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Monday, July 12, 2010 Volume XIX, Number 15

did ya know?.

Did Ya Know?.. . There will be a cancer benefit on July 31 at the Carthage VFW from 12 to 6 PM for Bill Pearce, Jr. Auction at 3 PM. Donations are welcome.

Did Ya Know?...The Salvation Army is accepting applications for Tools 4 school Supplies until July 17. 125 E. Fairview 9-1

today's laugh

Once upon a time, there was a man. A genie appeared to the man, and offered him one wish.

"Well," said the man, "I’ve always wanted to go to Fiji, but plane tickets are so expensive, and boats are so slow. Can you build a bridge from Los Angeles to Fiji?"

"I’m sorry, man," the genie said. "You’re pretty much asking for the impossible. That’s six thousand miles of bridge. Plus, you’ll need fuel stations and motels on the way. I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to ask for something else."

"Oh," said the disappointed man. "Well, can you grant me the ability to understand women?"

The genie cleared his throat. "How many lanes did you want on that bridge?"

A man had just arrived home after the successful implantation of a pacemaker.

Reading through the literature, he was delighted to learn that the instrument carried a lifetime guarantee.


A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

A Record Broken.

Female Department of the County Jail Empty for Three Days.

For the first time since the administration of W. H. Warren as sheriff of Jasper county, the female department at the jail has lacked an occupant. For three whole days, ending yesterday, not a woman or girl of whatever age, color or previous condition of servitude, stared out of the upper windows of the jail at the passers by on East Fourth street, and Turnkey Jeff Plummer gazed about in a helpless sort of way, as though the old jail did not seem quite the same. But such an unwanted goodness among the fair sex could not last, and yesterday one Alice Simons was brought up from Webb City to serve eight days for lewd conduct. She is as yet solitary and alone. The entire population of the jail is now only 48, but a big increase is expected with the first frost, as the hoboes begin to break into prison for winter quarters here.

  Today's Feature

Attorney Generals seek to overturn ruling declaring National

Day of Prayer unconstitutional.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster joined with 28 other state attorneys general seeking to reverse an April 2010 holding that the statute creating the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional.

A federal trial court in April found for the plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed by Freedom from Religion Foundation, et al., challenging the constitutionality of the National Day of Prayer. Koster said he and other attorneys general want that judgment reversed and have filed an amicus brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago asking for the reversal.

The brief highlights a number of cases in which the courts have acknowledged the country’s religious heritage and the role of religion in American life. It points out that President Washington issued the first presidential proclamation designating a day for prayer and thanksgiving, and nearly every subsequent president has followed suit.

Just Jake Talkin'

With all the talk about acceleratin’ the depreciation for computer equipment because of its built in obsolescence, how ‘bout ponderin’ this dilemma. Should tools with a life time warranty be depreciated?

There are tools that depreciate so fast that they are allowed as expenses. Saw blades for instance, or drill bits. Evertime such an instrument is used it grows closer to bein’ worn out.

One businessman I knew, who owned a small sundry store needed an ice machine. He put one of those coin operated timers on the wall hooked to the electricity. He put four quarters in and it would run for a day. At the end of the month, he’d retrieve the quarters and make the payment on the machine. Such a contraption on the home tv might be a rewarding proposition.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.


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Weekly Columns


By Samantha Mazzotta

Don’t Mess With Hidden Wasp Nest

Q: Last week, as I was mowing the yard, I noticed a yellow jacket buzzing around one of the windowsills on the back of the house. I didn’t pay much attention until later in the day when I saw three hovering in that area, and one crawling under the sill. There may be a nest in that spot. How can I safely get rid of a yellow-jacket nest, if there is one? -- Julie in Kennesaw, Ga.

A: I’m not fond of yellow jackets or wasps, so unless the nest is small and easy to remove -- like a small wasp’s nest on a gutter -- I defer to a professional.

Your guess that the yellow jackets have a nest under or behind that windowsill is probably correct. However, to locate it and deal with it, the siding next to the sill may need to be removed. If your home uses vinyl siding panels, this task is usually somewhat easy and can be done without damaging the siding. But if there are yellow jackets under there -- and the nest could harbor many more than you’ve seen so far -- there’s a risk of getting stung.

So first, contact a pest-control professional who specializes in removing wasp, bee or yellow-jacket nests. He or she may be able to look under the sill and siding without removing anything. Get a quote up front on how much it will cost initially to look at the infestation, and get the removal estimate in writing before the company proceeds with the work.

HOME TIP: Locate wood stacks at least 18 inches away from your home’s foundation, and compost piles at least 4 feet away, to prevent pests and rodents from getting into the house through these easy-to-hide-in spots.

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