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Tuesday, January 4, 2000 Volume VIII, Number 140

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?. . .The Carthage Recycling Drop-off Center and Composting Lot is accepting all species of evergreen Christmas Trees for chipping, free of charge to Carthage area residents. The trees may be brought to the Center, located at 1309 Oak Hill Road, anytime 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wed. through Saturday.

Did Ya Know?. . .The Cub Scout Pack 9 is having their pinewood derby January 15th at the First Methodist Church.

today's laugh

I like garage sales. You get a chance to see what people bought at garage sales a year ago.

It’s no fun to go to the airline desk to complain about lost luggage only to see the clerk wearing your clothes!

The pilot sounded confident when he told the passengers, "Two of our engines are out, and the other two are on fire. But don’t worry. I’m putting on my parachute and going for help."

A bank robber shoves a note under the cage gate to the teller. It says, Put the money in the bag, and don’t try anything funny. The teller sends back a note: Straighten your tie. They’re taking your picture.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Two Mine Deals Aggregate $160,000.

D.N. Perry, the owner of the Lone Elm lease near Joplin, sold it yesterday to a syndicate of New York men represented by Joplin parties. The consideration was $100,000. The lease covers 190 acres, and embraces three parcels of land, belonging respectively to the Pitcher Lead Co., the Granby Mining Co., and Wilson & Hutton.

It was reported on the street yesterday evening that the Blackberry sublease and mine on the Granby land northwest of Joplin sold yesterday for $60,000.

Bought Four Fine Shorthorns.

Ed Hall Jr., returned from Lockwood Wednesday with four fine shorthorn heifers that he purchased at the Sutter sale. They are beauties and all prize winners, having captured ribbons at the Lockwood, Springfield and Market fairs. The price paid is not mentioned, but being the pick of a celebrated herd, it is understood that they came high.

  Today's Feature

Capital Improvement Report.

The Public Works Committee is scheduled to hear a year-end update from the City Engineering Department during its regular meeting this afternoon at 5:15 in City Hall.

The Council allocated just over $1.7 million for capital projects for the fiscal year 2000. Of that amount, $464,000 is earmarked for airport relocation, and funds totaling $200,000 for future improvements to Civil War Road and matching funds for the construction of an interchange at Fairview Avenue and Highway 71.

Major projects that are planned, under construction or completed include the River Street to Fairview storm water project, a storm water ditch from River to Pearl, the extension of George Phelps Boulevard by the new south water tower, and improvements to the Over 60 Center.

The Committee is scheduled to discuss bids for the George Phelps Boulevard project during the meeting. A recommendation from the Engineering Department is expected. The bids were received and taken under consideration earlier in the month.

The Public Works Committee meets each first and third Tuesday of the month.



Congressman Blunt Raps E-Mail Hoaxes

news release

"The Internet has created a new landscape of information resources shared through E-mail," according to Southwest Missouri Congressman Roy Blunt. "Regrettably this new landscape’s become dotted with landmines of fictitious and inaccurate data that are a disservice to the people who try to use this technology as efficient and effective work tools. E-mails are being used to spread false rumors and needlessly raise concerns of Southwest Missourians."

Spread among the hundreds of e-mail messages received weekly by Congressman Blunt and his colleagues on national defense, Social Security, Medicare and health care are inquiries about stories on E-mail stamps, removing the words "In God We Trust" from national monuments and implementing restrictions on religious broadcasting. These are the rumors on Congressman Blunt’s New Year’s "bust list."

602P, the e-mail tax

There is no federal legislation called "602P." A completely false rumor concerning the U.S. Postal Service creating e-mail stamps is being circulated by e-mail. Its alleged sponsor "Congressman Schnell" does not exist. The U.S. Postal Service has no authority to surcharge e-mail messages sent over the Internet. A similar hoax about telephone companies seeking legislation to impose an Internet surcharge is circulating too.

There is legitimate concern in the Internet community regarding taxes or added charges for the use of e-mail and access to the Internet. "I oppose added charges for access to the Internet," Blunt said. He is a cosponsor of legislation to prevent the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from applying interstate charges to providers of Internet services. "’Bill 602P’ just does not exist," Blunt concluded.

In Go We Trust

The words "In God We Trust" are not being removed from the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials or other national memorials in Washington D.C. Each of the inscriptions on the memorials were authorized in law by Congress, and the National Parks Service, which cares for and maintains the monuments, emphatically denies there are any plans to edit or remove these cherished inscriptions. Yet, an e-mail is circulating that says the inscriptions are being removed. "Don’t believe it," Blunt said.

Restrictions on Religious Broadcasting

An e-mail claims that Madalyn Murray O’Hair is attempting to get religious programs taken off radio and television. This 24 year old case started as a petition to the FCC. In that period the case has drawn 30 million piece of mail. The FCC denied the "Lansman-Milan" petition in 1977, ruling that it is required by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution "to observe a stance of neutrality toward religion, acting neither to promote or inhibit religion." The FCC explained that it must treat religious and secular organizations alike in determining their eligibility for broadcasting channels. Furthermore, the FCC has no authority to direct any broadcaster to present or refrain from presenting announcements or programs on religion. Also O’Hair and several members of her family have been missing since 1995.

Blunt said, "The Internet can be used in many ways, both positive and negative, and once again, the best way to test the difference is good old Southwest Missouri common sense."

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Just Jake Talkin'

I hear some complainin’ from time to time from folks who have more trouble rememberin’ than they used to. Some fear it might be caused by gettin’ older.

Although there is prob’ly some who loose ‘memberin’ capacity as the years go by, I’m more inclined to believe as ya get older, you’re just more picky as ta what ya store in the brain.

I’ve heard ya only use about 10% of our grey matter. Maybe the longer ya live, the less room ya have for stuff that isn’t really important to ya. Most folks have some really good memories tucked away that takes up precious head room. Plus, as we mature, we are better able to distinguish what we should remember and what isn’t really worth the effort. I’m sure there was a point to all this, but I lost it.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.



McCune Brooks Hospital

Weekly Column

Health Notes

BONES AND BICARB: Researchers at the University of California in San Francisco, are finding some interesting connections between antacids and osteoporosis. According to RX Remedy Magazine, potassium bicarbonate, which is the active ingredient found in antacids, may be helpful in countering bone thinning.

The researchers found that most normal diets, especially one that includes meat, tend to leave the blood somewhat acidic. The body neutralizes this acid by "borrowing" calcium salts from the bone. (The word "borrowing" is in quotes because there is no repayment.) The study shows that bicarb appears to eliminate the borrowing altogether.

Most doctors agree, however, that it’s too soon to start prescribing bicarbonate across the board. The best advice is to eat more fruits and vegetables which are naturally high in potassium bicarbonate.

The Emory Health Science News also cites studies showing RU-486 may benefit some people with breast cancer and a condition called meningioma which involves non-malignant tumors covering the brain and spinal cord. The compound could relieve pelvic pain of endometriosis and may help noncancerous fibroid tumors of the uterus regress. It could also be beneficial to patients with Cushing’s syndrome (overactive adrenal glands).

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