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Monday, June 22, 2009 Volume XVIII, Number 2

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... On June 23rd at 1:00 PM there will be a Ribbon Cutting at the Carthage Convention & Visitors Bureau at 402 S. Garrison. The Chamber invites anyone to stop by to celebrate the new accomplishments and thank past volunteers.

Did Ya Know?... Barton County Chamber of Commerce is holding a "4th Thursday Music /Food" event on June 25th from 6:00-8:00 PM. It will be located at the Lamar Square Bandstand. Music will be provided by Sarah Tilton and the Frosty Mountain Boys. Food will be provided by the LHS Tigers Relay for Life Team.

today's laugh

I have "great" news for you

The newlywed wife said to her husband when he returned from work, "I have great news for you. Pretty soon, we’re going to be three in this house instead of two."

Her husband ran to her with a smile on his face and delight in his eyes.

He was glowing of happiness and kissing his wife when she said, "I’m glad that you feel this way since tomorrow morning, my mother moves in with us."

-Galbraith’s Law of Human Nature: Faced with the choice between changing one’s mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everybody gets busy on the proof.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Local Mining Operations.

Great Activity Northwest of Town-North Carthage Plant Doing Good Work.

Mining matters are decidedly lively at the "Maxmines" four miles northwest of Carthage where such a phenomenally rich strike of ore was recently made. The "Hayseed" company, the original proprietors and own the main lease, are preparing to put in pumps at once to drain the ground.

Max Weeks’ farm was surveyed and platted into lots by City Engineer Edwards Tuesday. When it is to be opened to prospectors is not yet known, but there will undoubtedly be a big rush for lots.

B.A. Ash is putting down shafts on each side of the "Hayseed" hole- one is on Max Weeks land and the other is on W.E. Hall’s farm.

A drill has also been put to work prospecting the Weeks home place a half a mile by a company composed of H. H. Beck with, B. A. Ash, James Luke, Julius Finke and Wm. Journey.

  Today's Feature

Last Meeting of the Year.

The Carthage City Council is scheduled to meet for its regular meeting tomorrow evening at 7:30 p.m. in City Hall.

The main portion of the agenda deals with the approval of next year’s budget. The fiscal year begins on July 1.

In addition to the general approval of the overall budget, the Council is scheduled to vote on various contracts the City enters into with agencies that provide services to the City on an annual basis. These include the Chamber of Commerce, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Carthage Over 60 Center, and the Carthage Humane Society.

Scheduled under new business and first reading are the ordinance to change the boundaries of the two-hour parking area and an ordinance that would allow residents on the Square to purchase a one month parking pass for $30. The pass would allow parking unlimited parking in any two-hour zone except on the Square.

The Council will also hear first reading of Council bill 09-48 which would change the zoning of four lots from single family to duplex in the Pleasant Hills subdivision just off Baker Boulevard.

Just Jake Talkin'

I haven’t been on a roller coaster for some time. Now if the opportunity presented itself, I’d no doubt be willin’ to go, I just haven’t gone out of my way ta be in that position.

Growin’ up we had an amusement park not far off. Class trips and special occasion would be excuse enough for kids to spend an afternoon or an evenin’ ridin’ the rides.

My favorite at the time, next to the fairly good sized roller coaster, were those cages that you can make tumble over and over again. A friend a mine used ta like ‘em also, till he and a buddy had that contest to see who would puke first. One of ‘em lost, but the winner wasn’t any too pleased as he crawled out of the cage. I never did really know which one got the sickest.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

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This is a Hammer.

Betrayed by the Caulk.

Q: I cleaned away some mildew that was around my tub on the old caulking. I rinsed it well and let it dry for 24 hours, then I caulked around the tub. The next day after showering when I was drying the tile and caulking, it started to peel away like a thin strip of vinyl. Could you tell me what I might have done wrong? -- Jan S., Quincy, Mass.

A: My first thought is that the old caulking is a different type than the new. If, for example, the old caulking was silicone-based, and the new caulking is not, then the new caulking will not adhere to the old.

The best way to recaulk is to completely remove the old caulking. This is certainly not easy, but you can purchase silicone caulk remover at your home-improvement store and follow the directions. Scrape away stubborn spots with a putty knife or a box cutter. Sand the area well -- this removes more residual silicone caulk and roughens up the caulking area a bit, which may help new caulk adhere. Then clean the area thoroughly again (including using mildew remover) and let dry 24 hours before applying a new bead of caulk.

If you use silicone caulk, this stuff can be messy, difficult to press into the seam and hard to clean up afterward. Try masking off the area to be caulked with blue painter’s tape, wear disposable latex gloves so you can press the stuff in, and clean your fingers frequently. If a blob of caulk falls into the tub, clean it up immediately.

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