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Friday, April 11, 2003 Volume IX, Number 209

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?. . .The Second Saturday Antique Show and Sale will be held this Saturday, April 12th. No Set-Up Fee! First come, first served. Reservations not required. Saturday morning setup only, 6-8 a.m. Outside spaces only. No merchants license required.

Did Ya Know?. . .Sarcoxie will hold it’s 13th Annual City-Wide Garage Sale on Saturday, April 12th. A map will be available the morning of the sale at local convenience stores and restaurants. For more info call 417-548-7639.

Did Ya Know?. . .The Crossroads Chapter #41 and Unit #41 of the Disabled American Veterans will meet at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 15th in the Carthage Memorial Hall Legion rooms. All members are invited to attend.

today's laugh

A man walks into a doctor’s office. He has a cucumber up his nose, a carrot in his left ear and a banana in his right ear. "What’s the matter with me?" he asks the doctor.

The doctor replies, "You’re not eating properly."

Q: What’s the most common cause of hearing loss amongst men?

A: Wife saying she wants to talk to him

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Kind to His Old Mare.

"See that poor old mare?" And the reporter glanced in the direction indicated by a local veterinary surgeon, and saw a most jaded and pathetic specimen of horse-flesh dragging a buggy up Fourth street. And the horse doctor continued. "You would not think a man would want to spend $5 or $6 in treatment for that animal would you? But she’s the old family hitch, has been faithful these many years, and the owner says he’s willing to spend all she’s worth in comforts and luxuries for her old age. She’s worth just about $10 today and he has nearly reached the limit."

Frank Wells has just finished several day’s careful work dressing up a show window at the Wells drug store with Cascaret lithographs, which he artistically improved with paint, and has had the window photographed in competition for a prize offered by the Cascaret people.

  Today's Feature

Paintings for Courthouse.

The County Commissioners’ meeting was held Thursday morning in the Carthage Court House. In the Court House there are 4 paintings of Carthage. The Court House Preservation Committee intended to buy them from Danny Hensley, however according to County Commissioner Jim Honey the funds were unavailable. Ruth Kolpin then offered to and bought the paintings with the idea that the paintings will remain on display at the Court House. The total price for the 4 paintings was $11,000. Honey said that a letter of thanks will be sent out.

County Treasure Wilma Jean Wells was at the meeting. She gave the Board an update on the Ronald McDonald charity event. Wells said she was under the impression that county employee volunteers were going to go and cook and serve meals for people at the Ronald McDonald House. Wells said told the board that she had the wrong idea.

"All they want is the food," explained Wells. "They said we could come and cook if we wanted but they didn’t want us serving food or cleaning up."

Wells and County Commissioner Chuck Surface both donated food.

Great Classes for artCamp 2003.

By Lee Sours, artCentral

We have a great lineup of classes being planned for artCamp at artCentral this summer. We really hope the funding comes through for the summer art classes for youth ages 8 to 14 so that we can have help with offering the following: mosaic tiles, batik, mural painting, Aboriginal art, Art of ancient Egypt (animals and plants of the Nile valley), photography & constructed environments, photography including self-portraits and Picasso, and more to be named later. This program will be offered from Monday, July 21 through Saturday, August 2.

It is time for our members to be getting ready for the Membership Show which starts June 6 and goes through July 11. Anyone who is a member of artCentral may enter their work in this annual judged event.

Mark April 18th on your calendar for our next art opening. We will have the ceramics of Sam Lewis, the conceptual art of Dr. Mark Woodin, and the two and three dimensional work of Diana Bray. This promises to be a colorful and interesting show.

HOURS: T – F 11 - 5

Sunday 12 -5 Closed Mon. and Sat. 1110 E 13th 358-4404

Letters to the Editor

Opinions expressed reflect those of the writer
and not necessarily those of the Mornin' Mail.

Hello, I love your site! Especially the early 1900 info......although I would love to see more about a few old citizens of the Carthage area mentioned -James Scott (internationally famous ragtime composer)... Charles Dumar and the Carthage Light Guard band, Clarence Woods (another ragtime composer).... maybe Percy (Moonlight Bay, Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet)Wenrich..... most importantly Lakeside Park??? I also heard that JPSousa made an appearance in Carthage sometime in the early 1900s.... Why hasn’t Carthage done more for these citizens and celebrate and recognize its rich history??? A festival...street sign.... historic markers? Something needs to be done! ....besides all that, I’ve been reading for the past year whenever I get a little homesick and just wanted to let you know from a sincere readers perspective....

Thanks again,

Garry Moore

Troop Support Rally.

A Troop Support Rally will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 12th at the Veterans Memorial of Timeless Honor, 1700 N. Rangeline Rd., Webb City. Please bring a flag, prayer, yellow ribbon and your best patriotic spirit.

A grassroots group of concerned area citizens has been calling for rallies to support America and our troops until they are safely home. These are just spontaneous outpourings of people who want our troops to know they are appreciated. We have no budget, but with the help of people like you the first one drew about 300 people at City Hall and the second, last Sunday at Shifferdecker Park, closer to 500. The next rally has been set for April 12 at 7:00 pm at the Veterans Memorial of Timeless Honor in Webb City just off North Rangeline at 17th Street.

It would be a great blessing if you would continue your help by making Public Service Announcements on behalf of this effort or forwarding this e-mail to people in your network. These rallies are not intended to glorify war but to thank and honor the courageous men and women who have volunteered to make the world safe for our children and grandchildren.

Thank you for your support,

John Putnam

Rally Communications

Just Jake Talkin'


‘Course we all knew that.

If ya get a chance, the latest issue of Rural Missouri has the results of a reader poll that ranks the Carthage Square as the best in Missouri.

Carthage also was chosen as the second most beautiful town. Hermann was first, guess I’ll have ta see that some day.

Like I said, we all knew that, ‘cept for the second place part, but havin’ the recognition from a state wide poll just gives us somethin’ to hang our hat on.

"Some towns never gave up on downtown and Carthage is one of them," says the magazine.

Other categories we may wanna promote next year might include best bed & breakfast, best day trip, and of course best golf course.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.



Oak Street health & herbs

Weekly Column

Natural Nutrition

By Mari An Willis

This is the history of herbal use as I have witnessed it in my short life time:

A. My Grandmother and Great Aunt were using them and it was fun to go for a walk with them and pick and it was also sometimes fun to smell them cooking. Not always fun to eat them.

B. I walked away from this path as I grew up in the 1950’s and moved away from the farm where Grandmother and Great Aunt were.

C. In the early 1970’s my second born was plagued with constant ear infections. We went the antibiotic route for about a year. Then it became obvious that they were not going to work and daughter began to have additional problems. No one to ask except Aunt Josephine. She said get away from all that stuff. Still another ear infection and runny nose.

D. Purchased a great book on herbs from a used book shop. Back To Eden by Jethro Kloss and Rodale Book of Herbs came next. An old catalogue mentioning some herbs sparked my interest again. No one was selling them or knew much about them in my vicinity. I was still interested, but not actively pursuing.

E. In late 70’s met a lady who figured maybe my daughter was allergic to wheat or milk. Voila! changed child. She was almost instantly better.

F. I’ve been on the search since then. Sometimes actively, sometimes passively. When I returned to Springfield in the early 80’s I was introduced to Nature’s Sunshine Products by a friend who has since gone on to become a Chiropractor and I continue to run our joint venture of an herb and health food store. Many years of various classes and studies have made me so much more aware of the hows and whys of herbs and I continue to be amazed at the information available today.

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