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Tuesday, April 1, 2003 Volume IX, Number 201

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?. . .The Friends of the Carthage Public Library will have its First Saturday Booksale from 8 a.m.-12 noon on Saturday, April 5th. Stop by and stock up on Spring bargains.

Did Ya Know?. . .Carthage Humane Society needs your community club, church group or family to help with upcoming adoption events. To volunteer call 358-6808.

Did Ya Know?. . .A marriage enrichment seminar will be held April 11-13 at the Covenant World Outreach in Carthage. Door prizes and Saturday morning meal provided. For more information call 417-359-8500.

today's laugh

Just think how much deeper the ocean would be if sponges didn’t live there.

If a cow laughed, would milk come out her nose?

Isn’t Disney World a people trap operated by a mouse?

Why are they called buildings, when they’re already finished? Shouldn’t they be called builts?

Why is it lemon juice contains mostly artificial ingredients, but dishwashing liquid contains real lemons?

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


The High school seniors met yesterday after school and postponed final action on class pins for one week, when a number of samples will be on hand.

It was decided not to hold the class day reception in the auditorium and a committee of Carl Pratt, Miss Edna Givens and Miss Eunice Knepper was appointed to obtain a hall for that purpose.

A committee was appointed to arrange the numbers for the class day and commencement programs. Those on the committee are Misses Virgie Sayler, Gertrude Armitage and Jennie Adams, Messrs Louis Winkier and Harry Elliott.

The invitation question was referred to a committee. All the committees are to report next Thursday.

A communication was received from the juniors accepting the invitation of the seniors to their class day reception.

  Today's Feature

Students Express School Needs.

A tour of the Carthage Junior High School and Carthage Senior High School was held Thursday morning followed by a news conference. Superintendent Gary Reed and Scott DeNeen, Representative of the Steadley Trust Fund, were there to answer questions about the $3 million dollar donation from the Steadley Trust Fund. There were also members of the student council giving tours and answering questions. Junior Lucy Armstrong gave the Mornin’ Mail a tour.

"The most important improvement needed in the high school," said Armstrong, "is an elevator and a larger cafeteria. We do have a handicapped teacher who uses the chair lift which is loud and slow, and he can only go to the first and second floors."

Armstrong led the tour through the crowded halls during lunch. The students were elbow to elbow and in order to get through the hall Armstrong had to step over students sitting in the hall trying to eat lunch.

Information regarding the School Bond Issue is available at the Administration building located at 710 Lyon Street in Carthage.

Just Jake Talkin'


I’ve gotten into a couple a conversations ‘bout the trials of bein’ a kid in the last week or two. Not the stuff ya hear about taday, the important trials like fallin’ off a bike or gettin’ hit with a baseball.

I suppose as a kid we didn’t think much of a broken arm or a sprained ankle as bein’ anything that devastatin’. That’s why takin’ some risks while at play was so common. I was shown scars ta prove it.

I suppose I was fortunate that durin’ these conversations there were plenty of stories bein’ told and I didn’t get the chance to relay any of my own. I always thought of my childhood as bein’ filled with some adventure or another, but it seems it was pretty typical of the times. But even today skinned knees are pretty good teachers.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.



McCune- Brooks Hospital

Weekly Column


By Paul G. Donohue, M.D.

DEAR DR. DONOHUE: My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for more than a year. During my fertility work-up, I told the doctor that I have painful periods. That lit a bulb in his brain, and he thinks my problem might be endometriosis. How is the diagnosis made, and how is the condition treated? — M.K.

ANSWER: The endometrium is the lining tissue of the uterus. Every month, from the stimulation of female hormones, the endometrium grows and matures into a lush soil that provides the ideal terrain for nurturing a fertilized egg. If no egg is fertilized, the lining is shed during the menstrual period.

Pieces of the shed lining can find their way to places they shouldn’t be. They can implant on the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, many pelvic structures and even the lining of the intestine. Then, a woman has transplanted uterine lining that responds to the monthly stimulation of female hormones just as it would if it was in the uterus. That is endometriosis.

You have two endometriosis symptoms: infertility and painful periods. Pain during intercourse is another common symptom. The test that gives solid evidence for a diagnosis is a laparoscopic exam of the pelvis. A laparoscope is a telescopelike device through which the doctor can see the interior of the pelvis or abdomen or whatever cavity is under inspection.

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