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Friday, January 21, 2011 Volume XIX, Number 147

did ya know?.

Did Ya Know?...There will be a Tim Roderick Benefit Feb. 5 at 1 p.m. in McMorrow’s Triple L, 418 Grant to help family pay for furneral expenses. Donations for an Auction are appreciated. call 417-793-8377.

today's laugh

Rose accompanied her husband Tom to his annual checkup. While Tom was getting dressed, the doctor came out and said to Rose, "I don’t like the way he looks." "Neither do I," she said. "But he’s handy around the house."


There was this Antartian that wanted to take up a new winter hobby. She went to the library and started studying all about ice fishing. Finally, she went out on the ice, set up all her stuff, and sat down. All of a sudden, a bellowing voice from above said there are no fish under the ice". Startled, she got up and moved to a different spot. Right as she began to sit down, the voice from above spoke again. There are no fish under the ice" Frustrated, she got up and walked a long ways away onto a new patch of ice. She sat down and set up all of her gear. Once again, the voice spoke. There are no fish under the ice". Now the Antartian was very mad. "God, is that you? she asked. "No!, it is the manager of the ice skating rink" the voice replied


There are three ways a man wears his hair - parted- unparted or departed


A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


Webb City College to Play

Carthage Girls Next Week.

The Junior High School girls Basket ball team captained by Miss Edna McCollough has challenged the Webb City Baptist College Basket ball team and a game has been arranged with them for next Wednesday or Thursday evening. The game will be played in Carthage at the Armory.

Electric Car Caught Fire.

As car No. 19 was coming in from Carthage about noon today it became so heavily charged with electricity that the conductor received quite a shock, and a nail became so heavily charged that it set fire to the wood around it.

  Today's Feature

Free Tax Preparation.

The Carthage VITA site will open February 2 and prepare tax returns for low to medium income persons at no charge. The location will be at the Family Literacy Center, 706 Orchard in Carthage.

Returns will be prepared by volunteers and will be electronically filed. Direct deposit to a bank a account can be arranged. Appointments will be taken by call in the Family Literacy Center at 358-5926.

Federal and state income taxex will be prepared. A federal return should be prepared before the state return, as information from the federal return is needed to complete the state return. Thow who need to fill a Missouri propertax (PTC only will be prepared but will not be e-filed.

Taxpayers should bring picture identification, Social Security cards for all persons listed on the return, and all documents needed to prepare their return. All income must be reported on the return.

The VITA tax site is sponsored by Economic Security Coropration with volunteers trained by the IRS, which also provides the computer program. Family Literacy Center donates the space and the computers. Coordinated by Marie Dame.

Just Jake Talkin'

There are provisions in the City Code sayin’ "City employees, including those employed by city agencies, boards or departments" shall not "actively advocate or oppose the candidacy of any individual" runnin’ for City office.

It would appear that this provision includes employees of City owned CW&EP and McCune Brooks Hospital.

There are no explicit provisions as to how any claim would be proved or disproved. Failure to comply is grounds for "appropriate disciplinary action or dismissal."

There is also no definition of "actively" or "appropriate."

Looks like the only safe position is for City employees not ta talk local politics.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

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Weekly Columns


ART NOTES from Hyde House

by Sally Armstrong, Director of artCentral

It is encouraging to me that we are catching up a bit here in our Carthage area with some of the surrounding cities in the presentation of fine art. Just last year, our sister city of Joplin opened a new display gallery called " Rose Gallery" in the old Hank’s Furniture building on north Rangeline. This beautiful gallery is operated by Tricia Courtney, long time art director of the GLOBE and fine artist in her own right, and is creatively displaying the multi-media work of many of our wonderful area artists. Most recently, April Davis has moved her "art creation" to Neosho, where she has opened another new gallery called "The Grotto Fine Art Gallery", a very interesting space on the square displaying many Medias of, again, many of our wonderful area artists. Some of the same local artists exhibiting in both of these new galleries remain as well in our own Carthage based galleries, "Koka Gallery", operated by Koral Martin just off the Carthage square on Main, and "Cherry’s Gallery" on Howard, also just off the square in Carthage. With the additions of display galleries comes some additional exhibitions, and we were thrilled with the success of Cherry Babcock and her "Plein Aire Paint-Out" last fall, in conjunction with Maple Leaf Week, which brought new artists to Carthage for two days of painting and culminated with the most successful sale of their work at the Historic Phelps House. This event will occur again in 2011, bigger and better, and artCentral will be involved in its presentation. I have been meeting now with a joint planning committee in Carthage to execute the first "Carthage Art Walk" to occur April 15th on the Carthage square, when multiple area artists will display their work in many business and office venues "after hours" and the public will be invited to attend, with additional activities the next day. We are catching up in "the fine arts" and it’s about time I’d say! I hope our community will all come out to support this new endeavor in the spring--- stay tuned for details!

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