number 133

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... George Washington Carver National Monument park will be closed Thursday, December 25 and Friday, December 26 for Christmas Holiday. The park will reopen on Saturday, December 27, at 9 a.m.

Did Ya Know?... The Carthage Chamber of Commerce will be closed December 31 and January 1 in observance of New Year’s Day.

today's laugh

Some women just don’t get the idea of perfume. They think there’s no point in wearing it unless people can actually see it. Perfume is supposed to attract and intrigue a man, not attract, strangle, and kill him. That’s more the idea of a Roach Motel. - Danny Liebert

President Johnson bragged about the bravery of the United States Marines. In a speech he told about a Marine officer who told his men that they would be jumping out of a plane flying at 800 feet.
A few of the men looked worried. Finally one came over to the officer. "Please sir," he began, "could the plane fly at 500 feet?"
"No, I’m afraid not," he answered.
"That’s too low for the parachutes to open."
The surprised Marine replied,
"Oh, you mean we’re going to have parachutes?"

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Christmas in Carthage.

Great World’s Holiday is Greatly Enjoyed by People Here.

Yesterday was a merry Christmas day in Carthage, and seemingly the world’s greatest holiday was one of the best Christmasses in years. The greetings of good-will began early yesterday morning, when the streets were thronged with people going to the homes of their friends with neatly wrapped presents and hearts filled with good cheer.

But Christmas really began at seven o’clock Thursday evening, for at that hour, immaculately-dressed children began hurrying through the streets with their elders to the churches, where Christmas services were held. The exercises this year were probably more elaborate than any previous Christmas exercises in years. Christmas trees, attractively draped, and Santa Clauses were features at nearly all the churches in the city. Grace Episcopal church held holy communion yesterday morning and three Christmas masses were celebrated at St. Ann’s Catholic church. Interesting programs, in which the children took the leading part, were given and the churches were crowded with members of the Sunday schools and their friends.

Day Was Dusty.

Many people were disappointed that Christmas day should be so warm, but the majority seemed to prefer the balmy air to snow and wintry winds. A strong wind was the only thing to mar the enjoyment of the day, the whirling dust keeping many people indoors.

In many Carthage homes family dinners were held and members of families from in town and out of the City were present.


Today's Feature

Williams Honored.

Carthage City Council on Tuesday evening heard a proclamation honoring Carthage Police Detective LaVerne Williams for his 31 years of service to the City. Williams is to retire on December 31, 2008. Mayor Jim Woestman read the proclamation before Council, Williams, and those attending the meeting.

Many of Williams accomplishments including the establishment of the Police Department’s annual underprivileged children’s Christmas Party were mentioned in the proclamation. Mayor Woestman proclaimed that December 31, 2008 will be Detective LaVerne Williams Day in Carthage.

Detective Williams spoke briefly to the Council and citizens.

"I’ve enjoyed my 31 years," said Williams.

"I love my job, and I’m sorry I have to leave it."

Members of Council expressed their appreciation to Detective Williams at the end of the Council meeting.

Will Be Sworn In.

Jasper County Elected Officials will be sworn into office on Tuesday, December 30 at 10:00 a.m. in the Jasper County Courthouse. Those elected officials include Jim Honey, Eastern District Commissioner; Darieus K. Adams, Western District Commissioner; W. Archie Dunn, Jasper County Sheriff; Wilma "Jeannie" Wells, Jasper County Treasurer; Angie Casavecchia Ashens, Jasper County Public Administrator; Rob Chappel, Jasper County Coroner. The public is invited to attend.

Just Jake Talkin'

Do you save paper or bows? It makes perfect sense ta do it, but it always seemed cheap or somethin’ to give a gift in used paper. I suppose that paper companies have made us feel that way.

Some folks like ta leave the tree up for a while after Christmas. I always figured it otta be down by New Years. There’s prob’ly a real good reason for that, right?

As you’re out returnin’ all that stuff ya didn’t really want or need or that didn’t fit, try ta take it easy on those folks behind the counter. They prob’ly don’t even know your aunt Suzie who should have know better than to buy you another toaster. All they need ta know is that you’re bringin’ it back. The folks in line are real interested, though. Be sure to hold it up and show ever’body. It makes ‘em feel better knowin’ they’re not alone.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

Metcalf Auto Supply
Click & Clack Talk Cars
By Tom & Ray Magliozzi

Dear Tom and Ray:

I got into an argument recently concerning whether I should top off when I fuel up. You know what I mean - the pump shuts off, and I can either stop or put another half a gallon more in. Is that OK, or not? I notice some pumps say not to top off, and I was wondering why. Most reasons I have found online discuss fuel expansion, which, it seems to me, would be rather minimal. So now I am asking the experts... can you point me in the right direction? - Kurt

RAY: Was the "argument" with a spouse, by any chance, Kurt? Who else would you ever get into an argument with at a gas station? Anyway, you owe her an apology, Kurt.

TOM: Vaporization is the problem. In the old days, gas caps used to have holes in them so gasoline vapors could escape. The vapors went right into the atmosphere, creating smog and preventing Sarah Palin from seeing Russia from her home in Alaska. Oh, and the other problem with smog: lung disease.

RAY: To solve the problem, the Environmental Protection Agency required that all cars come with a vapor recovery system. A key piece of that system is something called a charcoal canister, which is attached to the gas tank.

TOM: When the gasoline in the tank expands and creates vapors, those vapors are absorbed by the charcoal. They’re held there in the charcoal until the next time the car starts, and then the vapors are sucked back into the intake air, and burned by the engine during the combustion process.

RAY: When you top off your tank, you take the chance that you’ll force liquid gasoline into the charcoal canister, ruining it. And what does that mean? At least 300 bucks, Kurt.

Journey Along the Wellness Path
By Leesa I. Robinson, NHP
Sponsored by Robinson Family Health Center

A life of good health includes time spent in meaningful relationships. We have all noticed how time goes by at a very consistent and predictable pace. We all get the same amount, and most of us just simply would like to have more of it! In our proactive walk in health, let’s consider giving the gift of time.

What does it look like to give the gift of time? We won’t find it on a shelf, it doesn’t require wrapping, it won’t be a gift that will need to be returned or exchanged. The value is priceless, and it is healthy for the person giving and the person receiving. It is constructive and requires minimal skills.

Healthy relationships build healthy families, healthy churches, and healthy communities.

Watch any one of these healthy entities and you will see time being invested in relationships.

Consider giving time in some practical ways:

*Spend time with others around the dinner table on a regular basis and discover the dying art of conversation.

*Limit use of cell phones while in the presence of others. Validate others worthiness as a human being by looking them in the eye and giving them your uninterrupted time.

*Read a book with a child.

*Sit down and have conversation with someone who is your senior and learn from their wisdom.

*Share your wisdom with someone younger than you.


Step into the rhythm of life and be enriched with the wholeness and health of meaningful relationships.

Yours in good health…Naturally,

Leesa I. Robinson, NHP

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