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Thursday, March 5, 2009, Volume XVII, Number 181

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... The Friends of the Carthage Public Library monthly used book sale will be this Saturday, March 7th, from 8:00 till noon. Come to the Library Annex to see the selection of books, tapes, CDs and more.

Did Ya Know?... March 9th at 7:30 p.m. a Faculty Jazz Recital will be held at Corley Auditorium on the campus of MSSU. The recital is free to the public.

today's laugh

A Mother’s Dictionary...

Drooling: How teething babies wash their chins.

Family planning: The art of spacing your children the proper distance apart to keep you on the edge of financial disaster

Independent: How we want our children to be as long as they do everything we say.

Look out: What it’s too late for your child to do by the time you scream it.

Puddle: A small body of water that draws other small bodies wearing dry shoes into it.

Sterilize: What you do to your first baby’s pacifier by boiling it and to your last baby’s pacifier by blowing on it.

Top bunk: Where you should never put a child wearing Superman jammies.

Verbal: Able to whine in words

Whoops: An exclamation that translates roughly into "get a sponge."

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Dorsey Shields Again.

Dorsey Shields, the man who alarmed Galena recently by threatening to blow up the town with $2 worth of dynamite which he carried under his arm and waved promiscuously, arrived in Carthage Saturday night gloriously drunk. Late that night he fell off a stool in a restaurant and his left eye is completely closed in consequence. His left hand is also badly wounded. A cut, which he says he got splitting kindling while drunk, extends across the back of the hand. He was locked up over Sunday and this morning out of pity for what he had been the police officers gave him hours to leave town instead of fining him. He thanked Marshal Stafford profusely and promised to leave at once, saying that he didn’t "care to meet any of his old friends looking like this."

Arthur Alexander rode to Joplin Sunday on his new Ariel bicycle, making the trip in one hour and thirty-five minutes.


Today's Feature

Source Says RES Bankrupt.

A phone call to Changing World Technologies, LLC, corporate headquarters of RES, inquiring about job opportunities at RES resulted in the phone receptionist saying that RES had gone bankrupt.

A visit to the local plant in Carthage resulted in a "no comment" by an office worker. He said he might be able to say something about the future of RES in a couple of days.

As recently at February 4, 2009, RES signed a contract with Carlisle Power Transmission Products of Springfield to supply the manufacturer of drive belts 1.35 million gallons of renewable diesel fuel a year. A call to Carlisle resulted in no further information. The plant manager said he had been in contact with the person they dealt with for the contract, but was informed that no information was available. Carlisle’s planned conversion of boilers to accommodate the fuel, estimated to cost $120,000, has been put on hold.

Changing World Technologies filed a withdrawal request to the SEC on February 12, 2009 to halt a planned initial stock offering due to lack of sales.

Just Jake Talkin'


Ya gotta wonder about those folks who invented the things we take for granted ever’ day. Things like the paper clip, pencil, and most important, the eraser. I wonder if the guy who invented the "Phillips" screw head figured on seein’ it become so common.

A lotta things grew outa rustic tools of some sort I suppose. Things like the rake or hoe. Over the years they were just improvements of what they had always known. The things I’m talkin’ about grew out of necessity that prob’ly wasn’t so obvious to most. There was no need for a "coaster" until folks had furniture that was worth protectin’. I really like that little rubber ball that swings out to keep the screen door from slammin’ and wakin’ me up. Now that’s real genius.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

Sponsored by Metcalf Auto Supply Click and Clack Talk Cars

Dear Tom and Ray:

I have a 2002 Dodge Ram diesel 2500 two-wheel drive, six-speed manual with 130,000 miles. The dealership recommended a 100,000-mile valve adjustment. I’m meticulous about maintenance, but I’m reluctant to interfere with an engine that works well. Should I agree to the value adjustment, or is this possibly opening a can of worms? - Jeri

TOM: Jeri, we strongly recommend regular maintenance - for cars AND people - even when nothing is obviously wrong.

RAY: Right. Don’t wait until you’re like my brother, and EVERYTHING is obviously wrong.

TOM: This truck cam with two available engines. If you have the 12-valve, 6 cylinder version, you DO need to have your valves adjusted by a mechanic.

RAY: And with 130,000 miles, you’re overdue. If your valves are out of adjustment, the engine can run less efficiently, and decrease your performance and fuel economy.

TOM: If there’s slop in the valve train, components like the camshaft and lifters will band against one another and wear out sooner.

RAY: And the final reason is that properly adjusted valves make the engine run quieter.

TOM: Actually you should compare the cost of the adjustment with a set of Bose noise-canceling headphones, And then go for whichever ones is cheaper, Jeri.

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