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Monday, June 30, 2008 Volume XVII, Number 8

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... July 3rd, 4th, & 5th, Carthage Crisis Center Firecracker Work Days. 100 South Main St., Carthage, enter and park on the East side of Building. Lunch, water, and drinks will be provided. Workers needed for general labor and carpentry. Call Brian or Marilyn Bisbee at 417-358-3533 for more information

Did Ya Know?... July 4th, Red, White and Boom at Carthage Municipal Park. Activities start at 7 a.m. Fireworks will begin at 9:30 p.m.

Did Ya Know?...More pets become lost during the fireworks season than any other time of the year. If you are missing a pet please call the Carthage Humane Society at 358-6402.

Did Ya Know?... The Carthage Public Library Teen "Big Bug Movie Night" scheduled for Tuesday, June 24th has been changed to "Big Bug Movie Matinee" for ages 12-18 on Saturday, July 19th at 1:30-3:30 p.m. in the Community Room. Call Deb at 417-237-7040 for more info.

today's laugh

I crossed my hens with parrots to save time.

Why did you do that?

I used to waste a lot of time hunting for eggs. Now the hen comes up to me and says: I just laid an egg, go get it.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Times Have Changed.

Thirty years ago one of the old fashion steel tire spring wagons was a luxury, says the Humanville Star Leader. In a funeral procession a mile long, you would see perhaps two or three of them. Everybody rode in farm wagon. Twenty years ago a top buggy was a rich man’s good fortune and but few of them were seen. Today a top buggy with a rubber tire is as common as a Democrat in Texas. Anybody and everybody has them. A farm wagon in a funeral procession would be a novelty. The upper tens ride in automobiles and they are fast becoming common. If a letter is 24 hours traveling a thousand miles there is a kick coming. Ten dollars don’t last as long as 10 cents did with our grandfathers. We spend more for socks and suspenders than grandfather did for his Sunday clothes.


Today's Feature

July 4 Festivities.

Carthage’s "Red White and Boom" 4th of July celebration will be held on Friday, July 4 in Carthage Municipal Park. The event will begin at 7:00 a.m. with a 5K run sponsored by the Carthage Senior High School Cross Country Team. Pre-registration is encouraged. Persons participating need to be checked in at the run’s starting line by 6:30 a.m. For more information contact Carthage Senior High Cross Country Team Coach Andy Youngworth.

At 5:15 p.m. the Carthage Boy Scout Troop #9 will sponsor the Red, White and Blue Salute. The ceremony will be conducted on the west side of the skating rink.

Musical entertainment begins at 5:30 p.m. and continues through 9:30. Scheduled bands include Matt Coleman and the Honky Tonk Company Band, Kentucky 31 and the Heartland Concert Band. The entertainment is sponsored by the Heartland Concert Band.

The fireworks show will begin at 9:30 p.m., sponsored by the City of Carthage. The show will be choreographed to music which may be heard on Mix 95.1 radio station. Attendees are encouraged to bring radios to listen to the synchronized music.

Food concessions will be available provided by the Carthage Lions Club. 2008 Red White and Boom partners include the City of Carthage, fastrip, Beimdiek Insurance Agency, Inc., McCune-Brooks Regional Hospital, Carthage Water and Electric and KDMO-KMXL Mix 95.1 radio.

Captain Kevin Davis Memorial Scholarship.

News release from the Carthage Police Department

Many people in this area knew Carthage Police Department’s Captain Kevin Davis. He devoted his life to serving the citizens of Carthage and to making the Carthage Police Department one of the finest in the area. In 1976 Davis joined the department as a reserve officer. He was hired as a full time police officer on February 10, 1977 and spent the next 30 years working for and leading this department. During his career he received letters of commendation from within our agency and from other agencies and from citizens who appreciated his talents.

Members of this department have started a memorial scholarship fund in the hopes of helping other young men be able to afford to go the police academy and serve this city and department. I believe that your support in this endeavor would have a long lasting benefit for this community as we earnestly seek to bring others that meet the high standard set by Capt. Davis to this department.

You may make your tax deductible contributions to Hometown Bank, 312 W. Central payable to the Capt. Kevin Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Just Jake Talkin'

When I was growin’ up, if I’d run into the store for the folks and not see where they were parked when I came out, Dad would give a couple a short toot toots on the horn.

Other times a neighbor would give the same signal as they passed the house or wanted ta get your attention for a little chat on the side of the road.

I’m reminded of this rather trivial bit of folk lore ‘cause now ever’time someone sets their alarm on their vehicle, the horn gives that same little toot toot as verification that ever’thing is secure.

Anytime I’m out walkin’ and hear that sound I just look by habit expectin’ to see a friendly wave. ‘Course I’m generally disappointed. Nobody gives a toot anymore.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

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By Samantha Mazzotta

Build a Basic Home Repair Kit

Q: I’d like to get a complete set of tools for my home. What makes up a basic tool set? -- Jamie B., Valdosta, Ga.

A: Most home-improvement and hardware stores sell "starter" sets for first-time tool buyers. These include many of the basic items you’ll need for minor home repairs, such as pliers, standard and Phillips-head screwdrivers, and assorted sizes and types of wrenches. However, you will need a few more things to complete your home repair kit:

A curved claw hammer and nails -- Make sure the hammer is at least 12 ounces in weight and comfortable to hold. Buy a variety of nails in different sizes and types; most stores offer nail sets.

Adjustable wrench -- A 10-inch adjustable wrench (or a plumber’s wrench) is a versatile tool around the house. Make sure the worm gear operates smoothly and doesn’t wobble.

Rotary power drill -- More important than a power screwdriver and probably the most convenient decorating accessory you will ever have. Make sure the drill has variable speeds, a reverse switch and can hold drill bits up to 3/8ths inch.

Steel tape measure -- The model should have a lock button to hold the extended tape in place; purchase one with at least 25 feet of tape. A 1-foot ruler and a yardstick make good companions.

24-inch carpenter’s level -- It should have two bubbles: one for measuring horizontal level, and the other for marking vertical plumb.

Handsaw -- Buy a saw marked "general purpose" to handle any variety of wood. Look for a steel blade, about 26 inches long, with a wooden handle.

Hacksaw -- This thin saw cuts metal; the blades are replaceable and come in several grades for cutting different strengths of metal.

Pocketknife and utility knife -- These come in handy for all sorts of projects.

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