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Wednesday, July 3, 2002 Volume XI, Number 12

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?. . .The Friends of the Carthage Public Library will hold their monthly 1st Saturday used book sale on July 6th in the Library Annex, 510 S. Garrison from 8 a.m. until noon. The Library will be closed on Thur., July 4th.

Did Ya Know?. . .The Friends of the Civil War Museum will attend the Battle of Carthage Memorial Service at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, July 5th, at the Battle of Carthage State Park, on east Chestnut street. The public is invited to attend. Lawn chairs are suggested. In case of rain, the service will be held at the Civil War Museum, one block north of the square.

today's laugh

My problem is that it takes me six months to read the Book of the Month.

The best way to remember your wife’s birthday is to forget it once.

Carrying her baby, a woman rushed into a doctor’s office and said, "Please help me. My baby swallowed a bullet."
The doctor said, "Give it some of this castor oil, but for the love of heaven, don’t point it at anybody."

They keep telling him to get lost, but he can’t. He’s a Boy Scout.


A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


Peculiar Fragility of Limbs of Braucht Children.

Everett Braucht, a small boy at play in the Y.M.C.A. gymnasium last night jumped from a springboard and grabbed a high bar, from which his hand slipped letting him fall to the floor.

His right arm was broken, and the doctor who reduced the fracture stated that this made the third broken arm in the Braucht family in six months.

The father of the children is Daniel W. Braucht, employed at the Griffith Marble Works.

The Royal Neighbors will give an ice cream strawberry and cake social next Tuesday evening. Unusually good program. 15 cents at the door is the only charge. Music will be furnished throughout the evening.

  Today's Feature

United Way Chair/Vice Chair Named.

Dennis Veach and Dr. Glenn Coltharp have been named general campaign chairman and vice chairman of the 2002-2003 Carthage Area United Way campaign. This year’s goal is $275,000 to be distributed among 17 area health and human service agencies.

Veach is the Chief of Police for the Carthage Police Department. He is also involved locally with Rotary, Family Literacy Council, Caring Communities of Carthage and the Carthage R-9 School’s Health Advisory Committee.

Coltharp is the Assistant Superintendent in charge of curriculum for the R-9 School District. He is also involved in Carthage Caring Communities and Southwest Missouri Community Alliance. Organizations that he is involved with include National Curriculum Development Association, Association of Curriculum Development and Supervision and Missouri Association of School Administrators.

The United Way will have a campaign kick-off luncheon at noon on September 12 at Broadview Country Club.

Just Jake Talkin'


I’m sure that it will become more noticeable, but last Monday evenin’ I was out in the lawn until well after dark, and the faint crackle of an occasional firecracker was barely to be heard.

‘Course this may be just a heightened awareness of the ordinance forbiddin’ the shootin’ of fireworks due to the recent debate, or it may just be a fluke. I’m guessin’ it’s pretty typical of the theory that 90% of the folks stand by the rules.

For the next couple a days the test results may become less satisfactory, but the level of civil disobedience seems ta be at a tolerable level up ta now.

For the real fireworks, be sure and attend the annual show out at Muni Park. Not often ya get ta see $20,000 literally go up in smoke.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.



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Weekly Column


by Donna Erickson

Many of my childhood summer memories are based on making homemade ice cream at family reunions.

If you ask my kids about ice cream, they are more likely to associate it with the cold, hazy cloud coming out of the supermarket freezer than with the cranking of an ice cream maker on a hot evening in June or at a picnic on the 4th of July.

You don’t have to have an old ice cream maker to make the real thing. For an unconventional method, use coffee cans and an old-fashioned recipe.

In a large bowl, stir together 1 cup of whole milk, 1 cup heavy cream, 1/2 cup sugar and a pinch of salt. Let your kids help choose added fruits or nuts. Our favorite this time of year is sliced, vine-ripened strawberries we pick at a strawberry farm or purchase at a farmer’s market in town. We add about 1/2 cup to this recipe.

Pour the mixture into a clean, dry 12-ounce coffee can. Be sure you have checked to be sure it has a tight-fitting, leakproof lid.

Snap the lid on the can. Set the can inside a larger 39-ounce size coffee can. Pack crushed ice around the smaller can. Sprinkle rock salt over the ice and snap the lid on the larger can.

Let your child roll the can back and forth to you or a friend on your driveway, sidewalk or porch. After about 10 minutes, remove the lid of the larger can to drain any water. Carefully remove the lid on the smaller can and stir the thickening ice cream mixture. Replace the lid. Add more ice and salt to the larger can, replace that lid and roll for about 10 more minutes. It’s a good way to get a little exercise AND lots of laughs.

Serve the ice cream for a snack or for dessert. It has that hurry-up-and-eat-it now quality no one can resist. It’s the real stuff!


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