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Friday, July 16, 2010 Volume XIX, Number 19

did ya know?.

Did Ya Know?.. . There will be a cancer benefit on July 31 at the Carthage VFW from 12 to 6 PM for Bill Pearce, Jr. Auction at 3 PM. Donations are welcome.

Did Ya Know?...Diamond Christian Church 205 E. Market ST. Diamond MO. Vacation Bible School July 19-23 6:00-8:45 P.M. Monday-Thursday Friday 7:00 P.M.

Did Ya Know?.. . Carthage Farmers Market every Wed. and Sat starting at 7 a.m.

today's laugh

Charles: Hello, darling, would you like to have dinner with me tonight?

Current Girl Friend: Oh, I’d be delighted, dear!

Charles: Okay. Tell your mother I’ll be over at six o’clock and please not to have hash.


Customer: Waiter! There’s a twig in my soup!

Waiter: Sorry, sir. I’ll go get the branch manager.


"When you were playing golf, did you ever shoot a birdie?"

"No, but I once shot at a duck."


"I come to the museum every afternoon with my husband. He’s interested in some old fossil."

"Well, don’t worry. It’s probably a harmless flirtation."


A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Tom Franks Promoted.

T. J. Franks, a well known former Carthage boy, was in Carthage last evening and while here received a circular letter from General Freight Agent Russell, of the Frisco, notifying him that the office of district freight agent held by C. R. Gray will be abolished.

Chas. Gray has already been promoted and Mr. Franks will succeed him and although under the name of general agent, he will have supervision of the same territory the division freight agent had charge.

Mr. Franks is a justly popular young man in Carthage, having lived here for years until he was transferred to Wichita. He began railroading ten years ago as a brakeman and was soon sent to Carthage as a depot employee. Over two years ago he was promoted to traveling freight agent as C. R. Gray’s right bower, and he is thoroughly competent to assume the duties of the new position.

  Today's Feature

Proposed Visioning Agreement.




City of Carthage and the Center for Community Studies Studio, Drury University, Spring Semester 2011

liThe Carlhage Courlhouse Square District Visioning Process"

The emphasis of the proposed "The Carthage Courthouse Square District Visioning Process" is as an educational experience for the Center for Community Studies students, as well as a service to benefit the City of Carthage. This visioning process is intended to develop and test conceptual ideas for the City of Carthage’s Courthouse Square District redevelopment following smart growth planning principles. Working drawings and other legal drawings and construction documents will not be provided. The students’ work in no way supplants the services of design professionals.

The City of Carthage will be the project sponsor and the Mayor, Mr. Mike Harris or his delegated representative will serve as the liaison between the community, City Administration, Visioning Advisory Committee and the project team from Drury University. Professor Jay G. Garrott will serve as the Project Administrator and Project Manager for Drury University. The City of Carthage’s administration and Visioning Advisory Committee will assist the Drury project team as outlined in the attached project prospectus entitled "The Carthage Courthouse Square District Project Planning Outline" dated July 1, 2010.

The cost of the project will be $5400.00. These funds will be used to cover the cost of the research/resource materials, process, travel, printing of drawings and the printing of the final document of visions and recommendations. These funds shall be transferred to Drury University on or before January 3, 2011. Please make the check payable to Drury University and state on the memo line that it is for the Carthage Project."

Just Jake Talkin'

I saw on a buildin’ permit report that one permit was issued for a child’s playhouse.

I imagined the codes inspector stooped down makin’ the inspection for final approval. Just struck me as an odd image.

‘Course in the rural setting of my childhood, the only thing that concerned us when building a playhouse was havin’ enough nails to hold the thing together. Usually there wasn’t any roof type materials and the structure would just become a "fort."

Guys never had "playhouses" anyway. Anything resemblin’ a structure would be a "clubhouse" or our "hideout," even though there was no members and ever’one knew our location. Ever’one, that is, except the city codes inspector.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.


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Weekly Columns


ART NOTES from Hyde House

by Sally Armstrong, Director of artCentral

Summer is in full blaze as we enter a quieter time here at Hyde House. The work is down from the Membership Show and I have moved a portion of it to our Atrium Gallery at Sirloin Stockade for display there for a time. If you missed our show here, take a look over there and enjoy a good meal too! I am clearing away display areas and replacing with classroom spaces as we gear up for next week’s beginning of two weeks of kid’s artCamp here at artCentral. We feature three distinct teaching areas, the outside classroom in the Pottery House, the upstairs classroom in the gallery house, and both the pottery studio and the outside lawn areas are often times used as well for some classes. Monday features three classes, a clay class that will need the large classroom, a charcoal drawing class that will be smaller and a Manga drawing class, also smaller. Both our spaces feature new air conditioning units this summer, so we should be cool and comfortable! After the camp we are closed for a short time, when I will be writing a newsletter and recording the records of camp and other chores. It has been noted by one of our board members that some have asked if artCentral sponsors/underwrites an art scholarship for a graduating high school student? This topic was discussed at today’s board meeting, and I noted that our organization’s mission statement notes we "promote, exhibit, teach and foster the appreciation of fine art in our community." I suppose that the word teach would come closest to the scholarship idea, yet we are primarily an "artist" organization for adults, with our few students being either already in college, or members of a family membership. We do our teaching part in the promotion and offering of workshops by member artists to other members and interested persons, and through our kid’s artCamp.

But certainly, if any member of ours or member of the community wished to establish an art scholarship and ask that our organization steer this scholarship, we certainly would be willing to do so. It could be deposited within the R-9 Foundation or the Carthage Community Foundation initially, and you would establish all the presentation criteria. If this is something interesting to you please feel free to contact me, or Michelle Ducre of the local Community Foundation for more information. Meantime, hope to see your kid’s here during the next two weeks as we celebrate artCamp!

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