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Thursday, September 1, 2011 Volume XX, Number 53

did ya know?.

Did Ya Know?.. The City of Carthage will be spraying for mosquitoes on Monday August 29 through Friday September 2. Areas will be sprayed in the evening of the day garbage is picked up between the hours of 8 p.m. and midnight.

today's laugh

When a man in Macon, Georgia came upon a wild dog attacking a young boy, he quickly grabbed the animal and throttled it with his two hands.

A reporter saw the incident, congratulated the man and told him the headline the following day would read, "Local Man Saves Child by Killing Vicious Animal."

The hero, however, told the journalist that he wasn’t from Macon.

"Well, then," the reporter said, "the headline will probably say, "Georgia Man Saves Child by Killing Dog."

"Actually," the man said, "I’m from Connecticut."

"In that case," the reporter said in a huff, "the headline will read, "Yankee Kills Family Pet."


In Quitman, Georgia, it is against the law for a chicken to cross any road within the city limits.


]In Kansas, it is illegal for chicken thieves to work during daylight hours.


A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


Same Old Chisel Racket

"Jack the Chiseler" is abroad again. Last night he sneaked down the dark and weedy alley back of E. J. Kreider’s second hand and furniture store on North Main street, and pried away at the window. Finally he broke the glass, lowered the window and climbed in. He left through the rear door, unlatching it from within.

This morning when Jerry Taylor opened up he missed some things. Five watches, two gold and three silver, twelve watch chains and a lady’s necklace were not in their accustomed place and a brown suit of clothes was also gone. The loss is estimated at $50. Marshal Bruffett is working on the case today, but no clue has yet been found.

The Carthage Pottery shipped a carload of their ware to Perry, Oklahoma, today.

  Today's Feature

Carthage Woman Joins Missouri Southern Police Force

JOPLIN, MO (SNS) - Karen Barbosa, Carthage, officially became commissioned as a member of the Police Force at Missouri Southern State University on August 19, 2011.

Barbosa had previously served as a Security Officer at Missouri Southern.

She is a graduate of the Missouri Southern Police Academy and has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration at MSSU.

Barbosa was commissioned at Missouri Southern following successful completion of a series of tests required of police officers in Missouri.

"I’m really excited," she said following the ceremony. "This is a great day. I’m really happy to be a member of the Police Force at MSSU."

Saferite Maple Leaf Grand Marshal.

Frank Saferite, owner of Grundy’s Body Shop, has been chosen as the 2011 Grand Marshal for the Maple Leaf Festival. Saferite will serve as a pageant judge and ride in the parade on October 15.

Jasper County Jail Count

203 August 31, 2011

Total Including Placed out of County


By Monte Dutton

A typical Year for The Master

This hasn’t been a typical year for Jimmie Johnson ... yet.

Johnson, who will turn 36 on Sept. 17, has won 54 Sprint Cup races since he became a series regular in 2002. Then there’s the matter of five championships. The last five.

This year Johnson has won once. The Pure Michigan 400 marked only his second runner-up finish.

On the other hand, Johnson, who grew up in El Cajon, Calif., ranks second in the point standings, and in his five championship seasons, he has never led the points at the end of the regular season, which is now just three races away.

"I’m very interested to see how this Chase goes," he said. "I think it’s the hardest one to predict. It’s going to be a close one. I don’t know who to make the favorite. We’ll just have to see how everybody responds to pressure when it really kicks up."

Johnson may not know whom to make the favorite, but it seems a bit absurd to pick anyone but ... him.

After all, no one else has ever won five straight championships at NASCAR’s premier level. He could use a victory or two in the final three regular-season races, but his consistency to this point does rank him second, and consistency is important in the Chase.

Johnson was unable to hold off Kyle Busch at Michigan International Speedway, one of few tracks where he has never won. Afterward, he said his only regret was "not winning."

"I had every opportunity handed to me," he added. "(Crew chief) Chad (Knaus) made an awesome call to get me to pit road before the (next to last) caution (flag) came out. I had a second shot (after the final caution) at (Busch) on the restart and didn’t have enough to get by.

"No excuses. I just wasn’t able to get him today."

Naturally, Johnson will rely on his experience in the Chase.

"You’re going to be tested in all areas," he said. "We all have weaknesses, and we all have strengths.

"Really, the bottom line is being strong or adequate in your weakest areas, and raising that part up so your average is high enough to perform. ... It’s really about withstanding pressure in all areas."

Just Jake Talkin'

A farmer I used ta work for while I was in high school always told me that if ya see turtles on the road it means it’s gonna rain. Said they could sense the comin’ weather and headed for higher ground. I never was convinced completely, but I always try to remember when I see the creatures ploddin’ on the roadways.

I always look in the rearview mirror when I pass over turtles with the car. Some pull their head in and just wait, other just keep wigglin’ along like nothin’ happened. I can’t imagine what a turtle must be thinkin’ when vehicle whizzes over ‘em. Maybe they figure it was one a those quick thunder storms movin’ through, or a giant crash of thunder. You’d think the hot pavement would stick to their little feet as long as they take ta get on the other side. Maybe they’re just hopin’ for rain.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

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Weekly Column



About a year ago, I had the timing belt replaced on my 2003 Subaru Outback. Then, last week, I had the head gasket replaced at a different shop. When they replaced the head gasket, they looked at my timing belt and said I needed a new one! The reason was because they could not see any writing on the belt, and they said if it was replaced last year, there would still be writing visible, as it takes 40,000-50,000 miles to wear the writing off a belt. Did they really replace my timing belt last year, or did they rip me off? -- Jim

RAY: I’ve heard of "seeing the writing on the wall," but seeing the writing on the timing belt is not as well-known a phrase -- for good reason, Jim. It’s not a reliable indicator.

TOM: The factory belts often have white marks that line up with the timing marks on the cylinder heads and cam sprockets. But not all aftermarket belts do.

RAY: There are three possibilities: One, the original guys didn’t change your timing belt and ripped you off. Two, the original guys changed the timing belt, and the second guys made an honest mistake because they think all timing belts have long-lasting writing on them. Or three, the second guys ripped you off, which you hadn’t considered yet.

TOM: When you replace a head gasket, you have to remove and replace the timing belt anyway. So there’s no additional labor required to change it. If they’re honest guys, they would have told you that you needed a new timing belt and it would just cost you $75 for the part.

RAY: On the other hand, if they tried to charge you an additional $300 in labor -- which is what it would cost if the timing belt were not ALREADY off -- then that would suggest that they’re ripoff artists, and it would lead us to question their credibility about everything.

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