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Monday, June 23, 2008 Volume XVII, Number 3

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... The Carthage Public Library Teen "Big Bug Movie Night" scheduled for Tuesday, June 24th has been changed to "Big Bug Movie Matinee" for ages 12-18 on Saturday, July 19th at 1:30-3:30 p.m. in the Community Room. Call Deb at 417-237-7040 for more info.

Did Ya Know?... July 3rd, 4th, & 5th, Carthage Crisis Center Firecracker Work Days. 100 South Main St., Carthage, enter and park on the East side of Building. Lunch, water, and drinks will be provided. Workers needed for general labor and carpentry. Call Brian or Marilyn Bisbee at 417-358-3533 for more information.

Did Ya Know?... July 4th, Red, White and Boom at Carthage Municipal Park. Activities start at 7 a.m. Fireworks will begin at 9:30 p.m.

Did Ya Know?... June 23rd through June 27th, The City of Carthage will be spraying for mosquitoes. Your area will be sprayed in the evening of the day your trash is picked up, between the hours of 8 pm and midnight.

today's laugh

The teacher told my mother I was a flathead and she went all around to the neighbors and bragged about my being so level-headed.

I told her Joe called me a blinking idiot, and she said I should see an oculist.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

His Tire Exploded.

Chas. L. Cooper the piano man at H. P. Hall’s was party to a momentary sensation on the northwest corner of the square yesterday when his bicycle tire exploded with a bang, attracting attention from all parts of the square. A head appeared in every upstairs window only to see the crest fallen Mr. Cooper meekly escort a dilapidated wheel down to Peebles repair shop. The hole in the tire was as big as a dollar, both in size and cost.

Should try for Packing House.

As it is now a fixed fact that Carthage is to have another railroad, and possible two more in the near future. As our woolen mill industry is something of the past would it not be well to try and induce some of the large packing firms of Kansas City or St. Joseph to come to this city and establish a branch packing house, using the old woolen mill building for that purpose. It is well located for the business.


Today's Feature

Vandalism Case Resolved.

News release from Carthage Police Department

The City of Carthage has experienced many serious acts of vandalism within the last two weeks. Officers from Carthage Police Department with the assistance of investigators with the Missouri State Highway Patrol arrested two 15 year-old males in connection with these events. These arrests have resolved the following cases:

6/09 Graffiti and Property Damage at the Junior High School

6/13 Graffiti and Burglary at the Junior High School

6/14 Graffiti on a vehicle at a private residence on Alison Street and Tiger Alley Convenience Store

CVB Plans Tree Replacement Program.

The Carthage Convention and Visitor Bureau in partnership with Pinewood Nursery is planning a program to help replenish trees in Carthage following this year’s ice storms. The "Re-Leaf Carthage" program will allow citizens to buy new healthy trees for $40 each, which can either be planted in citizens’ yards, or donated to be planted in the City parks.

Six varieties of trees will be available for purchase including three types of maple trees; October Glory, Red Sunset and Autumn Blaze, as well as flowering pear, white dogwood and redbud trees. The trees will be 5 gallon size, and ranging from 6 feet to 8 feet in height.

Sales are slated to begin on August 1 and continue through September 19, with a distribution day on October 12 on the Carthage Square as a kick-off for the Maple Leaf festival. Information for care of the new trees will also be available during the distribution.

Brochures are to be printed soon, and more information will be released as the program develops.

Just Jake Talkin'

I enjoy black-eyed peas, but they always present a dilemma for me. They look and taste more like a bean to my palate.

It gets me to wonderin’ how do ya tell a bean from a pea? Two peas in a pod doesn’t help, beans grow in pods too. And from all appearances, green beans are the pod. I suppose there is some genetic code that separates beans from peas, but how can an ordinary pea picker really know?

‘Course we all know of peanuts, could there be a peabean, or is the name just descriptive reference?

I’d be interested in hearin’ from any pea pickers out there that could shed some light on this subject. Bean pluckers are welcome to their opinion also, since I really don’t know the difference.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’

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Fixing a Cracked Sidewalk

Q: Maybe it’s the weather up here, but every spring when the snow melts, I find another crack in the concrete walkway leading from my door to the driveway. How do I fix these, and can I prevent them from occurring? -- Frank in Downeast Maine

A: I’m not sure if there’s a surefire way to prevent cracks from appearing in a concrete surface. Even in more temperate areas, variable weather conditions, excessive dampness or extreme drought can hasten the deterioration of concrete.

As long as the concrete is structurally sound -- there are no cracks going all the way to the bottom of the concrete, and the material is not crumbling away -- you can repair the surface cracks at the beginning of each warm season. If there are a lot of small cracks or rough patches, rather than repairing them individually, consider resurfacing the concrete to improve its overall appearance and extend the life of the walkway.

To repair individual cracks, clean out loose material and dirt with a wire brush and a jet of water from the hose. Brush a layer of concrete bonding adhesive into the crack. Then, fill the crack with vinyl-reinforced patching compound and smooth out the surface. Let dry at least 24 hours.

Resurfacing the walk takes a little more work, but costs much less than having the walk replaced. It also requires a bit more instruction than I can fit into one column, so for now, I recommend checking out home-improvement publications specifically addressing concrete resurfacing, including making cost and material estimates. This way, you can determine if the walk needs resurfacing, and whether you want to do it yourself or bring in a contractor.

HOME TIP: Allowing a concrete repair to cure properly is essential in order for the repair to last. Shield the area from direct sunlight and from rain, while allowing fresh air to circulate over the section.

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