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Thursday, October 29, 2009 Volume XVIII, Number 93

did ya know?


Did Ya Know?... The VFW Men’s Auxiliary will hold a turkey shoot on Sunday, Nov. 1 from 1 p.m until 5 p.m. at the Post at the intersection of 96 & 171 highways. Public Invited, male and female.

Did Ya Know?....Saturday Jam at Red OakII every Sat. from 5 p.m. till 9. All acoustic instruments welcome.

Did Ya Know?... There will be a Halloween costume party and dance at the V.F.W. Sat. Oct 31 from 8-12. Prizes for costumes. Donation $4 single, $7 couple.

today's laugh

My five year old son squealed with delight when he opened his birthday present from his grandmother. It was a water pistol. He promptly ran to the sink to fill it.

"Mom", I said. "I’m surprised at you. Don’t you remember how we used to drive you crazy with water pistols?"

My mom smiled and said, "Yes, I remember."

Hey, do you want to hear my construction joke? I’ll tell you later. I’m still working on it.

I started out with nothing ... I still have most of it.

It was all so different before everything changed.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Gang and Gambling Cases.

Officer Reno captured Jim Hurt who was fishing near the upper bridge Saturday. He was one of the gang who beat W. H. Smith over a month ago.

He pleaded guilty to assault and battery, but after hearing both his story and Mr. Smith’s, Justice Woodward remanded him to jail under suspended sentence until his companion, Will Perry will be tried, and the degree of his guilt ascertained. His sentence will then date from today. The third of this gang is still hiding out, and the police are keeping a lookout for him.

D. E. Seighman of Joplin today settled the fines and costs for himself and two assistants—Ben Clark and a Japanese man by the name of Bautzman. The entire sum came to over $122. These men were arrested for gambling at the market fair.

  Today's Feature

City Moves Liability to Asset.

The Carthage City Council met for their regular bi-monthly meeting last Tuesday evening in City Hall.

The Council voted to accept a Memorandum of Understanding with Carthage Water and Electric Plant that would transfer the former McCune Brooks Hospital building and land to the utility. The CW&EP Board is expected to sign off on the deal in the near future. CW&EP is planning on using a portion of the building to relocate some of its administrative operations. CW&EP will pay a dollar for the property that the memorandum estimates to be worth $15,679,676.

It has been calculated that the City was spending approximately $4,000 a month just to keep the building operational since it was shuttered in early 2007.

A handshake deal with MSSU to use the facility as a Carthage campus fell through last year. Mayor Jim Woestman expressed his disapointment at the time and apparently still has ill feelings about the way the arrangement was handled. He stated Tuesday that he was insulted having to follow the MSSU band in the Maple Leaf Parade.



By Monte Dutton

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Hall of Fame Vote Sparks Controversy

The rules provide for five inductees each year into the new NASCAR Hall of Fame, but only five inductees will ever be able to lay claim to membership in the inaugural class.

A broad-based committee elected two members of NASCAR’s ruling family, William H.G. (Big Bill) and William C. (Bill Jr.) France, along with Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt and Junior Johnson.

"It was interesting," said H.A. (Humpy) Wheeler, a member of the voting committee. "The controversial deal was both Frances getting in. There’s a lot of sentiment both for and against that. ... I think it was a fair vote.

"Probably the most disappointed person is David Pearson. I think the rest of it was good, but that’s what makes halls of fame interesting is all the emotion. You don’t see it so much among those of us who were voting. The families, the friends and the people themselves are the ones who get stirred up about this."

"Big Bill" France was instrumental in the organization of NASCAR in 1947, and led the ruling body until 1972, when he handed over the reins to his son, Bill Jr. The founder’s grandson, Brian France, now serves as NASCAR’s chairman and CEO.

Petty and Earnhardt are the only NASCAR drivers ever to win seven championships. Petty won more races, 200, than any other driver. Pearson, who wasn’t selected, ranks second with 105. Johnson won 50 races as a driver, though never winning a championship. (Basically, because he never tried. In the 1940s, ‘50s and ‘60s, many drivers competed only in the more lucrative races.) Johnson then went on to win six championships as a team owner.

All three drivers chosen were born and raised in North Carolina. Three of the five inductees -- Bill France, Bill France Jr. and Earnhardt -- are deceased.

The specific vote totals weren’t publicly revealed. A NASCAR release said that Pearson, Cale Yarborough and Bobby Allison also received votes.

The NASCAR Hall of Fame is scheduled to open in Charlotte, N.C., on May 11, 2010. The induction ceremonies are scheduled for May 23, 2010.


Monte Dutton has covered motorsports for The Gaston (N.C.) Gazette since 1993. He was named writer of the year by the National Motorsports Press Association in 2008. His blog NASCAR This Week ( features all of his reporting on racing, roots music and life on the road.

Just Jake Talkin'

I’ve been keepin’ my ear to the ground tryin’ to see if there are any rumors of who might be takin’ a run bein’ mayor next spring. Mayor Woestman has said he has definitely taken himself out of the race.

One rumor was that current Council member Mike Harris might be givin’ it some thought, so last Tuesday I ask him.

He said he would make the rumor an "official rumor." He has not officially declared, but he endorsed the rumor as official.

As of this time I have heard a couple names mentioned as considerations, but no other "official" rumors to report.

Candidates for mayor and City Council won’t actually sign up for the election until December, so there’s plenty of time for rumors to be circulated.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

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by Tom & Ray Magliozzi

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Dear Tom and Ray:

About a year and a half ago, my dad bought a white ‘92 Volvo station wagon off Craigslist for $500. I’m turning 16 next spring, and he expects it to be my car. He thinks it’s fantastic because it was so cheap, but the car is older than I am, and it’s a piece of junk. We went over a speed bump once, and the fan for the air conditioner fell out of the bottom. And I hate to be picky, but it’s pretty embarrassing to ride in. I was hoping that you might have a good excuse as to why I shouldn’t have to drive it, because my dad loves your show. Thank so much. - Emily

Tom: Gee, Emily, I feel terrible about this. Just awful!

Ray: Yeah. Unfortunately, this is exactly the type of car we recommend that parents buy for their teenagers. Your father probably got the idea from hearing us talk about it. It’s safe, it’s slow and it’s ugly - the perfect car for a teen!

Tom: Right. It’s ugly and embarrassing, so you won’t drive it unless you have to. Parts are falling off of it, so you won’t be tempted to stray far from home. And it’s a tank, so if you do make a mistake (which many teenagers do), you’ll have a better chance of surviving it.

Ray: So I’m afraid we’re not going to be much help, Emily.

Tom: Wait. I’ve got it. Emily, next time you’re in the car with your dad, look toward the back and say, "Those back seats fold down, right, Dad?" And when your dad says; "Sure they do. Why?" You say, "Well, with the seats folded down, I bet there’s plenty of room for two people to lie down back there. He’ll have you in a ‘92 Volvo sedan by Monday, Emily.

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