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Wednesday, April 13, 2011 Volume XIX, Number 204

did ya know?.

Did Ya Know?...5K run Fun walk, and race for Kids 1st- 6th Grade: Saturday April 16th, Leggett and Platt will host a 5K run, one mile fun walk, and Clash of the Kids races at the Carthage Schools Track (827 E. Centennial). All proceeds will benefit the Carthage Area United Way, Inc. For more information, please call 417-358-8131 extension 4200.

Did Ya Know?..A Benefit for Cancer patient Mike Evans will be held Sat. April 30 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Fairview Christian Church. Info call 358-4962

today's laugh

"I’d like some really tight jeans."

"Certainly, sir. Will you walk this way?"

"If they’re as tight as yours I’ll probably have to."

When a nice old lady answered, he said very sad, "I’m sorry, madam, but I have some bad news. "I’m afraid I have run over your cat. I… I would like to replace it."

The little lady said, "I’m game, but how are you at catching mice?"

"Hey," he called out to the waitress, "these particles in my soup – aren’t they foreign objects?"

She is scrutinizing his bowl. "No, sir!" she reassured him. "Those things live around here."


A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


"Shep" Hood and Harry Littrell Arrested at Grove, I.T.

"Shep" Hood and Harry Littrell two Carthage boys last week started on a career of strenuous adventure and crime and were brought up with a sudden jerk by the officers at Grove, I.T., where they were arrested Monday for stealing the sorrel mare and buggy from Goldie Smith at the Caffee drug store the night of the Cowgill & Hill mill fire in Carthage.

Marshal Stafford’s telegram located them there and Mr. Smith went right down after his rig. He drove from Neosho to Grove with Marshal Pearman of Neosho and found the boys in jail. They had sold the buggy to a man near Grove for $15 but received only $5 down, and were waiting around for the rest. They also burglarized a house near Grove and took razors, etc. The laprobe of the buggy had been traded for a breakfast. All told, Mr. Smith was out $32 in getting back his scattered property — $25 of it going as a reward to the officers.

Mr. Smith and Marshal Pearman brought the boys back to Neosho yesterday and landed them in jail there, and Mr. Smith arrived in Carthage this afternoon driving his rig. The boys will be brought to the jail here probably tonight or tomorrow. No trouble was experienced in getting the boys out of the territory without papers. One of the boys is a son of H. Q. Hood, the well known inventor, and the other is a son of Mrs. Littrell, and formerly worked at the Haven livery barn.

  Today's Feature

Art Walk On Historic Carthage Square.

The Carthage Convention & Visitor’s Bureau & UMB Bank will sponsor an Art Walk on the Historic Carthage Square this weekend.

As an added benefit, a Thomas Hart Benton original will be on loan to the Carthage Convention and Visitors Bureau from the Thomas P. and Rita Benton Testamentary Trust, UMB Bank, n.a., Trustee and available to view during the Historic Downtown Art Walk at UMB Bank on the Square. "It is gearing up to be a great event. We are thrilled to share this artistic opportunity with the community and tourists,"says Wendi Douglas, Carthage CVB.

The Carthage Square is a prime backdrop for the event. Several established galleries are located around the square along with dining options and live music that runs later in the evening. Friday festivities kick off at 6 p.m. with over 30 artists and nearly 20 venues participating. Saturday starts off with a variety of family oriented activities.

The Art Walk committee formed in December with ideas for quarterly art events on the Historic Carthage Square.

Just Jake Talkin'

I’ve gotta friend (that lives outa town) I was talkin’ to the other day and I realized he’s startin’ to show his age some. Unfortunately he’s younger than I am. In all likelihood, he noticed the same thing about me.

I can remember my mom mentionin’ the same type a thing about folks she was acquainted with when I was a kid. At that time my reaction was the ‘60’s version of "duh." It’s not near as funny anymore.

I suppose the good news is that a lot more of us are showin’ our age, so we don’t dwell on it that much.

As a kid becomin’ mature meant gettin’ a driver’s license. I’m beginnin’ to think now that becomin’ mature may eventually mean not bein’ able to keep a drivers license. I guess as long as the eyes and reflexes hang on, I’ll keep on truckin’.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

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Weekly Column


By JoAnn Derson

• Keep a kitchen timer near your phone so that you can limit the length of long-distance calls. They can add up quickly if you don’t watch it!

• "Here’s a great way to get a longer life out of a bar of soap: Press the plastic top of a pop bottle into the side of a wet bar of soap. When you set the bar down in your soap dish, put it plastic side down. This way, the bar doesn’t sit in any residual water and turn into a goopy mush. The plastic top comes out easily if you need to remove it." -- Y.P. in Illinois

• "Nylon stocking strips are great and work really well in the garden. If you have a pair that has a runner, chop them up into pieces. You can use them to tie up staked plants, as they are strong yet gentle enough to not cause any harm." -- E.S. in Wisconsin

• "Reduce your energy costs of drying clothes by hanging heavy items (think towels, throw blankets, jeans, sweats) for a few hours to air dry before popping them in the dryer. You can cut the drying time by as much as two-thirds and still get that tumbled-dry softness." -- M.N. in Missouri

• Rub hands with lemon slices to get rid of onion or fish smells. Afterward, you can put the lemon slices down your garbage disposal unit with a few ice cubes to get rid of smells there, too.

• Renew your paintbrushes with this trick: Heat vinegar to boiling. Pour into a tall, narrow container that won’t melt. Add hardened brushes, bristle side down. Stick a pencil through the hole in the paintbrush handle and balance it across the top of the container. It keeps the bristles from bending in the bottom of the container. Let brushes soak until vinegar has cooled. Use a wire brush to clean.


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