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Monday, November 22, 2010 Volume XIX, Number 109

did ya know?.

Did Ya Know?.. . The Carthage Humane Society will hold a Taco Salad dinner/silent auction fund raiser Mon. Nov. 22 from 6:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. at the SW MO bank by the roundabout. $5 - 358-6402

Did Ya Know?...The Carthage Business Women of Missouri have Black Walnuts and Pecans for $9 a pound. Sales supports a Scholarship Program. 358-3505

today's laugh

Traveling through New England, a motorist stopped for gas in a tiny village. "What’s this place called?" he asked the station attendant.

"All depends," the native drawled. "Do you mean by them that has to live in this dad-blamed, moth-eaten, dust-covered dump, or by them that’s merely enjoying its quaint and picturesque rustic charms for a short spell."


A man walked by a table in a hotel and noticed three men and a dog playing cards. The dog was playing with extraordinary performance.

"This is a very smart dog," the man commented.

"Not so smart," said one of the players. "Every time he gets a good hand he wags his tail."


If evolution is outlawed, only outlaws will evolve.


A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Flashing Guns and Rough Language Were Too Much For His Nerves.

Passengers on electric car 29 yesterday tell of an exciting gun play on the line between Webb City and Joplin. Lawyer Curry of Webb City got on the car with the two Baker brothers and all three began to quarrel as soon as they were seated. The trouble had grown out of a lawsuit in which the attorney has prosecuted the brothers.

When near the Klondyke station one of the Bakers stopped the car and both attempted to remove Curry from his seat, evidently to take him to the woods, thus to fight it out. Sheriff Rich and Deputy Lee Wormington were among the passengers, and with drawn guns interfered, stopping the fracas.

When the guns began to flash Col. Dave Sayers of Carthage, with an expression of poignant disapproval upon his face, performed the surprising acrobatic feat of his life by jumping through the window of the car when it was going full speed and alighting on his feet; another passenger climbed over a seat backwards without turning a hair; one of the officials of the Southwest Missouri Light Co. took a running shoot for the rear platform, while an unknown man jumped off the rear platform backward, and after turning over several times, started for Webb City on the keen run, hitting only the high places in the lane.

The conductor appealed to Sheriff Rich, who was on the car, and he ran to the scene of the disturbance and rescued Mr. Curry from the clutches of the large, determined men. One of the men grabbed the sheriff by the arm and drew back as if to smite him, when the sheriff remarked, "Don’t strike me or I’ll puncture you." When the men found they were talking to an officer, they quieted down and the car was stopped to pick up Mr. Sayers and the man who had taken to the woods.

Col. Sayers was completely winded and very much disgusted at the coarseness of the men who committed the assault, the unknown man probably was too, but he never came back to tell about it and on arriving at Joplin the two men were taken to the circuit court by Sheriff Rich, where the prosecuting attorney filed an information and they were held under a bond of $200 each for trial.

At the conclusion of the difficulty, Mr. Curry had a bump on his head that is not located on phrenological charts, but which will disappear with a liberal application of arnica and patience. He exhibited a very Christian forbearance towards the disturbers of his peace and dignity.

  Today's Feature

The Police Blotter.

New releases from the CPD.

11/10: On November 10, 2010, at about 5:25 A.M., there was a 1st Degree Robbery reported in the 400 block of West Fir. The report was of a male subject forcing his self into a residence and holding the victim at knife point, before going through the apartment and taking items from the residence. The suspect then left the residence and had not yet been located. The victim received no injuries from the incident.

11/15 Update: On November 10, 2010 around 5:25 am, a 1st degree robbery at Victorian Courtyard Apartments was reported to the Carthage Police Department. The victim was identified as Larry McGee age 51 from Duenweg, MO.

An investigation conducted by Detectives of the Carthage Police Department revealed that this report of robbery a false report made in order to obtain prescription medication refills. On November 12, 2010, McGee was charged for filing a false police report through Carthage Municipal Court.

No mug shot is available as Mr. McGee was summoned to court and not taken into custody.

Just Jake Talkin'

The old sayin’ is ya always find somethin’ the last place ya look. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Seems like I always find what I’m lookin’ for after I bought a similar item for more money somewhere else.

It’s hard ta know when ta stop lookin’ most of the time. Those shoes you fretted over for an hour before ya finally put ‘em on and walk out of the store are displayed in the next shop ya walk by, at half the price.

That vehicle ya thought was so unique is suddenly the most popular vehicle in the county. Most of ‘em are even the same color as yours. If you’d only looked one more place.

‘Course most of us learn to live with our "bargains." At least until the next fashion is released.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

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Weekly Columns

Holiday Safety

Thanksgiving is upon us again (unless you’re in Canada, in which case it’s safely past) and the holiday season is about to go full swing. Your family is probably similar to mine, with relatives traveling from all over to catch up on things, and most of all, eat. You might not have a nephew’s wedding to attend in the same time frame, but I just look at it as another opportunity to hang out with family and friends we might not otherwise get a chance to see.

If your home is host to this year’s get-together, add a few of these items to your to-do list. They’ll help make everyone more comfortable and safe amid all the bustle of activity.

• Plan to sequester your housepets during the height of holiday activity. Place them in a room with food, litter box, toys, and bed or blanket. Check on them frequently.

• Put away ongoing household projects, like painting or repairs, or close off rooms that are undergoing repair or renovation. Put a "do not enter" sign on the door if necessary.

• Remove chemicals, sharp tools, pesticides and other dangerous items from parts of the home that might be easily accessed by children. Don’t store them near laundry, food or drink.

• Rearrange the garage a bit, even if you think no one will go into it. Place chemicals out of reach and store tools securely, in a closed toolbox or hanging high on your workshop pegboard.

• Shut off the heat to rooms you don’t want guests to enter. You can do this by closing the registers. If they don’t see the "do not enter" signs, they’ll probably get the hint if it’s dark and cold.

• When guests start arriving, make sure your car’s safety brake is set and lock the doors to reduce the chance of curious kids climbing into it.

• Once the festivities are done, do a walkaround of the house and yard to make sure nothing dangerous is lying around -- spilled liquids, lighted candles or unextinguished cigarettes, for example.

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