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Wednesday, September, 2010 Volume XIX, Number 51

did ya know?.

Did Ya Know?.. . Carthage Farmers Market every Wed. and Sat starting at 7 a.m.

Did Ya Know?.. . The Family Literacy Center is accepting orders for fall mums. Orders and money are accepted until Sept. 15. $5 or 5 for $20. 358-5926

Did Ya Know?.. .The City of Carthage will be spraying for mosquitoes Monday, August 30 through Friday, Sept. 3

today's laugh

The fourth-grade teacher had to leave the room for a few minutes. When she returned, she found the children in perfect order. Everybody was sitting absolutely quiet.

She was shocked and stunned and said, "I’ve never seen anything like it before. What came over all of you? Why are you so well behaved and quiet?"

Finally, after much urging, little Sally spoke up and said, "Well, one time you said that if you ever came back and found us quiet, you would drop dead."


The other day I asked my wife what she liked best about me.

"Is it my firm, trim, athletic, body? Or, rather, is it my astounding intellect?"

She replied, "Oh, it’s your sense of humor, dear."


Two rules for success: 1.) Don’t tell all you know.


A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Plenty of Shoes at Court House.

Deputy Sheriff George Lavery went out from Joplin to Duenweg Monday afternoon and returned with between $400 and $500 worth of boots and shoes, dry goods and the like.

He took possession of the store of G.O. Bay of Duenweg under a writ of attachment issued against the stock in favor of the W.W. Kendall Boot and Shoe company. The amount of the attachment was $329.05.

The stock was sold by S.D. Brewster to Bay, and the shoe company claims that the sale was fraudulent. The attachment was issued in consequence.

Mr. Lavery stated last night that Bay claimed to have made the purchase in good faith and would probably sue Brewster to recover the cash he paid for it. There are 170 pairs of shoes stored at the court house in Joplin.

  Today's Feature

Patriot Golf Day.

Patriot Golf Day is the flagship fundraiser for the Folds of Honor Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides post secondary educational scholarships for the children and spouses of military men and women disabled or killed while serving our great nation. On Labor Day weekend, golfers across the country are asked to add an extra dollar ($1) to their greens fees to fund Folds of Honor scholarships. The Patriot Golf Day campaign is jointly supported by The PGA of America and the United States Golf Association.

The inaugural Patriot Golf Day in 2007 was started by Major Dan Rooney, Founder of the Folds of Honor Foundation, F-16 Pilot, PGA Professional, and USGA member. On Labor Day 2007 Rooney asked golfers to add $1 to their greens fees. His request resulted in donations of more than $1.1 million from more than 3,200 golf facilities. In the last three years, golfers nationwide have been instrumental in raising more than $5.3 million through Patriot Golf Day Events. The money raised in each PGA section stays in that section to benefit the families in that area.

Just Jake Talkin'

I’ve always heard you should pick your battles. Not take on just anything that comes along ‘cause battlin’ takes a lot of time an energy. The problem is the fewer battles ya take on, the fewer ya wanna pick. After a while it’s just easier ta not pick any.

‘Course, as a friend a mine used to like ta say, "Who gives a rip about apathy?"

There is little doubt that there are things worth stickin’ your neck out for, but mostly it’s committin’ the time and energy necessary to get something worthwhile accomplished. The other thing necessary is to utilize all the tools available to complete the task. Not goin’ at it half hearted. It’s easy to sit around and jabber about somethin’, ‘nother thing to actually get off the porch and get after it.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin.’

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Weekly Columns

• Get the extra lotion out of the bottom of a pump bottle by setting the bottle in hot water and pouring it into a small bowl. Dip your fingers in and apply.

• "To get the dust off of a bunch of silk or artificial flowers, try placing them in a medium-size paper bag to which you add a quarter cup of salt. Close up the bag, then shake vigorously. The salt will attack the dust!" -- I.K. in Montana

• Try covering windows with thicker, denser material for curtains in the summer. It can block the sunlight from coming in and heating up your home. In the winter, do the reverse and have a nice set of sheers that will let the warming sunlight in.

• If you need only a small piece of lemon or lime for a recipe, cut the rest into smaller pieces and freeze. It’s a great addition to your iced tea -- right out of the icebox.

• "When I have bananas that are getting too ripe, I peel them, mash them and mix with a little lemon juice. Then I portion them out into an ice-cube tray. When frozen, they can be popped out into a zipper-top bag. They are easy to use in morning smoothies. The lemon juice helps keep them from browning." -- E.A. in Kentucky

• "I use my clothes washer as my mop bucket when mopping the kitchen floor. (It’s next to the kitchen.) When finished, the water spins out. I refill it, add some bleach to disinfect it, and spin that out. Done! There’s no bucket to fall over or empty out or push around." -- W.T. in North Carolina

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