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Monday, July 27, 2009 Volume XVIII, Number 26

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... The Powers Museum has a new telephone number. The new number is 417-237-0456. All previous numbers no longer will be in service.

Did Ya Know?... There will be Rope and Ride Team Roping to Benefit Magic Moments Riding Therapy of Diamond Saturday, Aug 8th at 10:00 Lucky J Arena, Carthage Missouri. Free admission. Judy Boyd at 417-425-8052 or Doug Thomas at 417-840-9316 for info.

today's laugh

I marked the spot

Two friends rented a boat and fished in a lake every day. One day they caught 30 fish. One guy said to his friend,

"Mark this spot so that we can come back here again tomorrow."

The next day, when they were driving to rent the boat, the same guy asked his friend, "Did you mark that spot?"

His friend replied, "Yeah, I put a big ‘X’ on the bottom of the boat."

The first one said, "You stupid fool! What if we don’t get that same boat today!?!?"

- Zall’s Laws: First Law - Anytime you get a mouthful of hot soup, the next thing you do will be wrong. Second Law - How long a minute is, depends on which side of the bathroom door you’re on.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

More Prospecting on North Carthage.

A deal was made today by the Smith Bros. and Chas. Loveless, who originally opened up the "Hayseed" mines north west of town, and David Miller, T.V. Grieb and Robert Goldberry, by which the latter parties are to prospect the ground with a drill and are to receive in payment a half interest in the lease on the 40 acres of land on which the Hayseed or North Carthage mines are situated. Five hundred feet of drilling is to be done in such places as a majority of the parties interested may deem best.

All the broken limestone has been filled in on the west side of the street car tracks on North Main street. It is now being covered with gravel and as soon as completed will put the west side of the street in finest condition. Work will then be commenced on the east side of the street.

  Today's Feature

Marian Days Resolution.

The City Council is scheduled to vote on a resolution tomorrow evening at their regular meeting that will authorize the City to provide services for the Marian Days Celebration. This includes spraying for mosquitoes prior to the event and providing security for participants during the celebration.

The Marian Days Celebration has been the main festival and pilgrimage for Vietnamese American Roman Catholics since 1978. This is the 32 annual celebration and will be held August 6 through August 9. It has been estimated that 30,000 to 50,000 people have attended the celebration in past years.

The resolution also authorizes the Open-Air Program on Friday and Saturday evenings from 9 p.m. until midnight. These events use a loud speaker system.

The City will also allow street closures for the Solemn Procession that will take place between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Saturday evening. A controlled fireworks display will be allowed following the Solemn Procession.

Just Jake Talkin'

Boy I used ta wear ball caps. For a while there was the crisp bend on the bill on each side ta form little blinder type flaps.

For a while a single crisp bend right in the middle, formin’ an upside down v in the bill. Sometime in there was the bill just gently curved, pretty much the way ya usually buy ‘em. The last I remember the bill would be curved in a tight arch that almost formed a tube with the cap pulled down tight on the head. ‘Course dependin’ on the activities, workin’ on a tractor, down at the soda shop, or actually on occasion playin’ ball, the cap would be cocked in a different angle on the head. All in all the ball cap is a versatile accessory as well as a social statement. Guess I just don’t have near as much to say as I used to.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’

  Weekly Columns


By Samantha Mazzotta

Kill Weeds in Lawn Without Harming Grass

Q: We’ve had a lot of rain in the Northeast this summer, and my lawn is just overgrown and full of weeds because it’s been too wet to mow or treat. I usually don’t have a weed problem and just tear out individual weeds by hand. How can I get rid of these without tearing up the lawn? -- Frank in Amherst, N.H.

A: Because the weed problem is so widespread, you probably need to use a chemical herbicide to kill the weeds without harming the grass. Excessive use of herbicides and fertilizers presents a danger to the ecology, so it’s important to use the right kind of herbicide in the correct amount.

Gather a few samples of the weeds in your yard, one each if there are different types of weeds. Take them to a garden or landscaping center and have a professional identify the weeds and recommend the type of herbicide to purchase.

Mow the lawn first, two or three days before applying, and water. This plumps up the weeds a bit so they’ll be more vulnerable.

On a clear, not-too-windy day (and ideally, the first of a stretch of non-rainy days), apply the herbicide using a sprayer. Spray individual weeds if possible, pointing the nozzle directly at the base of the plant. Wear gloves and goggles for safety and keep children and pets out of the area.

It may take a week for the herbicide to work, and rain or watering will dilute the application. Hence the need for a few rain-free days. Once the weeds have died off, rake the entire lawn to remove the debris and allow new grass to fill in.

HOME TIP: After reseeding a bare or muddy spot on the lawn, scatter straw or grass clippings over the spot to protect the seeds.

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