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Friday, September 19, 2008 Volume XVII, Number 65

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?...The American Legion and the Disabled American Veterans are asking for donations for a Rummage Sale to assist veterans. Please contact Dale Murphey at 417-358-2714, Joe at 417-793-1851 or Terry Pierson at 417-793-4245.

Did Ya Know?...On Sept. 20th, Festival of Friends will be held at Carthage Central Park from 3 to 7 p.m. In case of rain it will be held at First Baptist Church. Live entertainment, children’s activities and food. Free admission to the public.

Did Ya Know?...On Saturday Sept. 20th at 11 a.m.,Joplin Trails Coalition is having a BBQ and membership drive at the Ruby Jack Trailhead at Old 66 and Country Club Road, west of the Carthage Municipal Park in Carthage. For more info. visit the website at

today's laugh

How far can you swim?

I don’t know.

Could you swim from one end of the boardwalk to the other?

Don’t be silly. No one could swim from one end of the boardwalk to the other.

Why not?

There’s no water there.

Tourist: What beautiful scenery! Lived here all your life?

Farmer: Not yet.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


Word came to the local Retail Merchants associations Saturday that the St. Joe delegation would reach here at 3:20 this afternoon. They will stop here a few hours en route to Joplin to attend the state convention of Retail Merchants.

Yesterday’s Kansas City Journal stated that the whole Kansas City delegation, as well as other delegates from the northwestern part of the state, would also stop here, about 150 altogether, and that they would be "royally entertained by the Carthage merchants."

This news set the local committee to work in earnest. They went out this morning and engaged the services of the whole transfer company’s outfit of carriages and about twenty private rigs besides. In the meanwhile they established telegraph communication with the prospective visitors, and later found by this means that there would some thirty-odd visitors chiefly from St. Joe. This made an easy crowd to handle even on short notice, and word was sent to all those who had volunteered private rigs that they would not be needed.

The train was met by carriages this afternoon and the visitors taken for a ride over the city. A reception at the club house will follow and light refreshments will be served at Briles’ afterwards. Major Harrington will welcome the visitors in an address. The visitors expect to go on to Joplin tonight. The convention will open there tomorrow night.

"Health Coffee" is the cleverest imitation of real coffee ever yet made. Dr. Shoop created it from pure parched grains, malt, nuts, etc. Fine in flavor, is made in just one minute, no tedious boiling. Sample Free. For sale by Richardson Grocery Co.


Today's Feature

Festival of Friends.

The Carthage Multicultural Committee presents the 8th annual Festival of Friends in Carthage Central Park on September 20, 2008 from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Over 1, 000 people have attended the festival in previous years to enjoy the variety of cultural displays, entertainment and ethnic foods offered. Participants are invited to spend the evening in Carthage and visit Germany, Egypt, Japan, the Blackfeet nation and a variety of other cultures. The event will be hosted by KDMO radio’s own Cooper Banks and will feature such acts as Kufara and Trouppe Sarrab. Opening ceremonies will begin at 3:00 p.m. with a flag ceremony from many nations followed by a Native American prayer ceremony. Participants will be eligible to register for door prizes throughout the evening. This event is free to the public.

For more information or to enter a cultural display contact Robin Standridge 417- 358-3270. Developing cultural awareness and mutual respect for diversity is worth celebrating.

Just Jake Talkin'


I made a startlin’ discovery the other day. I needed a piece of string. As I dug through this drawer and that, the realization that there were not decent lengths of string in the house struck me. How could I have overlooked stockin’ up on such an essential household item?

We’ve all seen those big balls of string collected and sittin’ on display. All I needed was a couple a foot of decent sized string.

I suppose it happened durin’ one of those clear-out-the-junk frenzies that happen ever a few years. That last bit of string was thrown out with that bolt I was lookin’ for the other day and couldn’t find. Apparently my junk drawers have been neglected and need restockin’.

I’m makin’ a list.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.



by Sally Armstrong

Between shows again, and things have calmed a bit here at the Hyde House. I am in the process of putting together next year’s art exhibition calendar for the gallery, and this is something I look forward to each year, (with the exception of my first year!) That year, when I was hired in mid-January, I asked the question, "what art shows are already scheduled?", only to find out the answer was NONE! I was left with hustling around and finding very quickly a group of artists that were willing to come at very little notice, and at the same time, training myself to the other aspects of this job. That was a challenge--- a baptism by fire. Since then, the years have been calmer, and planning begins several months out. So far for next season, which will begin February 2009, we have Jim Bilgere opening with some fantastic abstract oil paintings and later, Dan McWilliams with his more representational oils. A couple of joint shows will feature potters Greg Krepps and Jed Schlegel, who are as much sculptors as they are potters, and Theresa Rankin and April Leiter in a show of several mediums. Martha Goldman will bring a show of unique pieces entitled "An American Fairytale", and there are still a couple of shows in the planning stages. I usually begin with an artist or two whose work I have admired either from our Membership Show or another venue. Then I will have those artists who contact me, asking for a show, and they will bring or email me examples of their work. Lastly, sometimes I will just stumble across an artist when I am traveling in the area, and ask them to come. This is what happened with the artist who will be showing in November, Glenda Manche of Charleston, Mo. I stepped into Glenda’s downtown gallery and fell in love with her work! This is really a fun time of year for me, but don’t forget we still have two more shows coming up before we put this year in the archives! Next week I will tell you about our show set to open October 10th here at the Hyde Gallery.

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