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Friday, August 16, 2002 Volume XI, Number 43

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?. . .The Fair Acres Family YMCA is currently accepting registrations for Youth Flag Football (ages 5-12) and Youth Volleyball (5th-6th Grade). All games will be played on Saturdays. For more information contact Jarrod Newcomb or Alicia Smith at 358-1070. Financial Assistance is available.

Did Ya Know?. . .The next Diabetes Support Group will meet from 4-5 p.m. on Wednesday, August 28th in the dining room at the McCune-Brooks Hospital. The topic will be "Care for your Kidneys: Blood Sugar and Kidney Disease," with speaker Jane Bycroft, RN.

today's laugh

Two Martians landed in front of a traffic light. One said, "I saw her first."
The second said, "Sure, but I’m the one she winked at."

I only had one concern when I was in the hospital. I just wanted to make sure the doctors didn’t go to the same school as the cooks.

A cat is an animal that never cries over spilled milk.

My car has very low mileage on it, and most of that was when it was being towed.


A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

She Files Complaint.

Editor — Do you ever publish kicks in your paper? I have two kicks to make and hope you will publish them in the interest of the general public, who I am sure will back me up in what I have to say.

In the first place I object and so does every other woman to the way the street sprinkler man does when he comes to a crossing. Instead of shutting his sprinkler off he lets it go full tilt and half the time the crossings are so wet and sloppy that a woman cannot go along the streets without getting her feet wet and her skirts bedrabbled. In the name of hundreds of Carthage women I ask the drivers of the street sprinklers to leave the crossings dry.

My other complaint is about the telephone service. Half the time you cannot hear over the line. There must be something defective with the construction. The wires also get crossed with wonderful frequency. If you use the phone several times in the same fifteen minutes you soon find yourself in trouble to get central.

The theory seems to be that if you have used the phone once or twice you have had your money’s worth and must not expect to cut in again for awhile. Indeed it has been my experience that you are likely to have to wait a good while at any time when you go to the phone. Sometimes you forget the number you want by the time you get an answer. I think these are conditions which ought not to prevail and I would like to see them remedied.

A Carthage Woman

  Today's Feature

Powers Museum Features James Scott Exhibit & Junior Ragtime Contest.

During the remainder of the summer, the Powers Museum will be featuring the National History Day Contest third place award winning Junior Division Individual Media Project of Brian Hawkins of Harrisonville, MO that focuses on James Scott, Ragtime Composer. Scott, who lived in Carthage, MO from about 1901 to 1914, was born in Neosho, MO in 1885 and later moved to Kansas City, Kansas where he died in 1938.

The ten-minute video program was researched, filmed and edited by Brian Hawkins who attended Harrisonville Christian School last year. His teacher was Ms. Carol Bohl. The video took first prize in the Missouri state competition and won a special award for African American history and folk history.

The Powers Museum is located at 1617 W. Oak Street in Carthage, MO. The video is being featured in a mini-display on Lakeside Park and the early movie theatres of Carthage that is part of a revolving display on Carthage during the 1900-09 period. This larger exhibit has been on display in various versions since 2001. The Lakeside display and James Scott video end at the end of August.

Repeating for second year will be the Junior Ragtime Contest held on the last Saturday of August at the Powers Museum. The contest aimed at young piano and other instrumental players features any ragtime musical composition and is open to all 18-year -olds and under.

For more information, call the Powers Museum or consult its website at Entries are due August 24, 2002. There is no fee for entering. All participants will receive certificates and additional prizes will be awarded for several places in each category.


The Membership Show ends August 16. It has been a great show. The Best of Show Award was a tie between two very talented artists: Robin Putnam and Debbie Reed. Robin’s piece is a limestone carving of a spirited horse. Debbie Reed’s painting is a mixed media entitled "Masks." Congratulations to both artists for their wonderful work.

The next opening at Hyde House will be August 23. It will feature Bentonville, Arkansas artist Tom Edwards. The exhibit is entitled "Soul Food to Go." Come see this conceptual art which is written in American English and MOT, an invented cursive. A translation key will be provided for those who wish to translate the messages. Drawings, a print, Monoprints and two collaborative paintings will be included in the show.

Labor Day weekend is almost here. After that it will be nearly time for the annual Midwest Gathering of the Artists. So the countdown is on for those artists who are getting ready for the show.

Our pottery room is getting some use by the members of artCentral. We have a nice facility for wheelthrowing, glazing and firing pottery. Don’t forget we are open on Sunday afternoons now. So if you are looking for a Sunday afternoon outing, stop by the Hyde House Gallery.

NEW HOURS: T – F 11 - 5

Sunday 12 -5 Closed Mon. and Sat.

1110 E 13th 358-4404

Just Jake Talkin'


Council member Jim Woestman made a commitment to find one citizen and convince ‘em to register to vote and then actually vote in the next election. It seems like an achievable goal for an individual to accomplish.

He also said that if all of the 25% or so of the registered voters that actually did vote in the last election did the same, we might have half the folks in town participatin’ in the selection of leadership and other important issues facin’ the community.

If you want to join in this roundup, I’m sure Jim would appreciate your support and be interested in your particular circumstances.

We here at the Mornin’ Mail feel the simple measure is worthwhile and plan to report on the progression.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.



Oak Street health & herbs

Weekly Column

Natural Nutrition

By Mari An Willis

The battle of the bulge is still in full swing. Many new products are being marketed at this time. Some are good, some questionable and some just not good at all. The fibers which absorb fat before it can be metabolized are popular because they are working. Not only do they add extra fiber to the diet, but they are easy and allow the user to follow a fairly regular eating habit. Especially during the holidays, it is hard to say no to all the extra fatty goodies. A couple of things to remember: if you are allergic to shellfish, stay away from chitosan as it is from shellfish. Also, with any of these products be sure that you are not taking the essential oils your body needs as it will absorb them also. Example: do not take them if you are eating a nice salmon dinner or if you have just taken your multivitamin with Vitamin E, A or any other of the oily vitamins as they will be absorbed and flushed from the system along with the undesirable fats. An occasional complaint has come back regarding an urgent need to eliminate, but most are pleased with this type of product.

Amino acids are making their way back into the diet limelight again. Arginine/ ornithine just before bed, a hydrolyzed protein compound prior to bed, protein drinks in the a.m. or as a meal replacement. Protein is high in amino acids and helps to build muscle. Always popular monohydrate creatine for "instant" muscle.

Remember that adequate amounts of pathothenic acid are essential for conversion of fat and sugar to energy.


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