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Thursday, December 4, 2003 Volume XII, Number 119

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?. . .The Friends of the Carthage Public Library will hold their monthly booksale from 8 a.m.-12 noon on Sat., Dec. 6th at the Library Annex, 510 S. Garrison Ave.

Did Ya Know?. . .The Carthage VFW Post 2590 will have the Annual Christmas Dance from 7:30-11:30p.m. on Sat., Dec. 6th. $3 donation at door. Country Express Band will perform. Public is invited. 1 miles west of Carthage on Oak St.

Did Ya Know?. . .The Annual Christmas Dinner, at Criterian Masonic Lodge #586 in Alba, will be held at 2 p.m. on Sunday, December 7th. The Order of Eastern Star is providing an array of meats, those wishing to attend bring a covered dish or dessert. Members, friends, family, kids ...Everyone Welcome! For more details call WB Danny Passley at 417-525-4330.

today's laugh

"How do the writers of sitcoms scenarios get new ideas?" asked the hopeful writer.
"They don’t."

"Papa, what’s a grudge?"
"It’s what you keep automobiles in."

I can say anything I please in my home — nobody listens anyway.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


Fair Man Spent Last Night in Carthage But Left Early.

J. H. Norris, the promoter of the fair in whom so many people are interested just now, came in last night after being out of town since Friday, and after spending the night at the Harrington, left on the 6:18 morning Frisco for the east, taking his baggage and going presumably to his home at Princeton, Ill. Mr. Norris had no statement to make regarding his financial difficulties so far as can be learned.

It is reported now, however, that in spite of Mr. Norris’ bad luck, E. Knell and other local parties are already planning to go into the business and give another fair next year.

Henry Cowgill leave tonight for St. Louis on a business trip.

  Today's Feature

Staff Reports.

The Public Works Committee held their regular meeting Tuesday in City Hall. There was nothing scheduled on the agenda for the committee to consider.

In staff reports City Administrator Tom Short stated that the annexation guidelines were accepted and signed by Bill Wilson.

Wilson had made a request at the last Public Works meeting for the annexation of the eighth addition in Breckenwood.

Guidelines concerning roads and storm water runoff needed to be in place before taking it to City Council. Wilson agreed to the guidelines of 22’ road widths and at least 6" of base and 2" asphalt. The request is scheduled to go to the next City Council meeting Tuesday, December 9th.

Street Commissioner Tom Shelley reported an upcoming opening in the department for a Street Sweeper Operator. The current operator Harold Myers is retiring January 1st after 29 1/2 years of service. Myers hired on as a street sweeper operator and has held the same position the whole time.

"I am going to be trying to replace him within the department," said Shelley. "I know of four people wanting it."

Just Jake Talkin'


I see where they have actually stopped the security check station at the Carthage Courthouse. I hear the same is true at Joplin.

Hopefully this will also allow all four entrances into the Carthage facility to be open to the public. Wish we could bottle the energy wasted over the last few years of folks climbin’ up to the east or west entrance just to read the small sign sayin’ no entrance.

I suppose there will be those who feel a little uneasy not havin’ posted guards, but a few weeks may ease the tension.

I’m guessin’ there will be a lot more folks who don’t seem near as grumpy comin’ into the county offices. Customer service may actually improve as citizens get in and out a little quicker.

At least now you can read the Constitution on the wall without a search.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.



Metcalf Auto Supply

Weekly Column

Click & Clack

ByTom & Ray Magliozzi

Dear Tom and Ray:

While driving home from work on a hot day this past summer, the guy who gives the road reports said, "You’ll notice a lot of cars off to the side of the road today suffering from vapor lock." He suggested adding a gallon of diesel fuel to the tank to prevent vapor lock. I’ve never heard this suggestion before, and I’m guessing it would do more harm than good. What do you think? Should he stick to giving road reports, or does he have a legitimate cure? — Greg

TOM: Well, let’s just hope he’s not in charge of maintenance for the traffic copter.

RAY: Technically, he’s right that diesel fuel will help prevent vapor lock. It’s got a higher vaporization point than gasoline, so it would raise the temperature at which the mixture evaporates, which in turn would limit the amount of vapor produced. But it’s still lousy advice.

TOM: The potential harm you would do by introducing diesel fuel into a modern gasoline engine is significant. It could damage seals in the fuel system, it could cause problems in your emissions system and it could ruin your catalytic converter. Plus, if you get caught, it’ll void your warranty, so you’re on your own once you do this.

RAY: And besides, vapor lock is almost never a problem with modern cars. In the old days, the fuel pump was in the engine compartment. So the entire fuel line (from the tank in the back of the car to the fuel pump up front) could become filled with gasoline vapor and prevent the car from running. But now, fuel pumps are in the tank, so the entire fuel line — from the tank to the engine — is under pressure, and really can’t vapor lock.

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