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Monday, June 2, 2003 Volume IX, Number 244

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?. . .The Friends of the Carthage Public Library will host "Bess, A Missouri Treasure," presented by Eileen Hacker at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 4th, in the Library Annex, 510 S. Garrison.

Did Ya Know?. . .Chances on a beautiful print of the courthouse, featuring local artists, are being sold to raise money for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. They sell for $1 a chance or 6 chances for $5. Drawing will be held June 6. If interested please call 358-2216 between 5-8 p.m.

Did Ya Know?. . .Area acoustic musicians will gather to eat and make music at the next meeting of the Ozark Wilderness Dulcimer Club at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 3, at the Park Plaza Christian Church, 3220 Indiana at 32nd Street, Joplin. For further information, call Judy at 417-624-2387 or Christina at 417-358-9679.

today's laugh

Can any little boy tell me what a fish net is made of?
A lot of little holes tied together with strings.

You are clever, if I may say so.
You may say so, but not in front of these people.
You are clever, but not in front of these people.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

A Needle in Baker’s Dough.

Leslie McBean has a very lame and sore hand and is off duty, the result of encountering a stray needle in the dough the other day at the bakery where he is employed.

Degree of Chivalry for Mrs. Hodson.

Next week in Joplin the degree of chivalry is to be conferred on one candidate to be designated by the Carthage lodge of Rebekahs. The lodge last night selected Mrs. I. C. Hodson for that honor, and will provide the jewel.

A. Johnson, whose shoe repair shop is the first door east of Block’s grocery on east Fourth street, besides doing excellent repairing, now has on hand a sample line of shoes of the famous Diamond brand, made by the Peters Shoe Co. They are shoes made for men and boys and are as standard as wheat.

  Today's Feature

2nd Annual Acoustic Festival Next Saturday.

Final preparations are being made for the 2nd Annual Carthage Acoustic Music Festival. The event, which is sponsored by Main Street Carthage and funded with a grant from the Helen S. Boylan Foundation attracted a estimated crowd of over 600 people to the Square last year.

This year’s schedule again includes an open stage from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. Performers of all levels can sign up during this time. Sign in starts at 9 a.m. and will allow twenty minutes for groups and ten minutes for individual performances. All performances must use live acoustic music, no tapes or electrified instruments are allowed.

The scheduled band performances begin at 1 p.m. and include some groups returning and several new groups. They include a variety of music including Irish, country, bluegrass, old time rock and roll, and folk.

Spectators are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and instruments. The Square offers a large shaded area for seating and informal jam sessions. Free parking is available on the Square and within a block in the down town area.

Just Jake Talkin'


It’s time to pull out your banjo and clean your teeth for the pickin’ and grinnin’ this Saturday. If you happened to miss the fun last year, you need ta stop by.

The talent for the open stage portion of the show was outstanding last year. The young lady from Fairview will be on stage this year again to open the scheduled performance portion with her "Star Spangle Banner.."

No matter what your taste in music, you will most likely hear it durin’ the day. New this year is the group "Natural Disaster" which specializes in old rock tunes from the fifty’s.

More "jammers" are expected this year to keep the music goin’ around the square. Seating will be on the Courthouse lawn, bathrooms will be available, and it’s free.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.



Carthage Printing

Weekly Column


By Samantha Mazzotta

Unsightly Cedar Walls

I recently received an e-mail from a reader whose question I addressed a few months back. She gave me some great feedback on repairing stains on the cedar walls inside her home, and I wanted to share it with you:

"I was thrilled to read in my local newspaper your response to my question on cedar wall wood stains.

"We have replaced leaky doors, put in new flashing and sealed where we could so that the rain/snow will no longer invade the house. Today I tried your suggestions for getting out the stains. The bleach, TSP and water combination didn’t do much and ended up making a large dark spot in addition to the watermark line. The wood bleach helped more and got out most of the dark lines. I then tried sandpaper and found that it seemed to work the best!

"I then tried just the sandpaper without any chemicals first. The walls are tongue and groove unvarnished cedar. I used 50-grit first, rubbing with and against the grain, to get the darkest stains out. Then I used 100-grit to blend in the sanded part with the rest of the wood and then wiped it down with a dry cloth. It is amazing how well this worked, and the stains are practically invisible.

"I really want to thank you for all of the work and effort you did to research my question. I thought you might like to know my experience so that you could add it to your resource file, especially for rough cedar inside. Thanks again." — Patricia H.

Thanks, Patricia! It’s great to hear back from readers, especially when their efforts are successful. I hope this information will help readers facing similar troubles with interior cedar walls.


Here’s a safe way to tap out a broken windowpane: Place cross-strips of duct tape on both sides of the pane. Then, run one long strip of tape along the middle of the pane and across to the neighboring frame (or pane).

Hammer gently along the edges of the broken pane until it comes free in one piece, and use the extra-long tape strip to carry it away.

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