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Friday, April 2, 2010 Volume XVIII, Number 201

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?..The Exchange Club of Carthage will hold a rummage sale, Sat. April 3 at 816 W Fairview Ave. Proceeds will benefit club project.

Did Ya Know?..Relay for Life Bake Sale at UMB on the square. Today 9-4

today's laugh

Top 45 Oxymorons:

45. Act naturally

44. Found missing

43. Resident alien

42. Advanced BASIC

41. Genuine imitation

40. Airline Food

39. Good grief

38. Same difference

37. Almost exactly

36. Government organization

35. Sanitary landfill

34. Alone together

33. Legally drunk

32. Silent scream

31. Living dead

30. Small crowd

29. Business ethics

28. Soft rock

27. Butt Head

26. Military Intelligence

25. Software documentation

24. New classic

23. Sweet sorrow

22. Childproof

21. "Now, then ..."

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A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Moved a Large Tree.

J.S. Caudle with only one helper has just completed a job of tree moving of rather unusual magnitude. He transferred a hard maple tree 12 inches in diameter about 80 feet from one part of Steve Chitwood’s yard to another. Mr. Chitwood wishes to erect a new barn, and as the tree was in the way he had it moved up near the house, where its shade will be very agreeable. Before being trimmed it was over 30 feet high, and nearly large enough to make a saw log.

A Fine Guitar.

McFarland and Hall have just received an auditorium sized, Washington guitar which cost $25. This is something entirely novel in this line, and the gentlemen say that no such instrument has ever been brought here before. E.O. Burrel has purchased it.

  Today's Feature

Only Two Contested races.

The deadline for filing for Jasper County elected offices passed last Tuesday resulting in only two contested races for the August 3 primary.

Incumbent Linda Williams will face Milissa Holcomb of Joplin for the Circuit Clerk nomination for the Republican party. No Democrats filed.

Current Presiding Commissioner John Bartosh will have three individuals to retain his position.

David Troyer of Carthage, Jeff Hammons of Carl Junction, and James Ivan Pendergraft have all filed as candidates for the Republican party. No Democrats filed.

Unopposed positions that are up for reelection include Associate Judge Division 5, Richard Copeland; Associate Judge Division 4 Joesph "Joe" Schoeberl; Associate Judge Division 6 Stephen P. Carlton; County Auditor Richard M. Webster, Jr.; Recorder Donna Grove; County Clerk Bonnie Earl; Prosecuting Attorney Dean G. Dankelson; and Collector of Revenue Stephen H. Holt.

An Independent has also shown interest in the Commissioner seat, but won’t have to file until the November election.

Just Jake Talkin'

It’s amazin’ how one person bein’ a jerk can mess up a day.

Made a quick stop at the local grocery on the way home from work the other day. Back out on the parkin’ lot, happened to notice a fresh scrape on the front fender. Not a big bang, just a little impression ‘bout ten inches long. The bumper on the car sittin’ in the next stall appeared to have a little fresh paint. What a pain.

The small insult prob’ly won’t warrant the hassle of goin’ to a body shop. A little extra rubbin’ durin’ the next wax job will prob’ly make the injury unnoticeable my most passersby, but ever’ time the car gets washed, there will be the reminder of the jerk who wouldn’t at least apologize for wreckin’ my day.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

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ART NOTES from Hyde House

by Sally Armstrong, Director of artCentral

Outside the wind is blowing, but the sun is shining and we are looking for visitors today to view the beautiful sculptures being shown here at Hyde House, our first day! Last night’s opening reception was a huge success, we again had a very large crowd in attendance, and all were very complimentary about the work being shown. Each of our three presenting sculptors, M. Justin Hale, Robin Putnam, and Bill Snow were present to discuss their works in wood, limestone, alabaster, and bronze. I want to again extend a special thanks to our friends at Locarni Marble for the underwriting of this exhibit and opening reception, with very special thanks to the extended family of Pat & Judy Goff for physically attending the entire evening as "servers", tending to the drinks, food table and kitchen. This is the first time that underwriters have offered this help, and it was most appreciated! But saving the "best for last", the Goff’s not only underwrote the show with their business, Judy Goff actually cooked/baked the wonderful food for the reception, and what fantastic response she had. Several attendees have offered her the job of cooking for additional art receptions, if she would make again the delicious torte rusticia ( a wonderful flaky corn meal and flour crust with three cheeses, ham, and spinach baked inside) . She also made orange lace cookies, which were gone before the evening was over, and a fudge cookie that was superb! Thanks Judy for both the generosity of your time as well as effort in making last night truly a great success. Please visit our gallery for the next weekends, Friday through Sunday from noon to 5:00 to see this beautiful, locally created work. The exhibit remains in the gallery through April 11th.

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