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Wednesday, September, 22 2010 Volume XIX, Number 66

did ya know?.

Did Ya Know?.. . Carthage Farmers Market every Wed. and Sat starting at 7 a.m.

Did Ya Know?.. . The Jasper County Youth Poultry/Rabbit show will be Sat. Oct. 2 at the Fairgrounds. All youth 21 and under. Fundraiser for cages. Cindy 620-202-2823

today's laugh

I went to the store the other day, and I was in there for only about 5 minutes. When I came out there was a police officer writing a parking ticket.

So I went up to him and said, "Come on, buddy, how about giving a guy a break?"

He ignored me and continued writing the ticket.

So I called him a pencil-necked geek.

He glared at me and started writing another ticket for worn tires!

So I called him a piece of horse manure.

He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he started writing a third ticket!

This went on for about 20 minutes... the more I abused him, the more tickets he wrote.

I didn’t care. My car was parked around the corner.

I try to have a little fun each day. It’s important


A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Still Looking for His Horse.

Groceryman A. Hughes left this afternoon to visit William Cadderly, 20 miles northwest of this city, to see a stray horse that he thinks may be the one that was stolen from him over a week ago.

Good Both in Quality and Quantity.

The Arlington hotel feels proud of its "cuisine" and points to its jolly cook as a model. He was enticed onto the hay scales yesterday and tipped the beam at 313 pounds.

J. C. Tuttle is confined to his home today from overwork, and as his partner in the implement business, W.S. Shuler, is out of town, Miss Ina Tuttle, the bookkeeper, is in charge at the Shuler-Tuttle implement house.

  Today's Feature

Web Ads Said to Promote Illegal Activities.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has called on to close the adult services section of its classified advertising website. The letter to backpage, signed by 21 attorneys general, follows the successful effort to force craigslist to close down its adult services section.

"While this office remains a defender of free speech, organizations like craigslist and backpage have crossed the line in allowing advertisements that promote illegal activity, specifically prostitution," Koster said. "We cannot allow such websites to be portals for prostitution in our communities."

Koster noted that backpage has been cooperating with the attorneys general, but yesterday morning called on the company to permanently remove its adult services section. Koster is also requesting better policing of the entire personal services section of backpage’s website.

In the letter to backpage, Koster said, "Because backpage cannot, or will not, adequately screen these ads, it should stop accepting them altogether."

Just Jake Talkin'

Used ta have a dog that would start shakin’ all over and hide behind the couch whenever it started to thunder. No talkin’ to that dog. Just wouldn’t listen.

No matter how calm we spoke, or how much we petted that dog, it wouldn’t move from it’s security furniture.

I don’t suppose it really hurt anything that the dog was so fearful of a rumble or two. There was somethin’ that made us kids want to get the dog to face the thunder.

‘Course we were prob’ly lucky not to be struck down by lightnin’ durin’ some of our adventures durin’ rain storms.

I suppose now there would be some dog shrink tellin’ us that we could somehow work the animal through its fears and make it a more functional pet. The dog lived a normal and healthy life. Sometimes you just have to let shakin’ dogs lay.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’

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Weekly Columns


By JoAnn Derson

• When raking leaves, use this handy-dandy hint: Rake your leaves directly onto a sheet you’ve spread on the ground. Gather up the corners and drag to your compost area. Or bag most of it, then shake the excess into a bag using the same gathering motion.

• In a pinch, you can use an old shoulder pad as a "peepee teepee" when changing a baby boy.

• "Protect candleholders from wax drippings by coating the inside of the holder with a little petroleum jelly. But don’t do this for tapered candles, as it could cause the candle to slip over while lit; use for the bottoms of votives and such." -- D.R. in Canada

• Shower curtains can be hung inside a regular curtain to insulate a room from window drafts.

• Unwrapped bars of soap can be used in closets or dresser drawers as nice-smelling sachets until you’re ready to use them.

• "My children love to help me measure out ingredients when baking cookies, but they aren’t all that precise about getting items in measuring cups. In short, there’s a real mess afterward. I now have them measure dry goods over a piece of newspaper and wet goods over the sink. The kitchen is much cleaner now." -- F.H. in Virginia

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