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Wednesday, October 27, 2010 Volume XIX, Number 91

did ya know?.

Did Ya Know?.. . the Full Faith Church will have a parking lot sale to benefit Downtown Food Pantry Sat. Nov.6 beginning at 8 a.m. 736 E. Fairview.

Did Ya Know?.. . Spare Cat Rescue will present a low-cost feline spay/neuter event during the first part of Nov. Female $20, male $15. Call 358-6808 for details.

today's laugh

My wife and I were visiting her 95-year-old grandfather when he asked us to take him to buy a new hat. My wife took me aside. "I’m worried that he doesn’t have enough money, and he’ll be very embarrassed," she said.

So I asked the salesperson to tell my wife’s grandfather that whichever hat he chose cost $15. I would pay the difference. Grandpa picked out a hat and was charged $15.

After he left, I paid the other $45 of the price. Later Grandpa said, "What a bargain! The last one I bought there cost me $60."


Our newspaper carried the notice last week that Mr. Oscar Hoffnagle is a defective on the police force. This was a typographical error. Mr. Hoffnagle is, of course, a detective on the police farce.


Wear short sleeves; support your right to bare arms!


A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


Week of Prayer Discussed — Rev. Oldham on "Applied Christianity."

The Ministerial Alliance this morning discussed several local questions which went over without final action, among which was the subject of the week of prayer service the first of next month. As to whether the services will be union meetings was left undecided until next Monday.

Rev. W. A. Oldham read a paper before the Ministers’ Club this morning on "Applied Christianity." His prime thought was that Christ is the center of the universe and to do his will would be applied Christianity, and by doing his will the ills of the world will be relieved. Dr. J. W. Stewart is to enlighten the club next meeting on "Paul’s View of Charity."

Rev. Dixon was a visitor at the club meeting this morning.

  Today's Feature

Missouri State Highway Patrol Launches Sex Offender E-mail AlertSystem

Colonel Ron Replogle, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, announced today a new e-mail alert system that allows the public to receive automatic notifications regarding registered sexual offenders living or working in their area.

The system, called the Sex Offender Community Notification Program, enhances the Patrol’s Sex Offender Registry Web site. The program may be accessed by clicking on the "E-mail Alerts" icon on the Sex Offender Registry Web site located at

The new service allows anyone to sign up for e-mail notifications regarding changes in addresses or work locations of registered sexual offenders in their area. Users can sign up for two different types of e-mail notifications. In both cases, those signed up will receive e-mails within 24 hours of a change to a designated sex offender’s address within the state registry.

Questions may be directed to 1-888-767-6747 or

Just Jake Talkin'

Just for the record, the Mornin’ Mail will not accept any more letters to the editor that are more than one column in length.

Although we have some folks out there that can actually hold the attention of the readers for more than a column, space limitations are a factor.

As I’m sure our readers are aware, we publish ‘bout anyone’s opinion. We do not print opinions on personal religious beliefs, abortion, or the death penalty. Anything else is pretty much fair game as long as there are no personal slams or reference to questionable ancestry.

Just as a reminder, opinions are just that and the Mail doesn’t necessarily agree with or even believe opinions that are stated as fact. ‘Course there’s always exceptions.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

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Weekly Columns


By JoAnn Derson

• "Prewash fabrics that tend to shrink before you use them to make clothing items. That way, the fit is more accurate." -- G.V. in Indiana

• Use a saltshaker to sprinkle sugar on cookies. Make sure you label it if you put it back in your cabinet!

• "I used double-face tape to adhere a small magnet to my vanity mirror to keep track of my tweezers. The tweezers are held there by the magnet, and I can always find them when I need them." -- W.L. in New Mexico

• Add a pinch of cornstarch to beaten eggs for a fluffier omelet.

• Keep your paintbrushes soft by rinsing them with a little fabric softener and letting them dry. They may dry stiff, but when you rinse them before use, they will be perfect.

• "When you are asked to mark your preschooler’s things for day care, the best marker for a bottle or sippy cup is nail polish. Use a bright color. It stays on forever and won’t wear off with washing." -- K.L. in Georgia

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