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Monday, January 19, 2009, Volume XVII, Number 148

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... Project Graduation will sponsor a donkey basketball game Wednesday, January 21 at 7 p.m. in the High School Gymnasium. Advance tickets are $6 and at the door $8. Call 359-7000

Did Ya Know?... DAV & Auxiliary meets next Tuesday night Jan 20th at 7pm on the second floor of the Memorial Hall.

Did Ya Know?..."Private Pesticide Applicator Training" will be held in Carthage on Wednesday, January 28th at the MU Extension office located in the Courthouse beginning at 1 p.m.

today's laugh

Flight fifty has a pretty rough time above the ocean. Suddenly a voice comes over the intercom: "Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts and assume crash positions. We have lost our engines and we are trying to put this baby as gentle as possible down on the water".

"Oh stewardess! Are there any sharks in the ocean below?" asks a little old lady, terrified.

"Yes, I’m afraid there are some. But not to worry, we have a special gel in the bottle next to your chair designed especially for emergencies like this. Just rub the gel onto your arms and legs".

"And if I do this, the sharks won’t eat me any more?" asks the little lady.

"Oh, they will eat you all right, only they won’t enjoy it so much".

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

They Appeared By Proxy.

Bond Jumping Wheat Stealers Let Off With a Small Fine.

Andrew Kemper and O. W. Lyon, the two farmers from near Jasper charged with stealing wheat, were not present when their case was called in Justice Tyree’s court this morning. C. E. Burch appeared for them as their attorney and entered a plea of guilty. They were fined $1 and costs each, making a total of about $35. This was promptly paid.

It will be remembered that when the men were arrested here they put up a team and wagon with Attorney John H. Bailey, and he went their security to the extent of $50 each. They failed to appear for trial and the case was continued to allow Mr. Bailey an opportunity to find the men. They had skipped the country, however, and it afterward developed that one of the horses did not belong to either of them and the other was mortgaged to Weeks & Son. The horses were replevined and the attorney was left in the hole.

He seems to have now solved the problem, which confronted him very neatly, as well as demonstrated some new points in criminal practice. Had the men appeared in court in person they would have in all probability been given jail sentences, and the query naturally arises what brand of rabbit foot did the young attorney work on Justice Tyree to induce him to let them off with simple fines of $1 each and costs.


Today's Feature

Offensive Odor Defined.

The Carthage City Council is scheduled to vote on an ordinance to more clearly define odor nuisances next Tuesday. The ordinance provides for a fine of $500 per day for those convicted of violations.

(a) Offensive Odor shall be defined as:

1. when 25 percent or more of a sample of 10 or more people or 75 percent of a sample of less than 10 people exposed to it believe it to be objectionable in usual places of occupancy, or

2. when emission of odorous matter in concentrations and frequencies or for durations that the odor can be perceived when one (1) volume of odorous air is diluted with five (5) volumes of odor-free air for two (2) separate trials not less than fifteen (15) minutes apart within the period of one (1) hour. These measurements may be made with a Scentometer as manufactured by the Barnebey & Sutcliffe Corporation or by a similar technique that will give equivalent results, or

3. as determined by the Code Official or qualified employee of the Department of Public Works.

Just Jake Talkin'

Used ta be three basic hair cuts. Burr (natural), Flat top (Butch Wax), and long (Brylcream). Made things a lot easier on barbers I suppose. But I’ll bet the barber shops had a hay-day retrainin’ when the newer styles came along.

‘Course the big problem some have expressed with the Butch Wax was the girls couldn’t run their fingers through their fingers through their hair like the Brylcream commercials always talked about. Never figured that one out either, why that gal on the commercial liked ta get her hands all greasy like that. Bet she had trouble hangin’ on to her lipstick after that.

It was a catchy little phrase though, "a little dab’ll do ya." Seems like it otta fit into "Does eat oats" somewhere. Oh well, hair today, gone tomorrow.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’. Just Jake Talkin’.

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Septic Tank Maintenance

Q: I have a septic system, and in the five years that I’ve lived in this house, I have never put in RID-X (a bacterial treatment for septic tanks) until this month. How do I know if I need to do this? Is it really necessary to do it every month? I don’t know how long the septic tank has been in. -- Valerie B., Edwardsville, Ill.

A: Septic-system additives claim to keep bacteria levels in the system high, as bacteria play a role in processing the waste in a septic tank. The jury is out as to whether regular monthly application of these additives really helps maintain the system. I have used additives to kick-start a septic system that had been unused for several months, but didn’t need to add more in the months afterward.

The best way to make certain your septic system works well is to have it cleaned and inspected by a septic service. As it has been more than five years since you moved in, with no maintenance done, it’s probably time for a pump-out. If you’re using additives because frequent backups are occurring, it’s definitely time for a pump-out.

Find out as much about your tank as possible from the service technician during the visit. How big is your tank? Its size, the number of occupants in the house and state guidelines on septic tanks will determine how often the tank needs maintenance. Does your system have a septic field, or holding tanks?

Once this maintenance is done, you can keep the system healthy a number of ways. Additives are one method, but you also can keep the tank’s bacteria count high by not using too much water and not dumping bacteria-killing cleaners or chemicals down the drain. Never flush cat litter, cigarette butts, coffee grounds, dirt, latex or prescription medicines down the drain.

HOME TIP: Each state has different guidelines on when a septic tank needs draining. Contact your state’s health department or visit its Web site for this information, or ask a licensed septic-system professional.

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