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Monday, December 6, 2010 Volume XIX, Number 119

did ya know?.

Did Ya Know?.. . First United Methodist Church 7th & Main will hold a Breakfast & Cookie Sale Saturday, Dec. 11th, 8am-Noon Breakfast $5, pancakes & ham or biscuits & sausage gravy. 358-2577

Did Ya Know?...The Nazarene Church will host a Red Cross Blood Drive Thu. Dec. 16, 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. in their small fellowship hall at 2000 Grand.

today's laugh

A man is caught sitting at a make-shift campfire by a forest ranger, and to the ranger’s horror, the man is eating a bald eagle. The man is consequently put in jail for the crime. On the day of his trial, the conversation went something like this:

JUDGE: "Do you know that eating a bald eagle is a federal offense?"

MAN: "Yes I do. But if you let me argue my case, I’ll explain what happened."

JUDGE: "Proceed."

MAN: "I got lost in the woods. I hadn’t had anything to eat for two weeks. I was so hungry. Next thing I see is a Bald Eagle swooping down at the lake for some fish. I knew that if I followed the Eagle I could maybe steal the fish. I caught up with the eagle who landed on a tree stump to eat the fish. I threw a stone toward the eagle hoping he would drop the fish and fly away. Unfortunately, in my weakened condition, my aim was off, and the rock hit the eagle squarely on his poor little head, and killed it. I thought long and hard about what had happened, but figured that since I killed it I might as well eat it since it would be more disgraceful to let it rot on the ground."

JUDGE: "The court will take a recess while I consider your testimony."

(15 minutes goes by and the judge returns.)

JUDGE: "Due to the extreme circumstance you were under and because you didn’t intend to kill the eagle, the court will dismiss the charges."

The Judge then leans over the bench and whispers: "If you don’t mind my asking, what does a bald eagle taste like?"

MAN: "Well your honor, it is hard to explain. The best I can describe it is somewhere between a California Condor and a Spotted Owl."


A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Struck in the Eye With Hot Iron.

James Biggs the Central avenue blacksmith, was struck in the eye with a hot piece of iron yesterday, but it is hoped is not seriously hurt. He was hammering an old file at the time making a wedge for his anvil. The hot piece of iron flew out of the tongs as he was striking it, and struck him over the eye inflicting a slight wound. The hot part of the iron barely touched the eyeball. He is laying off from work for a few days but hopes there will be no serious effects.

Going Away Surprise Party.

Miss Olive Cline, who leaves tonight for her future home at Flora, Ill., is being given a farewell surprise party this afternoon by her friends. They assembled at 5 p.m. at Mrs. Hill’s, on North Main street, where Miss Cline rooms, and each guest took her share of the refreshments. A supper is to be served at six o’clock.

  Today's Feature

Christmas Parade Tonight.

Carthage SkillsUSA invites the community to join them for the 38th annual Carthage Christmas Parade. Carthage Technical Center’s SkillsUSA Chapter will be hosting. The Carthage Christmas Parade will be held this evening, Monday, December 6, 2010, on the square at 7:00 p.m. This year’s parade theme is "Christmas Magic."

SkillsUSA is a youth organization, made up of high school students who are enrolled in classes at the Carthage Technical Center. These classes cover a wide range of interests such as Digital Electronics, Health Sciences, Computer Maintenance, Carpentry, Drafting, Automotive Service Technology, and Precision Machining. The local organization has 100 members and it participated in several activities during the year. Last year Carthage SkillsUSA took one of the largest groups ever to participate in state competitions with two state officers and five individuals qualifying for nationals.

SkillsUSA has been part of the Carthage Christmas Parade for years. The SkillsUSA creed states, "We believe in the dignity of hard work and the American way of life."

Just Jake Talkin'

Although I’m not completely familiar with the circumstances surroundin’ the vehicle rammin’ the Courthouse retainin’ wall a while back, the damage was minimal. A light pole went down and several of the blocks where I sit from time to time were dislodged.

I’m guessin’ the vehicle was the loser of that confrontation.

As is the case with most, I hate to see any disruption to the continuing saga of the Courthouse. But the fact is, the place is built like a brick....., er, well a rock.

The craftsmanship and materials that make up the Carthage Courthouse has prevailed for over a hunderd years and will most likely make another hunderd. All caution should be used to avoid testing this structure with a vehicle, however.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

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Weekly Columns


By Samantha Mazzotta

Gutter Extension Didn’t Solve Basement Leak

Q: Six months ago, I had the gutters rerouted to drain to the backyard in order to solve a problem of water leaking into the basement. I also had the gutters cleaned a month ago. However, when we had a big rain two weeks ago, water leaked into the basement on the left side of the house -- the side I did the gutter extension on. What’s happening? Will a new gutter system solve the problem? -- Mary B., Chicago

A: A gutter extension is an inexpensive way to direct rainwater away from the side and foundation of the house. And a twice-yearly gutter cleaning also helps keep gutters from overflowing where debris dams up.

If your gutters are in good condition -- not cracked, broken, filled with debris or leaking extensively -- then a new gutter system is probably not the solution.

During the next rain, look at how the water drains away in your backyard. Does it drain back toward the house? In the area that the gutter extension drains, which direction does it drain? If the ground slopes back toward the house, no extension is going to stop that water flow.

Next, inspect the foundation on the outside of the house and in the basement. A visual inspection is all that’s necessary. Do you notice any big cracks or damage outside or inside? Do you notice water pooling around the foundation?

Finally, whether you see damage or pooling -- or not -- contact a foundation specialist to look at the problem. Foundation or yard drainage repairs can be expensive, but the damage that continual water seepage can do to your home is even more expensive. Additionally, contact the company that installed the gutter extension. If your drainage problem hasn’t been resolved, have them look at the problem as well. A simpler fix, like adjusting the gutter extension or improving the drainage area, might be all it takes.

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