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Tuesday, December 16, 2003 Volume XII, Number 127

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?. . .You can now adopt some of the Carthage Humane Society’s cutest kittens at the Central Pet Care Clinic and Carthage Animal Hospital during regular office hours.

Did Ya Know?. . .The Carthage Kiwanis Club has launched a year long program to collect good used children’s and young adult books. The books are to be distributed to families in the Carthage area. Any organization wishing to become a collection station should contact Ivan Hager 358-8236.

Did Ya Know?. . .Crossroads Chapter 41 of Disabled American Veterans will meet at 7:00 p.m. on Tues., Dec. 16th in the Legion Rooms of the Carthage Memorial Hall. Refreshments will be served.

today's laugh

A man bought a house-building kit, and, after he had completed the house, he invited one of his neighbors over to inspect his handiwork.

"But you built the house upside down," the neighbor protested.

"Oh. No wonder I keep falling off the porch."

John: If I had a 1,000-man army and you had a 1,000 man army, who would win?

Chuck: I give up.

John: I would. You just gave up.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

A Crippled Woman Abandoned.

Dr. Snyder, county physician, today sent a crippled woman named Scott to the poor farm. According to the story furnished by the neighbors, the unfortunate woman was abandoned by relatives, who did reside in a small house on Smelter Hill. The crippled woman lived with a family named McCullum, said to be her parents. Yesterday they moved to some unknown clime and left the poor crippled woman alone with no fire and nothing to eat. Neighbors discovered the poor woman’s condition and provided her something to eat. Today they reported the case to Dr. Snyder, who ordered Mrs. Scott sent to the county farm.

T.V. Porterson, a traveling representative of the Standard Oil Co., is in town today. He has heard of the oil indications northwest of Carthage and in Avilla vicinity, and is said to be here to investigate the same.

  Today's Feature

Filing Requirements.

There will be an election on April 16th, 2004 to fill the City Council seats of five members who’s terms have been completed. Currently in these seats are First Ward Claude Newport, Second Ward Bill Fortune, Third Ward Jackie Boyer, Fourth Ward Bill Welch and Fifth Ward Don Stearnes.

To be eligible for the City Council election persons must be at least twenty-one years of age, a citizen of the United States, a resident of Carthage for at least one year, and a registered voter in the City of Carthage.

Members are elected to serve a two year term beginning at the first City Council meeting following the election. The City Council meets the second and forth Tuesday of each month. Members are also assigned to Council Committees that hold meetings each month. Members are required to attend meetings unless given a leave of absence for a particular reason. Members receive $50.00 per month to cover expenses.

The beginning date for filing is December 16th, 2003 and the final date for filing is January 20th, 2004.

Land Transactions.

Virginia Howard, Trustee of the Virginia Howard Trust dated April 10, 1992, sold the property at 2121Carrie, Carthage, MO 64836, to Junior Leroy Peck and Elizabeth Ann Peck, husband and wife. The transaction was handled by Donal Myers with Donal Myers Realty and by Joyce Rogler and Shirley Deitz with Charles Burt Home Folks.

Just Jake Talkin'


There is still some uncertainty about whether candidates have ta live in the ward they represent. Discussions are pointin’ to Section 9-7 of the Carthage Code that state that each year "one councilman from each ward of the city" shall be elected.

‘Course the question is what exactly the word "from" is referrin’ to. There is no stipulation that the councilman has to specifically "live" in the ward. And some may interpret the "from" as meanin’ the voters bein’ from the ward. Or, in the case of last year’s election of Mike Harris, he was "from" Ward One, the changin’ of the ward boundaries moved him "from" Ward One to Ward Two. So as anyone can see, he is definitely "from" Ward One.

Hopefully the official interpretation will be available for this seasons candidates.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.



McCune- Brooks Hospital

Weekly Column


By Paul G. Donohue, M.D.

What Causes Swollen Feet?

DEAR DR. DONOHUE: My mother wakes up with swollen feet. She wraps her feet at night, with no effect. She is on hydrochlorothiazide for blood pressure, CombiPatch (an estrogen patch), Tricor for cholesterol and Bextra for arthritis. Her doctor is blowing this off, but I don’t think it is normal. What is your opinion? — A.A.

ANSWER: A unique angle to your mother’s swelling is the fact that it happens at night, and I don’t have a good explanation for that. Foot (and/or ankle) swelling usually occurs at the end of the day, after a person has been up and about. Gravity contributes to the oozing of fluid from the circulation into the tissues of the feet. The gravity effect disappears when lying in bed.

Perhaps it’s her medicines. Swelling is listed as a side effect of both CombiPatch and Bextra. She can stop the Bextra for a few days and not suffer from doing so, apart from the possibility her joints will begin to hurt. Before she stops the CombiPatch, she should speak with her doctor. The drugs should not be stopped at the same time or she won’t know which, if either, is responsible.

Heart failure is a major cause of swelling. Another symptom that is a clue that the heart is involved is becoming short of breath when hurrying around or when performing high-effort household chores, such as scrubbing or vacuuming.

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