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Wednesday, May 28, 2003 Volume IX, Number 241

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?. . .The Carthage Public Library will have a Bicycle Safety and Registration event conducted by the Carthage Police Department at the Library Annex starting at 10 a.m. on Thursday, May 29th. Call 237-7040 for info or sign up at the YPL desk.

Did Ya Know?. . .The Diabetic Support Group will meet at 4 p.m. in the McCune- Brooks hospital cafeteria on Wed., May 28th. This month’s topic is "Who’s the Boss? Diabetes or You?" Tara Wikinson, RN, will be the speaker. Call 359-2355 for more info.

Did Ya Know?. . .If you would like to make a donation for a luminaria at the Relay For Life, go by The Wright Gift & Antique Place, 2303 South Garrison, Tuesday - Saturday and complete a form. Each Luminaria is a $5.00 donation. All money goes to the American Cancer Society.

Did Ya Know?. . .Carthage Humane Society needs your community club, church group or family to help with upcoming adoption events. To volunteer call 358-6808. You can now make a deposit at Hometown Bank to go towards an addition to the cat room at the Carthage Humane Society.

today's laugh

Tact is the ability to arrive at conclusions without expressing them.

Success is still operated on the self-service plan.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


John Courtney, of Carthage, and Charles Marshall, of Prosperity, were arrested yesterday and placed in jail last evening on a charge of breaking into and stealing from the Kelm & McMillan powder house, located a half mile southwest of Park cemetery, and the Gale powder house near Webb City.

The first arrest was that of Charles Marshall. He was known to have made an appointment with a man named Hanna at Prosperity, to sell him, for $3, a box of Excelsior powder, which retails at $5.50. The cut rate was in itself a circumstance that gave the transaction a shady appearance. Marshall was in the act of delivering the powder yesterday morning when he was arrested. he was not at first disposed to be communicative, but after a little "sweating" divulged the name of the "wicked partner" in the transaction.

The information put the officers on the trail of John Courtney, who until recently lived in Prosperity, and had moved to Carthage within the past few days. A search warrant was secured and they found their man on Fifth street, near the house into which he had just moved.

Courtney at first refused to allow his place to be searched; said there was nothing there of the kind described in the search warrant, and that if there was he didn’t propose to have any man enter his house unless he wanted him to. But he weakened on the discovery that the officer had the drop on him. The constable not only went in, but he stood Courtney up against a wall all the time he was going through his effects, and he found just what he had gone there to look for.

At the robbery on February 1, of the powder magazine of Kelm & McMillan, there had been taken away five boxes of Excelsior powder, one can of shotgun powder and one case of No. 12 shotgun shells. The next night Roy Gale’s magazine, near Webb City, had been broken into and some caps were stolen, evidently to be used with the shotgun powder and shells taken from the Kelm & McMillan powder house.

The search made on Courtney’s premises led to the discovery of the very goods that Marshall had described.

Later in the day Courtney and Marshall were taken to Webb City for preliminary hearing. Justice Price ordered them to the county jail to await further examination.

Kelm & McMillan had offered a reward of $100 and Harry Tamblyn $250 for the arrest and conviction of the thieves.

  Today's Feature

Art in the HeARTland.

Painters, sculptors, potters, other artisans and craftsmen are invited to participate in a fine art show to be held from 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 7th, at Red Oak II in Carthage, MO. This is the Third Annual Art in the HeARTland festival. This year’s event is assisted by Precious Moments and Carthage Heritage Gallery & Museum, LLC. Art mediums of all kinds will be displayed. Demonstrations are welcome. This year the show will be held at Red Oak II, which is located approximately 1 1/2 miles east of Carthage, off of Historic Route 66.

Musical entertainment will be offered throughout the day, as well as performances by local dance groups. Food vendors will be on the grounds, and children’s activities are being scheduled.

There will be no commission fee to the Artists and vendors, however a participate fee of $40.00 is requested to help defray expenses. Artisans will need to provide their own easels, panels, stands, tables, print bins and all set-up equipment for their booth.

For more information or registration forms, please call Sandy Higgins at 417-358-7163 or Tonjia Everts at 417-358-3316.

Just Jake Talkin'


I see the statewide sales tax holiday has passed. ‘Course it won’t take effect ‘cept for three days August after next (2004). And ‘fore ya get too excited, it will only be a holiday for books, clothes and computers.

From what I’m seein’, most City and County tax will still be collected. Cities and Counties have the option to "opt out" of the holiday. Jasper County, Joplin, and Carthage have all indicated they will not partake in the program.

Even with just the state tax off you’ll still save over forty bucks on a thousand dollar computer, so it may actually generate some additional sales as hoped.

I don’t suppose anyone has calculated the cost to businesses to keep track of the particular days and sales. Hope it’s worth the hassle.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.



Carthage Printing

Weekly Column


By JoAnn Derson

• Have a stained coffeepot but don’t want to use a harsh chemical cleanser to scrub that stain off? For gritty cleaning power, try using a tablespoon of milk and a tablespoon of salt. The salt gives you scrubbing power, and the milk’s acids help gently dissolve the stains.

• A great hint from Jim in California: "If you are planning a visit to the hospital, make sure you bring along a warm pair of socks. Hospitals generally keep it cold to inhibit the growth of germs, so you’ll need the socks to keep your feet warm."

• "Plastic grocery bags are handy for so many uses, but keeping them organized was always a pain — until I discovered that I could use an empty tissue box to store them. I just ball up each bag individually (so there is no air trapped) and stuff it in the tissue box. You can do the same thing for larger amounts of bags by using an empty 12-pack soda box. I store one of these in my shop." — Fred C. from Pennsylvania

• Add these to the list of items to eliminate the odor of cooking cabbage: a heel of bread, a whole walnut or a pinch of baking soda.

• If you keep a couple of crackers in your sugar jar, they will keep the sugar from caking.

• Fran in Minnesota writes: "Since it is getting expensive to even rent movies these days, a friend of mine and I have started having ‘movie night.’ Every other week, I rent a video and have her family over. She does the same the other weeks. This way, we save on renting costs, and instead of getting two movies (like we normally did when it was just us and the kids), we only rent one, because we also spend time visiting.

It also gives us a night out without costing an arm and a leg. It’s been a good experience for us!"

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