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Friday, September 5, 2008 Volume XVII, Number 55

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?...On Sat. Sept. 6th. at the Carthage Saddle Club Arena at 7 p.m. will be a Bull riding event and Auction at intermission by White Oak Auction to benefit Pistol Baugh, diagnosed with brain cancer. Call Charity at 417-682-1659 for more info.

Did Ya Know?... The first annual Falling Leaves Festival, Quilt & Craft Show will be held Sept. 6th, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Located at 104 N Locust in Pierce City. Featured will be antique quilts, handmade crafts and lots more. Call 417-476-5844 for more info.

Did Ya Know?...BBQ and Bluegrass at Carthage Municipal Park on Sat. Sept. 13th from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the fairground area to benefit Pistol Baugh. $7 will give you a delicious meal and entertainment for a good cause.

today's laugh

Times have changed. It used to take two sheep two years to produce material for the outfit of a well-dressed woman. Now a silkworm can do it on his Sunday afternoon off.

Nature is wonderful! A million years ago she didn’t know we were going to wear spectacles, yet look at the way she placed our ears.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


After Frisco engine No. 301 developed mechanical problems it needed to be coaxed into running in reverse and was slowly backed into the Carthage yards.

After an hour’s investigation it was found that the main axle on the l3 ft. drive wheel was broken. This could not be repaired, so an extra engine was ordered from Joplin, and it reached here shortly before midnight, pulling the train out three hours late.

It is believed that a wheel braking in the steam compartments of the locomotive caused the original pounding and that the sudden reversing of the engine resulted in the axle giving way. No. 633 is one of the largest passenger locomotives on the Frisco, and one of the new oil burning engines recently purchased by that road.

When the train backed into the yard a news reporter was hailed by a bewildered passenger who want to know "whar in thunder we air, and what in tarnation is ‘rung with this pesky train o’cars?" When informed that this was Carthage, the man from the hills answered, "Naw, ‘taint, we left there two hours ago!"


Prof. P. E. Ritz, instructor in commercial science in the Carthage High School and a well known and popular young man of this city, is rumored to be in Iowa City, Ia., this week. He will return here Sunday, and it is expected that the car fare home will cost him four cents for each mile traveled. The rate for one person being but half that amount.


Today's Feature

Special License Plates.

News release

The Missouri Department of Revenue (Department) announced today that personalized and specialty license plates will be reissued with a new plate design beginning January 1, 2009. Because they deviate from a uniform design, the new personalized and specialty plates will differ from the new "Bluebird" plate and will undergo either slight or substantial revisions, depending on the type of plate. Personalized plates will, in many respects, be consistent with the new "Bluebird" standard plate. Specialty plates will continue to conform to their approved designs. The tab location of specialty and personalized plates will differ from the centralized location on the new "Bluebird" standard plate, and the month of expiration will now be printed on the plate instead of the tab. With the exception of motorcycles and certain heavy trucks, beginning in 2009, all specialty and personalized license plates will expire in the month of July.

Beginning this month, customers with personalized and specialty plates will receive a notice well in advance of their plate expiration, asking if they wish to keep their current personalized or specialty plate. Each customer will have the option of responding using the electronic or standard mail notification procedures provided on the notice. This process will allow Missourians to reserve their plates online or by mailing their response to the Central Office in Jefferson City. It is important that customers respond to the notice to ensure that their personalized or specialty plate is made in advance and that the license plates will be available during the time periods indicated in the notices.

New applications for personalized and specialty plates submitted on or after November 14 will receive the new design license plate. The Department offers many options to personalize the license plates on vehicles. Personalized plates allow customers to select up to six characters (depending on the type of plate and vehicle) to appear on the plate. Specialty plates offer the same license plate character options, but offer plates with even more individuality, including options for colleges and universities, military, organizations and charitable groups.

For additional information on personalized and specialty plates, customers may go to the Department’s web site: to view costs, how to apply, and the different categories and organizations that are available.

Just Jake Talkin'


Happened to catch a portion of a series on the history of firearms. As is the case with a lot a things I suppose, the machines needed to make precision parts for guns were modified from time to time to produce other product. Bicycles, sewing machines, typewriters and the such were usually manufactured near firearms facilities.

Followin’ the story made me think of current times and the development of all sorts of products that came from the space race. A lot of discoveries led to ever’day products that we now take for granted. Tang for one. ‘Course a lot of the computer technology was driven by the needs of things ta be small and affordable. I’ll prob’ly never ride a space craft, or for that matter ever taken another swig of that fake orange drink.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.



by Sally Armstrong, Director of artCentral

I am sorry to report that the Workshop scheduled for this past Tuesday here at Hyde House had to be cancelled. Michael Bell was to have spoken on the subject "ART ESTATE PLANNING" for artists and art collectors, but Michael suffered a heart attack last week and was unable to be with us. We wish Michael a speedy recovery, and hope to include this topic along with his final topic, "PRICING YOUR WORK" on December 2nd, the last in his series of 4 lecture workshops this year. These have been very instructive for those of us who have been lucky enough to hear them. I thank Michael for his willingness to bring these workshops to us, and look forward to offering additional art-instructive workshops next season as well. As we continue with the fine exhibition of art currently here in the gallery, I invite others of you to visit us this weekend if you have not already. This is a really nice showing. Please notice too the display of our Membership artwork currently displayed at our Atrium Gallery in the Sirloin Stockade Restaurant on Central Ave. Our Board of Directors met for their regular meeting today, and discussed the remainder of our year, making additional suggestions for next year. In addition to the offering of a few instructional workshops, we hope to begin a regular artist "work day" on Wednesdays or Thursdays for artists to come and work together on current projects. A current project of ours is a new parking lot that is planned and for which we are currently hoping to begin this fall if the funding is in place. Thanks to the generosity of several of our patrons and businesses we have been able to go forward with a number of our projects here at artCentral, but this lot will be costly and so we have our fingers crossed! All this to make us more available to serve our community and allow us to be more functional to larger groups. Little by little.

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