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Wednesday, January 13, 2010 Volume XVIII, Number 143

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... The McCune Brooks Hospital Winter Physician Lecture Series will begin on Jan. 14 with "The Aging Spine" with Brian Ispen, MD in the Hospital Community Room at 7 p.m.

today's laugh

Four corporate presidents, one English, one French, one Japanese and one American, were on their way to an international business conference when they were kidnapped by and taken to a hideout.

"You, your companies, and you countries are enemies of the Revolution," screamed the terrorist leader, "and you’re going to be executed! Do you have any last requests?"

"Before I die, I want to honor my country and protest this barbaric act by singing "God Save The Queen" to all you men," said the Engilishman.

The Frenchman said, "And I want to honor my country before I die by singing "The Marseilles" to your men."

The Japanese said, "Before I die, I wish to honor my country by giving the lecture I was going to present on the Mapanese style of industrial management."

The terrorist turned to the American.

"What is your last request?"

The American replied, "I want you to kill me right now so I don’t have to listen to another lecture on the Japanese style of industrial management!"

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Mrs. J. A. Davis Seriously Ill.

Mrs. J. A. Davis has been quite sick for several days of pneumonia at her home at the corner of Fulton and Sixth streets. Her condition yesterday afternoon became so serious that it was thought that she could not live through the night. Her sons, Chris, who is a street railway conductor in St. Louis, and Al, of Kansas City, were telegraphed for. The former arrived this morning and the latter is expected this evening. Mrs. Davis is reported better today.

Hale Boggess, who has been confined to his home on Third street for the past week with an attack of malarial fever, is able to be at his place in the Central National bank today.

For Sale -Fresh cow. Can be seen at T.A. Kendrick’s place, North Main street, north of the river.

  Today's Feature

Missouri Medicaid Fraud Unit number one.

Attorney General Chris Koster said yesterday that Missouri has earned the distinction of obtaining more Medicaid fraud money per grant dollar spent than any other state in the nation. According to national data from the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit obtained $18.81 for every federal dollar received in federal fiscal year (FFY) 2008.

"Efficiency of government is critical, particularly during these challenging economic times," Koster said. "Missouri’s Medicaid Fraud Unit has used all tools available to return those stolen health care dollars to Missouri."

The Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit received a grant of $1,582,000 from HHS in federal fiscal year 2008, and used that funding to recover $29,753,505, for the return rate of $18.81 per grant dollar and the top ranking.

Koster said to increase the program’s effectiveness, the unit reaches out to state agencies that oversee Medicaid programs; hospitals and other large health providers; and other states to obtain leads on possible Medicaid fraud.

Just Jake Talkin'

There are at least a couple a things that people don’t understand. They know what happens, they just can’t say why.

The scientists don’t know why clouds build up an electrical charge that eventually turns into lightnin.’ They can explain what happens from that point on, but they still can’t figure out why the charge is there in the first place.

When a small child it hooked up so they can see brain waves, the sound of their parent’s voice sets off an explosion of activity. Showin’ ‘em a favorite toy or food only activates a small portion of brain waves.

In this age of technological advance it somehow seems odd, but I suppose there is some comfort in knowin’ we don’t know it all.

This is some face, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

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By JoAnn Derson

• To make a great place for face cloths and even books in your bathroom, install a window box on the inside. Find a window box that will fit on the ledge and secure it in place. Bathroom windows usually are small, and it’s a great place to stash stuff and keep it out of the way.

• "Some restaurants have really durable kid cups that come with a kids’ meal. We tend to save these, like most parents. I have several in the car, washed and stacked with their lids. I’ve also stashed some individually wrapped straws with them. Whenever we go to the park, we can pull them out and fill them at the water fountain. It’s really convenient, and we don’t feel bad if they need to get trashed or we lose track of them." -- T.C. in Texas

• To protect a boo-boo that’s on an awkward spot on your finger, cut the finger off a rubber glove and wear it. It can help to keep a slipping bandage in place, and if you secure it with waterproof tape, you can keep your wound dry.

• "I love pizza, but don’t like reheated pizza -- at least I didn’t until I found out about this little trick. Microwave the slice to warm. Then slip it into a nonstick skillet to cook the rest of the way. It takes only a few minutes, but you end up with a crispy crust and no cheese melting off the side (you can just flick it back on). It’s great!" -- M., via e-mail

• Got dry knuckles? It’s not surprising at this time of year. Let your lip balm do double duty. Rub it into the dry skin at your knuckles and around your nails for some instant dry-skin relief.

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