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Friday, October 23, 2009 Volume XVIII, Number 89

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... The VFW Men’s Auxiliary will hold a turkey shoot on Sunday, Oct. 25 from 1 p.m until 5 p.m. at the Post at the intersection of 96 & 171 highways. Public Welcome - male & female.

Did Ya Know?.....Project Graduation 2010 is currently accepting donations of clean, gently-used items for resale at its Rummage Sale. All proceeds will go towards hosting Project Graduation. Call Debbie Wooldridge at 388-2808.

today's laugh

If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?

One day, a teacher was talking to her first grade class about whales when a little girl had a question.

Little Girl: "Do whales swallow people?"

Teacher: "No, even though they are much bigger than a person, they have throat pleats that filter their food of krill and plankton.

Little Girl: "But Mrs. Thurston says Jonah was swallowed by a whale."

Teacher getting angry: "Blue whales cannot swallow people."

Little Girl: "Well, when I get to heaven I’ll just ask Jonah if he was really swallowed by a whale."

Teacher, still red with anger: "What if Jonah went to hell?"

Girl: "Well, then you can ask him."

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

The Officiating Minister Arrives.

Rev. James H. Cloud of St. Louis, who is to be the officiating minister at the wedding of Miss Florence Phelps tomorrow evening, arrived this morning on the Missouri Pacific and is the guest of the family.

Mother Charged With Being Immoral.

A petition was presented to the county court yesterday, signed by A. R. Darling and others of Webb City, asking that Aaron Griffin, a three year old boy of that town, be awarded to someone who could take him into custody and care for him.

They charge that his mother is grossly immoral, is without a home or means of support, and is totally unfit to have the custody of her son.

The court issued an order for the mother to appear and show cause why a custodian for her boy should not be appointed.

  Today's Feature

A Bunch A Babies.

Here are the winners for this years Maple Leaf Baby Show.

GRAND PRIZE BABY: Jayline Shea Bisbee

Girls 0-3 months:

1st place: Jayline Bisbee

2nd place: Raegan Lowery

3rd place: Hope Roberts

Boys 0-3 months:

1st place: Jhaydon Rangel

2nd place: Trey Perry

3rd place: Laevin Conrad

Girls 4-6 months:

1st place: Rylee Johnson

2nd place: Izzamay Cole

3rd place: Kaylie Smith

Boys 4-6 months:

1st place: Jacob Gonzalez

2nd place: Jaden Murray

3rd place: Brayden Riley

Girls 7-12 months:

1st place: Bella Reyes

2nd place: Sadie Steverson

3rd place: Kristie-Lynn Hollier

Boys 7-12 months:

1st place: Brett Davis

2nd place: Tucker Franklin

3rd place: Kane Baucom

Girls 13-18 months:

1st place: Irelynn Franklin

2nd place: Alexandrea Cox

3rd place: Tayvin Ellenstein

Boys 13-18 months:

1st place: Aiden Menefee

2nd place: Carson Womack

3rd place: Myles Massey

Girls 19-24 months:

1st place: Samia Merriman

2nd place: Arianna Hunt

3rd place: Kenzie Parker

Boys 19-24 months:

1st place: Brody Jackson

2nd place: Andrew Maneval

3rd place: Carson Lehman

Just Jake Talkin'

The art auction I talked about yesterday was a mistake. The column was actually run a week ago Thursday and I failed to replace in this week’s paper. Just in case, There is no auction at the high school this Saturday.

But, as luck would have it, the auction scheduled for last Saturday was postponed and will be held at a later date. The auction is to raise funding for the tiger Bob Tommey is sculptin’ for the High School.

From what I’m hearin’ there a several original works to be put on the block as well as half a hog, packaged and ready to go.

The exact date is still bein’ solidified but it will be soon I’m told. They wanna get that tiger in place as soon as possible.

I’ll be keepin’ you up to date and try not to get a week behind again.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

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ART NOTES from Hyde House

by Sally Armstrong, Director of artCentral

I will set aside the forth "history of artCentral"article in my series to concentrate on our newest exhibition which opens this Friday, October 23rd here at the gallery. We are very excited to welcome three local artists in this latest offering, which include Dan McWilliams of Jasper, Mary Lou Reed of Sarcoxie, and Rachel Wilson of Avilla. Dan McWilliams is well known as a fine oil painter, and has been a contributor to the "Midwest Gathering of the Artists" fall art show for the past few years. His style is fairly representational, with a real flair for color and unusual composition. Dan is a Southwest Missouri native, born in Sheldon, and currently has his studio in downtown Jasper alongside his family’s gourmet pizza parlor and antiques business. He studied art at MSSU in the mid 70s and pursued a career as an illustrator for the following 20 years, choosing art as a full time career in 2001. Dan has been in several regional and national competitions and has received many awards. He has chosen the title MY EYES PAINT AMERICA for this exhibition. "Everything has been painted--- but not through MY eyes!" he is quoted as saying, and thus the title for the wonderful group of 18 paintings in this show. In the Member Gallery we are presenting member artist Mary Lou Reed, and a group of new paintings of hers in both traditional acrylic and a new liquid acrylic painting style. Outside on the lawn, be sure and see the group of six life-sized horses by artist Rachel Wilson of Avilla, made from Osage Orange Hedge found-wood. Rachel was our first award winner this year in our Membership Show with her horse SHADOW, and he received such a favorable response, we brought her back with a selection of different horses. I will elaborate further on the work of Reed and Wilson in the next two week’s articles, but I hope you will take the time to visit Hyde Gallery here at 1110 E. 13th during one of the next three weekends that this show is visible, or come out and be with us for the opening at 6:00 this Friday night and meet all three artists!

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