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Monday, July 25, 2011 Volume XX, Number 25

did ya know?.

Did Ya Know?.. The Carthage Crisis Center Presents A Free Furniture and Appliance Distribution for Tornado Survivors and other Needy Families At 9 AM on Saturday August 6, 2011 at 100 Main Street.

today's laugh

Q: What do you call a good-looking, smart and sensitive man ?

A: A rumor


The two partners in a law firm were having lunch when suddenly one of them jumped up and said, ‘I have to go back to the office - I forgot to lock the safe!’

The other partner replied, ‘What are you worried about? We’re both here.’

The Supreme Court has ruled that there cannot be a Nativity Scene in Washington, DC this Christmas season. This isn’t for any religious reason, they simply have not been able to find three wise men or a virgin in in the Nation’s capitol.


"What a nightmare I had last night. I dreamed I was at a Washington party and I had to choose between Dick Cheney taking me on a hunting trip or Ted Kennedy driving me home." -- Jay Leno


Golf was once a rich man’s sport, but now it has millions of poor players.


A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

A Small Blaze.

The fire department was called out about 11 o’clock this morning by an alarm of fire from W. E. Hall’s residence on Garrison avenue. The blaze was under the floor of a frame wash house which stands next to the alley at the rear end of the lot. The fire was due to the carelessness of a boy who was cleaning the yard. He kindled a bonfire of trash in the alley and the high wind carried the fire under the building, igniting a lot of leaves and trash which blazed briskly. A shout of fire from the alley gave Mrs. Hall warning of the danger and she at once telephoned the alarm to the fire department headquarters. The firemen made a quick response and soon extinguished the fire. The damage will not amount to anything owing to the pump work of the firemen.

Dr. E.C. Knight of Chicago has gone on to Wichita after a visit here with Ralph Goldstein.

  Today's Feature

Public Safety From the Minutes.

from last week’s meeting

"Chief Thompson advised the committee that after discussions with City Administrator, Tom Short, a 10 year plan for the fire departments needs was assigned. Chief distributed copies of the notes of the power point presentation he created. With the large amount of funds that are shown to be needed within the 10 year plan, including items such as a sub-fire station, replacing fire trucks, engines, pumpers and outdoor warning sirens, along with creating an offsite emergency operations center, the topic of a public safety fire tax was mentioned.

"Within that discussion, the number of issues/lessons learned from the tornado in Joplin, the timing for the issue of a fire tax and relocating the EOC away from the fire department and police department seems to be right on track. The committee discussed adding the item to the next election as a solution of funds to fulfill the upcoming 10 year needs of the department.

"All members of the committee agreed that they would stand behind this issue/discussion and would do whatever need be to move forward with the process."

Jasper County Jail Count

192 July 22, 2011

Total Including Placed out of County

Just Jake Talkin'

From what I’ve read, retirement ain’t what it used ta be. They say a lotta folks just keep on goin’, and goin’ and goin’.

By the year 2050, there are supposed ta be over twice as many over the age of 65 livin’ in the U.S. as there are now. That means that a large block of voters will be old enough ta know better I suppose.

They say that the big business types are tryin’ ta figure out what this enlarged mass of maturity will be buyin’ and what their eatin’ habits and entertainment interests will be. I’d have ta guess that like most groups of consumers, they’ll know it when they see it.

Women seem ta be noticeably outlivin’ the men folk and difference seems ta be increasin’. I won’t make any speculation on that statistic at all.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.


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Weekly Column


By Samantha Mazzotta

Patching Wallpaper

Q: The previous owners of my home put up wallpaper in the kitchen and a few other rooms. It’s several years old, and the wallpaper in the kitchen has a number of small rips and holes from wear and tear. Can I repair these? I don’t want to replace the paper just yet, as we are planning a remodel down the road. -- June C., Austin, Texas

A: Wallpaper definitely has become a less popular design option over the years, as it can be a difficult material to work with as well as repair. That means you might not be able to find a matching pattern in a home-improvement or paint/wall coverings store. If the previous homeowners were conscientious, you might be lucky enough to find the leftover scraps of that wallpaper stored in the garage, attic or other space. That’s the best patching material for this job.

First, let’s work from the presumption that you do have matching scraps. Select the first rip or hole and hold a scrap up to it to closely match the pattern in that spot; then measure and mark the scrap paper. Now, instead of cutting out the patch, carefully tear it out. This creates ragged edges on the patch that will blend into the wallpaper better than a clean-cut edge. Paste the patch into place and smooth the feathered edges into the surrounding paper.

What if you don’t have spare scraps lying around? You have two main options: Try and find the closest match at a store that sells wallpaper (or online), or just make spot repairs to the existing wallpaper until you begin your remodel. The best way to match is to bring in an actual sample, so cut a small piece from an obscure section of the wall. I’d also recommend taking a photo of the wallpaper -- the color may not match, but you’ll be able to review the overall pattern. Find matching or almost-matching paper and patch as best you can.

Otherwise, spot repairs, such as re-gluing peeling seams and corners, are a short-term solution until you can take down all the wallpaper.

HOME TIP: Wallpaper that has been exposed to sunlight for long periods will fade or change color, something to consider when patching using stored-away leftover scraps.

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