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Friday, March 29, 2002 Volume X, Number 200

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?. . .The City of Carthage Recycling Drop-Off Center and Composting Lot, 1309 Oak Hill Rd., hours of operation will be from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Tues-Sat. effective Tues., April 2nd.

Did Ya Know?. . .The Carthage Humane Society, 13860 Dog Kennel Lane, has a talkative yellow adult male cat who needs a loving home. Come find out what you can do to help Carthage’s neediest animals. If your pet is lost or missing call 358-6402.

Did Ya Know?. . .The Jasper County Health Department has a free Hepatitis A vaccine available for children 2-18 years of age. Call 417-358-3111 or 1-877-879-9131 to schedule an appointment.

Did Ya Know?. . .The Carthage Youth Softball League sign-ups will be from
6-8 p.m. on Mon., April 1st at the Fairview Elementary School.

today's laugh

Melba: I guess your husband was pleased when he found himself the father of twin boys.

Pam: Was he! He went around grinning from heir to heir.

Fred: What’s more clever than speaking several languages?

Sally: Keeping your mouth shut in one.


A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


Woodman Committee Assembled Last Night but
Commercial Club not There.

The Woodman committee on arrangements for the log rolling in this city helda meeting last night at the grocery store of Alexander & Son and discussed the prospects of securing the meeting.

They expected the committee from the Commercial Club to be present but they were not notified, so another time and place was set when it is to be hoped both committees will get together.

The committee meeting is set for 2:30 Monday afternoon in the city council chamber. The Woodman ask as many of the citizens as possible to meet with them Monday afternoon, for the matter needs prompt attention or it will be too late.

  Today's Feature

The Three Minute Speeches.

Today’s issue contains the speaches given by the candidates for Mayor to the attendees of the Chamber of Commerce Eggs and Issues gathering last Wednesday in the McCune Brooks Hospital cafeteria.

Each candidate was given three minutes to speak. Transcripts of the speaches were provided to the Mornin’ Mail by the candidates and are published as written.


Mayoral Candidate Clark

Thank you. It is a pleasure to be here today...and now that we have had the "eggs" parts of this morning’s agenda, I want to touch on the "issues" part.

Webster’s dictionary defines an "issue" as a "matter that is in dispute between two or more parties," but the true issue that I bring before you today is not in dispute - at least not since the Framers of the Constitution assembled in Philadelphia in 1787.

At task today, we are not so much faced with concerns about street lights, garbage collection or curfews, but rather we are faced with an open attack upon our citizens. This attack does not take the form of brute force or physical assault but a more subtle, but equally dangerous kind - that of intimidation.

The freedom of American citizens to vote their conscious and convictions is so basic to our national heritage that few would even consider an attack on such freedom as possible. We, the citizens should be free to speak, seek religious convictions and we have the right to equal protection under the law. Our leaders have these same rights as well - they even have the freedom to be wrong - and I will defend their right to have their opinions, regardless of whether or not I agree with them. But having the freedom to be wrong does not mean they have the freedom to do wrong.

Harry Truman once said, "I never did give anybody hell. I just told the truth and they thought it was hell." Well, the truth in this fundamental issue is undeniable. The voting booth and a citizen’s vote should be private. However, there is strong indication that citizens and City employees have been intimidated and coerced by a select few in positions of authority to vote in favor of the current Mayor or face the possibility of job loss or loss of advancement, either in their respective jobs or in their climb up the social ladder. No ones’ job or quality of life should be in jeopardy due to an outcome of an election, to intimate otherwise is unconscionable.

This issue then transcends my candidacy and it transcends all other issues that may have arisen in this campaign. This is of such profound importance to the public welfare and our Constitutional rights that regardless of who is elected to the position of mayor of this City, this issue should be dealt with and investigated irrespective of the person in office. I will do just that.

Many of you have already heard my platform - that of an open, accountable City government that cannot be influenced by a privileged few and will respect the rights of all citizens and allow them the freedom of choice while at the same time providing to both the citizens and the council, the needed information to make the best decisions.

I also stand ready to debate my opponent on this or any other issue any time; any place. My only requirement is that we don not have the questions ahead of time. Let’s speak from the heart and speak the truth.

I will remain her after the breakfast to answer questions. Thank you.


Mayoral Candidate Johnson

Good morning and thank you for coming and giving me the opportunity to speak to you. Also, I would like to thank the Chamber for hosting this event. I am here to tell you a little about myself and my qualifications and just a few of the accomplishments that have been made these past four years while serving as Mayor of Carthage.

1. I have no axe to grind or any hidden agendas.

2. I will not make any promises that I am not able to keep. Final decisions are made my the City Council, not the Mayor.

3. I made only one promise 4 years ago and that was to bring civility and decorum to the council meetings. With the help of the Council Members, that has been accomplished.

4. I served 6 years on the Park Board, 5 years on the Board of Public Works, 4 years on the City council, and the past 4 years as Mayor. I feel my 19 years of service to the City proves that I am not only qualified, but am willing to serve another term as Mayor.

In the 2000 Census, Carthage had a 19% increase in population. (I personally had nothing to do with that.)

1. In the past 4 years our City has spent $490,000 resurfacing our streets. This is by contract only and does not include the work of our Street Department. That shows you haw bad our infrastructure had become and is more than was done in the 8 years previously, combined.

2. There have been 3 new traffic signals installed on the Garrison Avenue traffic corridor. The old signals were so old and antiquated we couldn’t find parts for them.

3. There have been 128 new single family dwelling houses built in the past 4 years, plus 5 more already this year and the possibility of 40 more with 2 or 3 new developments going on.

4. Myers Park has started to grow with the new SMB Bank and the Sandor Development Strip Mall next to Wal-Mart. Richardson’s Candy House and Sally’s Hallmark Store has moved into the Village Mall. The Fair Acres Sports Complex is nearing completion and other large projects ongoing are the renovation of the Memorial Hall and the Municipal Golf Course. Another project in the works is the RES and ConAgra partnership to build a facility to eliminate their waste and produce marketable by-products in a self-contained, odorless and environmental friendly facility.

These are just a few examples of the progress we have made in the past 4 years. As KOAM TV recently stated: "Carthage is the most progressive City in the 4-States and a great place to live!"

I urge all of you to Vote April 2nd, and I would appreciate your support.

We Are on Top of the World!!

by Robin Putnam, artCentral

We are just sooooo excited !! Spring is coming in like a lion around here ! It is just too cool.......we have set a record for sales in one month !! $2000 worth of art sold ( ! ) between the exhibit in our main gallery and the exhibit at Shellie's !! We are hoping it's because people have finally found out we are exhibiting some of the finest works available in the four state are.

AND.....we are bringing them the most variety of mediums, styles and huge numbers of artists !! Some years it is possible for us to introduce the general public to as many as 75 different artists !! That's approximately how many we have scheduled for this year !! Truly amazing, isn't it ? !

Anyway.....we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all those wonderful art patrons who purchase original art !! And, of course, that includes buyers of prints as well !! We know some buyers simply want the piece of artwork and some buyers are going out of their way to support us !! It's too cool to know these people care about our organization and are there for us !! For their support we can't thank them enough !!

Shellie's Downtown has been a satellite gallery for us since she opened in November of 2001. Since then we have had over $1000 worth of art sold out off her crusty brick walls !! It is such an awesome way to have artists work seen by hundreds and hundreds of people from the area. We figure with her lunch crowd alone about 200 people a week are exposed to art !!!

That's our secret to getting people to check out our exhibits........just serve great food and they'll be there !!

The exhibit at Shellie's will be over and a new one will be up on April 14th. Since she is only closed for two days we take one show down and put the other up on the same day !! So there is still time to hit Shellie's for a fine lunch or dinner and maybe you'll become an art patron and take home a wonderful painting or pastel from this showing !! The next exhibit scheduled will be a series of assemblage paintings by Perry Fleming. It should be an interesting grouping and as usual something you don't want to miss !!

April 12th will be the next exhibit opening here and we will have Clydine Ridenhour, Springfield, in the main gallery bringing you her latest oil paintings. She works in an impressionistic style and her subject matter runs from florals to landscapes to still life !! And Janet Carpenter, Kansas City, will be in the Member's Gallery with her stylized oil paintings and color pencil renderings of area landmarks such as the Union Station in KC and our very own Carthage Courthouse.

So we hope to see you here for the next opening where you'll find great art, good friends and some pretty tasty eats and then again at Shellie's for another great showing of local art as well as great food and a fun, friendly staff !! And just for the record........ remember ........change is good. You heard it here first !! And you'll hear more later !!

More next week......For more info call 358-4404. Hours : Tuesday - Saturday 9am - 3pm. 1110 E. 13th Street ( 2 blocks East off River ) and

Just Jake Talkin'


There are provisions in the City Code sayin’ "City employees, including those employed by city agencies, boards or departments" shall not "actively advocate or oppose the candidacy of any individual" runnin’ for City office.

It would appear that this provision includes employees of City owned CW&EP and McCune Brooks Hospital.

There are no explicit provisions as to how any claim would be proved or disproved. Failure to comply is grounds for "appropriate disciplinary action or dismissal."

There is also no definition of "actively" or "appropriate."

Looks like the only safe position is for City employees not ta talk local politics.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.



Oak Street health & herbs

Weekly Column

Natural Nutrition

by Mari An Willis

This has been the extreme of the last of winter/early spring in Missoura! So much for in like a lion and out like a lamb!!!

Could someone please explain to me why many types of retailers are unable to sell certain supplements which must be distributed through a physician, but one can go to the internet and buy the same product from a distributor right here in the same U.S.? Retailers... easier to supervise, have an inventory at stake and can actually be found paying taxes, supporting communities, and most often living within the community making retailers with a physical location more apt to follow rules? Different rules for the same players in the same game? Better be careful before I fall off the soapbox! On to herbs.

Much research has gone into the study of ginger. Much has been said for its’ ability to reduce inflammation, stimulate circulation, relieve gas and indigestion and even morning sickness, but did you know that it makes a wonderful compress? In the book Macrobiotic Dietary Recommendations, by Michio & Aveline Kushl, they describe a ginger compress to stimulate body fluid circulation which helps loosen and dissolve stagnated toxic matter including "cysts, tumors, etc." Suggestions for a salt pack are also given to warm any part of the body. Even for relief of diarrhea when applied to the abdominal region. He says to "roast the salt in a dry pan until hot and then wrap in thick cotton linen pillowcase or towel. Apply to the troubled area and change when the pack begins to cool."


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