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Friday, September 23, 2011 Volume XX, Number 68

did ya know?.

Did Ya Know?.. There will be a pet blessing on Sun. Oct 2 in the Barking Lot of the Grace Episcopal Church, corner of Chestnut & Howard. at 5 p.m. All animals and friends welcomed.

today's laugh

A farmer walks into a lawyer’s office and says: "I’d like to get one of them-thar day-vorce-ees" "Yes sir, I believe I can help you" replied the lawyer. "Do you have any grounds?" "Oh shore do!", exclaimed the farmer, "Got me bout a 140 acres out back a the house thar." "No no..., I mean do you have a case?" asked the lawyer. "No sur," replied the farmer, "I drive one of them John Deer’s" "You don’t understand," said the lawyer, "You need something like a grudge." "Oh!!" said the farmer, "I got me one of those! That’s what I park muh Deer in!" The lawyer, a bit frustrated responded, "Sir, you’ve got to have a reason to divorce your wife. Does she beat you up or anything?" "No sur", replied the farmer, "I purt near get outta bed afore her ever mornin." Finally the exasperated lawyer shouted, "WHY do you want a divorce?" "Oh, well..." replied the farmer, "She says we jus can’t communicate!!"

When everything is coming your way, you’re in the wrong lane.

OK, so what’s the speed of dark?


A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Sues For Title.

Geo. Allen has brought suit in the circuit court through his attorneys E. O. Brown and Geo. P. Whitsett, against La Fayette Alexander and Mary Baldwin, to perfect his title to the property in which he resides, which is lot 165 in North Carthage. The plaintiff sets forth that in 1892 he went to the defendant Alexander and arranged with him to be his attorney in applying for a divorce; that said defendant told him he should put his real estate in third hands which he did, deeding it to the said defendant, without consideration and with the understanding that it was only in trust. Since then the plaintiff says that he has been unable to get his property back, and furthermore that first mentioned defendant deeded it to second mentioned defendant without consideration last April. Plaintiff now prays the court to set aside both deeds alluded to, and vest the title to the property in plaintiff as the rightful owner.

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NOVEMBER 8, 2011


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PROPOSITIONS: If you are in FAVOR of the proposition or question, complete the arrow next to the word YES. If you are OPPOSED to the proposition or question, complete the arrow next to the word NO.

Shall the City of Carthage impose a sales tax of one-fourth (1/4) of one percent (1%) for a period of time not to exceed twenty (20) years for the purpose of providing revenues for the operation of the Carthage Fire Department?

Jasper County Jail Count

189 September 22, 2011

Total Including Placed out of County

Just Jake Talkin'

If ya missed the Midwest Gathering of the Artists’ auction, ya missed quite a show. Not only the art work, but the artistic talents of the auctioneer. I haven’t seen more energy exhibited in the attempt to engage an audience in a while. I haven’t seen the numbers, but I’d have ta guess the overall sales of the auction will be more than respectable. The artists were pleased I’m sure. ‘Course after 35 years, those who attend expect a top notch performance.

There is a unique blend of talents that bring the show together each year. Bob Tommey, Danny Hensley, and Sandy Higgins continue to amaze the artists and the public with their outstandin’ jop of puttin’ it all together. Along with the help of numerous volunteers, it just keeps gettin’ better.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

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Weekly Column



by Matilda Charles

Is It Time to Stop


In spite of our reputation, the statistics say that we seniors aren’t bad drivers.

A 2010 report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that, "Contrary to expectations, senior drivers aren’t causing more crashes than they used to." Rates of crashes in drivers 70 and older have actually declined.

The catch, however, is that we must know when to stop or limit our driving. Once we start making driving mistakes, the results can range from merely annoying (having our driving restricted) to catastrophic (a serious crash or death).

Ask yourself: Are other drivers honking at you more lately? Have you hit a curb or mailbox? Do you have a hard time backing up, possibly because it’s difficult to turn around in the seat? Do you wonder which way to go at exit ramps? These might be signs that you need to think about whether to continue driving.

There are tools and information online to help you decide if you need to stop or limit your driving.

Go to and search for Crash Risk Assessment. Also look for Safety for Older Drivers. Take the quiz for drivers age 50 and older.

Consider taking a senior driver refresher course. Go to (or call 1-888-227-7669) and look for Driver Safety Program. Locate a class near you or sign up for the online class. Classes are often held in senior centers, adult education classes and hospitals.

If you’re concerned about an elderly parent who is still driving, AARP has put together an online seminar that helps explore the topic. Go to and search for "We Need to Talk" or call the AARP number above.

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