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Friday, February 4, 2000 Volume VIII, Number 163

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?. . . Tax Counseling for the Elderly, TCE, will be available at the Over 60 Center each Tuesday from 9-12 beginning February 1, 2000. Brought to you by the Area Agency on Aging.

Did Ya Know?. . .The Carthage High School Class of 1970 class reunion committee will hold a planning meeting for Monday night, Feb. 7, at the old Flex-o-Lators Complex, 112 Zapletal Way. Class members wishing to participate should call Pat Cloud at 417-358-2501 for more information.

today's laugh

A kid complained to his father, "Sure, arithmetic is easy for you. You figure in your head. I have to use a computer."

A terrible golfer slices the ball into a treacherous trap. He asks the caddie, "What club do I use now?"
The caddie answers, "It doesn’t matter which club you try. But be sure to take along lots of food and water."

Mother was thrilled to see little Mildred sitting so quietly and said, "Millie, I’m so proud of you sitting like a little doll while your dad takes a nap."
Millie said, "I’m watching his cigarette burn down to his fingers."

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


A dispatch from Columbia says: James McBain was fined $12 here today for calling a man a liar at a distance of two miles. Arthur Wade, the man addressed, was at his farm, north of Columbia. McBain, who was in town, called Wade up by telephone and charged him with burning property owned by the former. Wade denied it and McBain called him a liar, using a profane adjective. A number of persons using the telephone at the same time heard the remark and Wade was at once advised by wire to prosecute McBain.

Wade rode to town immediately and preferred charges against McBain in the court of Judge James Gillespie. All those who were in connection with the wire over which this transpired, including several farmers, as well as citizens of Columbia, appeared as witnesses, and he was fined for disturbing the peace.

  Today's Feature

Over 60 Center Considered.

The Public Service Committee is scheduled to continue its discussion concerning requests by the Over 60 Center for expanded facilities during its regular monthly meeting next Monday evening at 7 p.m. in City Hall. The Committee oversees several City buildings including Memorial Hall and the Civil War museum.

The City owns the current building used by the Over 60 Center. In addition to furnishing the building rent free, the City appropriates approximately $9,000 a year that goes toward utility bills.

The Committee has been discussing alternatives due to the increased use of the facility and the expected rise in the number of community residents mature enough to qualify for the Center’s activities.

The Committee is also scheduled to consider the July 4 fireworks display. Private funds have been sought to increase the size of the event in celebration of the year 2000.

Other business includes bids on lighting for the new softball fields at Fair Acres Sports Complex and the possibility of a nature center at Kellogg Lake Park.


Plainsfolk to Perform at The Woodshed.

Plainsfolk is looking forward to a fun filled evening of music at Main Street Mercantile. We always enjoy the audience you bring in because they create the right atmosphere for our type of music.

Plainsfolk is a band with a traditional Irish and American flare. The group first came together about three years ago by a chance meeting during a crafts show. All members are self-taught and play a variety of instruments such as: fiddle, harmonica,
guitar, concertina, bodhram (Irish frame drum), pennywhistle (tin whistle), and bones. Jack and Lee Ann Sours are from Dudenville, a small farming community near Golden City, Missouri. Steve and Linda Widders live in Springfield, Missouri near the James River.

Both couples have traveled to Ireland where they had the opportunity to play traditional Irish tunes with local musicians that grew up playing jigs, reels, and hornpipes. Plainsfolk has enjoyed performing at local festivals, weddings, private parties, restaurants, and Main Street Mercantile.

Chris Johnson, of the well known Johnson family, will join Plainsfolk at Main Street Mercantile, on the Carthage square, this February 4. Chris is a talented mandolin & bass player.

Next Show Joe Leiter Friday-Feb. 11th.

by Robin Putnam, artCentral

Now that the snow is gone we can pretend it’s really not winter. We just need it to be a little bit warmer to pull it off, too bad that silly ground hog saw his shadow.......winter is here for six more weeks......

Last month we were thrilled to host the Helen S. Boylan High School Art Contest Exhibit. It was really great. There are some very talented kids out there !!

But as for our regular schedule goes.......we are starting this new year out with a one-man show featur-ing the art of Joe Leiter !!

Joe will be exhibiting his oil paintings as well as some sketches of works done and future projects. For those of you that didn’t know Joe was a talented painter....what did you think he was doing all those times you saw him out standing in a ditch or field....he enjoys painting PLEIN AIR......that means he likes to go outside and paint what is there in front of him !!

Joe’s exhibit will begin with an opening reception on February 11th from 6-8 pm. That’s a Friday evening and we will be serving hors d’oeuvres and beverages and as always we invite everyone to come by, have a bite, say hi to Joe and enjoy some great art and some great friends !!

It’ll be nice to see all of our old friends....seems like it’s been a loooong time since we’ve had a regular opening !! See you here !!

Our garage remodeling is almost finished !! We have a lovely downstairs ready for the equipment to be brought back in. Then we’ll need a few volunteers to help get the place organized. The Kid’s Studio upstairs needs the floors finished and then it will be ready for.... ????? you name it !!!! That room is going to become the busiest place here !! week. 358-4404. 1110 E 13th & www. under organizations.

Just Jake Talkin'

Just so ya don’t get too confused, the City has not replaced Police Chief Dennis Veach. Fire Chief John Cooper was erroneously given the title of Police Chief in last Wednesday’s edition of the Mornin’ Mail. As far as I can tell, both departments will continue with the same personnel for the foreseeable future. I apologize to either one or both, if needed.

I’m havin’ the same kinda trouble keepin’ the names of the grandkids straight. Fortunately I’ve notice their parents callin’ out the wrong name from time to time. Takes the pressure off a little.

My folks would do that on occasion when they were gettin’ on to one of us boys. We always tried to make a joke of it to lessen the lecture we knew was comin’. Wasn’t any doubt in our minds who they meant.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.



Oak Street
Health &

Weekly Column

Natural Nutrition
by Mari An Willis

Good morning! If one is faced with a particular challenge, one of the most valuable tools is information. To seek resolution through research is to empower oneself. It allows us to "get a handle" on a dis-ease that may be effecting our daily lives.

Let’s consider the liver. It is a big filter with many important jobs. As with any other important thing we want to take good care of it and give it special attention. The following are some herbs which have been used to traditionally support the function of the liver:

Dandelion Root-aids the liver in removing toxins from the bloodstream.

Milk Thistle-sometimes referred to by the active ingredient of Silymarin, this powerful cleanser is used in Europe as a remedy for mushroom poisoning. It has been historically used to treat disorders of the liver including hepatitis, cirrhosis and poisoning from many sources of ingested substances. It is said that it helps increase new liver cells to replace damaged ones.

Artichoke extract-breaks down fat, improves bile flow while increasing excretion of cholesterol and decreasing synthesis of cholesterol in the liver.

Tumeric-just look at the beautiful color and one knows it could be of benefit to the liver! It is a spice which could be used on a daily basis. It is known as a powerful antiinflammatory and appears to enhance liver function. Try it on chicken, rice or if you don’t like to cook, it comes in capsules.

Alpha Licoic Acid (ALA) and NAC have shown through recent research to help protect the liver against the damage from chemicals, alcohol, smoke and other pollutants.

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