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Friday, July 11, 2003 Volume XII, Number 17

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?. . .The Carthage Train Crew will have a Ham & Bean Feed at 6 p.m. on Sat., July 12th at the Train Barn, W. Mound St. Road (across from Old Cabin Shop). The public is invited. $5 for couple, $3 for single, $1.50 for 12 and under.

Did Ya Know?...Covenant World Outreach is holding their "Kid’s Day" Saturday, July 12th, from 1-6 p.m. Covenant World Outreach is located at 2623 S. Chapel Road. For more information, call the Church at 417-359-8500.

Did Ya Know?. . .A reception for the new Director of the Carthage Crisis Center, Brian Bisbee, and his family will be held from 2:00-4:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 13th at the Phelps House. The community is invited to attend. Center residents will also be available for visiting.

today's laugh

Speaker: "A horrible thing has happened. I’ve just lost my wallet with $500 in it. I’ll give $50 to anyone who will return it."
Voice from the rear: "I’ll give $100."

Kid: Grandpa, did you once have hair like snow?
Grandpa: I sure did.
Kid: Well, who shoveled it off?

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


Theft of Commissary Stores in Railroad Camp at Forest Mills.

A. F. Edwards’ commissary tent at the railroad camp near Forest Mills, seven miles east of town, was burglarized Thursday while the owner was in town. Two revolvers, a razor and strap and several small articles were stolen. It is alleged that one Clarence Melton sold one of the stolen revolvers at Chas. French’s pawn shop yesterday, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Good News From a Gold Mine.

The Carthage members of the Glasgow-Dundee gold mining company who have a mine in the Thunder Mountain district in Idaho have received good news this morning. It was that the surface or discovery vein of ore had been struck in the tunnel and that it is proving of wonderful richness.

  Today's Feature

Film Crew Here Today.

The "Discover America" film crew from the Travel Channel will start their filming for the six-minute-and-thirty-nine-second Carthage segment today.

Executive Director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau Teresa Gilliam stated Tuesday at the City Council meeting that she drove the route of the filming and Carthage looked very nice.

"People painted their porches, they mowed their lawns, and I think we can all see that," Gilliam commented.

Filming will begin at approximately 8:30 a.m. and end around 6:30 p.m. tonight. Saturday’s filming will begin at 9:00 a.m. and wrap up at 7:30 p.m.

Gilliam declared that the community was ready to be on-camera and Carthage has done a great job with this project.

"I appreciate everyone who has helped, the community has been tremendous," stated Gilliam.

The next page contains the proposed script and schedule which will be used for filming the show which will air on the Travel Channel in the Spring of 2004.


Script for the Travel Channel.

Located in the "Show-Me" state, Missouri, we’re off to visit the charming, historic town of Carthage...

That’s right, ---, and we’re going to "show you" the combination of attractions and year-round events that make Carthage a perfect getaway!

(Begin TRT)

History is everywhere you look in Carthage, Missouri...from stately old buildings and gracious old homes shaded by ancient maples, to numerous historic markers found throughout the city.

A tranquil, welcoming place, the Carthage Battle Memorial almost seems out of place here, where one of the most decisive battles of the Civil War took place 140 years earlier.

Q: Tell us briefly about the battle of Carthage--when was it fought, how was Carthage affected, and why was it a decisive battle of the War?


Honoring the memory of ths tragic episode in Carthage’s long history, Carthage’s Civil War Museum transports visitors back to that turbulent time.

The Museum houses a collection of Civil War-era artifacts and period costumes, a battlefield diorama, and a striking, wall-sized mural depicting the infamous battle.

Learn even more about Carthage’s fascinating past at the Power’s Museum where exhibits highlight the post-civil war period to contemporary times.

A walking tour of the town reveals a variety of structures, all well-preserved by a community proud of it’s heritage.

Spared from battle, the Kendrick Place is a prime example of antebellum architecture. Guides dressed in authentic period clothing entertain and inform visitors on a fact-filled tour of this 1850’s mansion and slave quarters.

In the postwar years, Carthage was rebuilt during a period of great prosperity enriched by the discovery of large deposits of lead, zinc, and marble.

Numerous elaborate homes were built in the late 19th century, when Carthage had more millionaires per capita than any other city in the U.S!

The Courthouse Square Historic District is Carthage’s architectural gem where a large number of Italianate, Victorian, Greek Revival, and Queen Anne structures are located.

Several historical homes now serve as charming Bed and Breakfast Inns, perfect for a romantic weekend getaway.

Anchoring the district, the Jasper County Courthouse is the centerpiece of the Carthage Square. This castle-like structure was built in 1895 in the Romanesque style. A modest predecessor of the courthouse, the Old Cabin Shop, an authentic 1830’s log cabin, served as Jasper County’s first courthouse.

Carthage is an antique collector’s paradise! Spend a day antiquing at over a dozen shops and bring a piece of historic Carthage home with you!

Carthage square is also home to a number of unique galleries and specialty shops.

A wide selection of dining establishments offer everything from casual fare to continental cuisine, while a variety of quality guest accommodations are available to suit all needs and budgets, making Carthage an ideal base on an exploration of the scenic Ozarks.

Enjoy a sunny afternoon boating on nearby Kellogg Lake, a 28-acre lake that’s popular with anglers as well.

Practice your swing at Municipal Park, the City’s largest, where a recently-renovated 18-hole Championship golf course challenges players of all skill levels.

Take in the local scenery on a slow drive along historical Route 66, one of the most famous stretches of road in the U.S.

Back in town, "Precious Moments" Inspiration Park is a must-see, drawing over six million visitors since it opened in 1989. Focusing on the keepsake figurines designed and created by Sam Butcher, the Park’s entertainment venues are a family vacation favorite!

Q: Why did Sam Butcher decide on Carthage for his park? What are some of the park’s highlights?

(Include Chapel, Art Museum, and Wedding Island in response.)


All year long, Carthage offers a full lineup of community events and celebrations. From a celebration of Ozark culture at SummerFest; to the fall Maple Leaf Festival, set amidst the fiery autumn foliage of "America’s Maple Leaf City."

Newcomers of all ages are drawn to this "jewel" of Jasper County by affordable housing, a friendly Midwestern atmosphere, low-crime rate, excellent schools, and beautiful parks and recreational areas.

At Carthage’s McCune-Brooks Hospital residents have local access to a wide range of state-of-the-art health care services.

A number of diverse industries also call Carthage home. Attracted by economic incentives, as well as an educated labor force with a strong work ethic. Several large industries, including Leggett and Platt, Butterball Turkey, Schrieber Foods, and Americold Logistics ensure Carthage’s continued dynamism and prosperity.

If you’re looking for a vacation destination that offers something for every member of the family, make sure to put Carthage, Missouri at the top of your list!

(6:39 TRT)

..And Carthage is also within easy driving distance of the numerous entertainment attractions found at nearby Branson and Kansas City!

Stay with us, because when we return, we’ll be taking you for an exploration of ___, don’t go away!


Schedule for the Film Crew.

Friday, July 11th:

Leave hotel at 7:30 am

8:30 am

MCCune Brooks Hospital p.7 -ext- hospital

-patient getting diagnostic scan p.7

(20 min)

9:00 am -

pretty, new houses on well-maintained street ("Phelps Addition") p.7

(15 min)

9:20 am

-ext/ ButterBall Co. p.8

-ext/ Schreiber Co. p.8

-ext/ Americold Co. p.8

(1/2 hour)

Quarry p.3

-shot of quarry activity

(20 min.)

10:15 am

Leggett & Platt Co. p. 7

-1 ext shot Leggett and Platt

-2 int. shots/ folks at work***

(45 min)

11:15 am

-Carthage "Welcome" sign p. 8

(15 min)

ext- (1) local hotels (signage) p. 5

(15 min) Econo Lodge

11:30 am

Kendrick Place p.3

-ext/ beauty shot

-visitors listening to costumed guide @ Kendrick House p. 3*

-visitors following guide on tour of Kendrick House p. 3***

(45 min)

12:30 pm

Kellogg Lake p. 5

-car driving past Route 66 signage (on way to lake)*** p. 5

-boaters on Kellogg Lake

-angler casting a line

(1/2 hour)

1:00 pm—Lunch Route 66 Tea Room

2:00 pm

Powers Museum p. 2-3

-ext/ Powers Museum

-display/ exhibit

(20 min)

2:30 pm

Golf p.5

-golfer teeing off

-golfer making a putt

(1/2 hour)

3:00 pm

Old Cabin Shop p. 4

-ext/ old cabin

-visitors entering cabin shop

-historical marker at old cabin (that it served as 1st courthouse)

(20 min)

3:30 pm

Grand Ave. B&B p.4

-couple entering Grand Ave. B&B***

(10 min)

3:45 pm

Leggett House B&B p.4

-couple enjoying glass of wine on porch***

(10 min)

4:00 pm

-ext/ Rose House p.3

-ext/ Hill House p.3

-ext/ Wetzel’s Folly (house)p.4

-ext/ Spencer House p. 4

-ext/ Phelps House p.4

-ext/ Luke House p.4

-ext/ Goucher House p.4

(1 hour)

5:00 pm

-Pan maple-lined street of Victorian homes p.1

(10 min)

5:15 pm

Carthage Beauty Montage p.1

-Library Gardens

-2 more town beauty shots TBD

(1/2 hour)

6:00 pm

Route 66 p. 6

-Route 66 Drive-In Theater (@ dusk)

(15 min)

6:30-ish pm—Wrap

Saturday, July 12th:

leave hotel 8:30 am

9:00 am

Carthage Civil War Battlefield Site p.2

-pan of battlefield site

(10 min)

9:20 am

Carthage Battle Memorial granite marker

(@ battlefield) p.2

-push-in on marker

-close-up on words

(10 min)

9:30 am

"Osage War" Memorial marker p.1

(10 min)

9:45 am

Pan of Carthage Square p. 3

(15 min)

10:00 am

Carthage Water & Electric Building p.3

(10 min)

10:15 am

Visitors on walking tour of town p.3

(10 min)

10:30 am

Jasper County Courthouse p.4

-beauty shot of courthouse

-close-up architectural details

(15 min)

10:45 am

Civil War Museum p. 2

-visitors entering Civil War Museum***

-visitors at displays

-shot of battle diorama

-pan of entire mural

- 4 shots of different battle scenes from mural

(get 1st sound bite here-Andy Thomas re: Battle of Carthage/ 45 min)

(1-1/2 hours)

12:15 pm

Antique shop (tbd) p.5

-ext/ antique Shop

-visitors antique-hunting***

-holding up a find***

(1/2 hr)

1:00 pm—Lunch Break

2:00 pm

Shellie’s Café p.5

folks dining at sidewalk café tables***

(1/2 hour)

2:30 pm

Dry Gulch on the Square p.5

-folks browsing in "Dry Gulch"***

(20 min)

2:45 pm


(Mayor, Police Chief, Fire Chief)

Community recreation


3:10 pm

Richardson’s Candy p.8

couple at counter being handed fudge

(15 min)

3:40 pm

ext/ (1) local hotels (signage) p. 5

Best Western

(15 min)

4:00 pm

Precious Moments p. 6

(9 shots)

-entrance to "Precious Moments"

-visitors walking around park***

-close-up figurine display

-"Precious Moments" characters interacting with kids

-"Fountain of Angels"

-folks entering "Precious Moments" chapel***

-int/ stained-glass windows

-int/ art museum display

-pan/ "Wedding Island"

-family being led by costumed guide on a tour of "Precious Moments" (p.8)***

(get 2nd interview here/ 45 min)

(2 hours)

6:30 pm

Summer Fest p. 6

-crowd shot

-Ozark music performance at Summer Fest

(1/2 hour)

7:00 pm

Sports Complex p.7

(note: Teresa is checking to see am or pm for activity)

(15 min)

7:30 pm-- wrap

2 "tbd" shots- pgs. 1, 3

2 interviews:

-p2. Andy Thomas re: Battle of Carthage (:20-:25 sound bite)

(45 min)

-p6. Shelby Bates re: "Precious Moments" Park highlights (:20-:25 sound bite)

(45 min)

-2 shots from Maple Leaf Fest file p7

(we already received beta footage from Teresa 6/19)

artCamp Begins Soon at artCentral.

By Lee Sours, artCentral

The first day of artCamp for kids ages 8-14 will be Monday, July 21. That day the Mosaic Tiles class will be taught at artCentral at 1110 E 13th Street near the Fairview Greenhouse. In this class you can use your imagination to create a design. It could be geometric, abstract, tribal, etc. Then you will learn the process of cementing the tile pieces in place and have a finished piece of artwork to take home. Classes are $15 per day. All our teachers are real live artists. So bring a sack lunch and plan on spending the day having a great time making your own artwork and socializing with friends. This year we will be offering classes on the following: mosaic tiles, batik, painting a mural, candle making, tie dying, aboriginal art, Egyptian art, photography & constructed environments, and photography, self portraits & Picasso. You can make choices or take them all. Call artCentral to receive a registration form.

Our exhibits this month are the Membership Show in the Main Gallery, Marilyn York’s watercolors of the southwest in the Members’ Gallery, and paintings by Verneil Roper and Dan McWilliams at Shellie’s (across from the post office.)

A new exhibit will go up Friday, July 25. We will have the pastel paintings of Joplin artist Tom DeCleene in the Main Gallery. In the Members’ Gallery upstairs will be the clay creations of Jerry Long. Our new exhibit at Shellie’s will be the photography of Mary Ann Soerries.

HOURS: Tue – Fri 11 - 5

Sunday 12 -5 • Closed Mon. and Sat.

1110 E 13th • 358-4404

Just Jake Talkin'


Visits to my grandparent’s place always included a variety of "toys" that ya didn’t see down at Woolworth’s. One I remember is a metal hoop and a couple a sticks nailed together in a "T." I don’t know that there is a name for this particular contraption, but the idea was to get the hoop rollin’ and then push it along with the stick.

The rural setting of the place meant there were no sidewalks so the gravel road made the feat a little more challenging.

‘Course the kids didn’t understand at the time the laws of physics that were at play as the hoop rolled down that country road. The skills needed to control the hoop did leave a lastin’ impression. The application of a small amount of pressure at the appropriate time was what kept things rollin.’

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.



Oak Street health & herbs

Weekly Column

Natural Nutrition

By Mari An Willis

I have been blessed with my family visiting from Texas...just wish they would have left the hot weather behind!!

As an American, I believe in our right to hear the truth and base our decisions on truthful facts.As I have gotten older and wiser, I know that all I see or hear is not always the truth and that I must investigate an issue more deeply and certainly not make decisions based upon what I see on news programs. You know this is leading to me jumping on my soapbox! A bill has been introduced by IL Sen. Dick Durbin that would give the FDA more sweeping power to regulate supplements. I have read this bill and the one that it will overturn and I urge you to do the same. S.722 to view it go to

As you will see the FDA already has the authority to do what it needs to do with any food or supplement without the loophole of one complaint allowing for the removal of a product. What I have noticed is this is a political and dollar issue rather than a "we the people" issue and our right to choose is again at stake.

Example: I am watching a news broadcast. First story how awful Vit E "may be" and other anti-oxidants" may be" and you "may be" throwing your money away because they do not have proof that they do work. Hummm. did they not think we are aware there is much research? Immediately following first Botox is a cure for migranes in addition to shooting it into your face to reduce wrinkles. that sounds scary to me! do you know what Botox is? If it comes to taking a plant as opposed to a pig virus, well....I want the right to choose and have easy access to an herb for my migrane and as Dr. Perricone points out nutrients to keep wrinkles at bay. This issue has been turned into an ephedra media issue:which it is not. The FDA can make full use of its current and adequate authority as granted by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.

I urge you to look into this and BE HEARD or you may wake up one morning to find yourself waiting for your prescription for Vit. C.

* This article is meant for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Sources available by request.

Copyright 1997-2003 by Heritage Publishing. All rights reserved.