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Friday, May 6, 2011 Volume XIX, Number 221

did ya know?.

Did Ya Know?.. Acoustic jam at Red OakII every Sat. starting at 5:30 p.m. in the Salem Country Church. All styles of acoustic music welcomed.

Did Ya Know?... The Disabled American Veterans & Auxiliary will be meeting on Tuesday May 17th at 7 pm on the 2nd floor of the Carthage Memorial Hall.

today's laugh

Ol’ Fred had been a faithful Christian and was in the hospital, near death. The family called their preacher to stand with them.

As the preacher stood next to the bed, Ol’ Fred’s condition appeared to deteriorate and he motioned frantically for something to write on.

The pastor lovingly handed him a pen and a piece of paper, and Ol’ Fred used his last bit of energy to scribble a note, then suddenly died.

The preacher thought it best not to look at the note at that time, so he placed it in his jacket pocket.

At the funeral, as he was finishing the message, he realized that he was wearing the same jacket that he was wearing when Ol’ Fred died. He said, "You know, Ol’ Fred handed me a note just beforehe died. I haven’t looked at it, but knowing Fred, I’m sure there’s a word of inspiration there for us all."

He opened the note, and read, "Please step to your left -- you’re standing on my oxygen tube!"


A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


Mr. and Mrs. Adams, of Oronogo, slumbered peacefully night before last with a large rattlesnake for a bed-fellow. They were all unconscious of his snakeship’s presence or their rest would have been more disturbed. When Mrs. Adams arose she busied herself about other household duties for a few minutes and then started to make up the bed in which she had slept. As she turned down the straw tick which was on top of the mattress, she found a large rattlesnake coiled between them snoozing.

Her movement and screams disturbed the reptile and it slid down the leg of the bedstead hissing fiercely at Mrs. Adams. The plucky woman grabbed a broom and proceeded to end its life with sundry whacks on vulnerable points.

She was very indignant that the "nasty thing" should have sought refuge in her bed which fact added force to her blows.

  Today's Feature

Sesquicentennial Reenactment.

News Release -The Carthage Civil War Sesquicentennial Ad Hoc Committee and the Battle of Carthage, Inc. have teamed up to offer a variety of events to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War in Missouri.

The Battle of Carthage Re-enactment will provide a weekend packed with activities for tourists and re-enactors on Friday, May 13, 2011 with the reenactment, fought in the streets of Carthage, Missouri on Saturday, May 14th. This is a unique venue for guests and reenactors alike. Reenactors will march a little over one mile from their encampment, down the streets of town, fighting a variety of skirmishes and concluding with a final battle in historic downtown Carthage.

"The goal was authenticity," says Wendi Douglas, Sesquicentennial Chair. "Battles in our area were fought in town. We wanted viewers to be aware of the challenges to the men that fought as well as the destruction that was created in the wake of this war. The downtown square was damaged on several occasions and the original courthouse was actually burned twice. The final battle in 1865 left the town in ruins." Sunday, May 15th concludes the weekend with a variety of demonstrations and a church service. Other events offered for the weekend include games of cricket, Cavalry demonstrations as well as entertainment and other community activities. for a complete list of events and updates.

For more details, contact the CCVB at 417-359-8181

Just Jake Talkin'

I figured out this last week end why they charge so much for small trees. Somebody has ta dig the dang things outa the ground.

Even transplanting a fairly young saplin’ involves movin’ a lotta dirt. Now once ya get past the obvious gettin’ dirty part of the job, it can be somewhat enjoyable playin’ in the soil. ‘Course the nice thing about dirt is that it washes off fairly easily.

I’ve seen those contraptions that look like a big ice cream scoop that I’m sure the folks who move trees for a livin’ use. Fact I was startin’ to wonder just where to locate one after ‘bout an hour of shovelin’.

Fortunately, diggin’ a whole to put a tree in isn’t near as tedious, but it does make the price they’re askin’ at the tree shop look a lot more reasonable.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

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Weekly Column


ART NOTES from Hyde House

by Sally Armstrong, Director of artCentral

artCentral presents a new exhibition opening May 20th by a group of artists from the Missouri Colored Pencil Society. The Missouri Chapter is in the process of official organization. As promised, I will begin this week telling a bit about a few of the artists scheduled to display their work in this next exhibition. "Missouri Colored Pencil Artists" is a group of artists in our state, some local, some not, who are attempting to establish the state chapter. One of the requirements for a state chapter is to hold a group of exhibitions, and we are happy to provide the venue for this first one. Cheryl Church-Saving is the local catalyst for the group’s existence. She is a fine artist with the colored pencil herself, having exhibited at artCentral several years ago in the Member Gallery, and each year in the Membership Show. She will be displaying several of her current works, as will other artCentral members Michele DeSutter, Monett, Dustin Miller, Diamond and Lora Waring, Carthage. Additionally, an artist by the name of Karen Deeds will be bringing a group of pieces that demonstrate her mastery of the colored pencil medium, as will Lynn Porter of Waynesville who shows her work at a gallery in Jefferson City. Karen has recently had one of her works juried into the Colored Pencil Society International Member’s show. Additionally, a junior group made up of local students will be displaying some of their best work. To date, eight artists will be exhibiting in this show, and we are very excited to bring their work to you! Invitations are underway, and will be going out May 11th, and in my next article I will bring some biographical information on each of the artists that I know about thus far. I await additional information on each of these artists and look forward to continuing on this theme next week, so stay tuned!

Meantime, look for artCamp fliers in the Public Library as well as our local galleries, the Sassy Spoon, Chamber of Commerce office, and our own front porch. It proves to be a great lineup of classes for kids aged 8-14 again this summer, July 18-30th.

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