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Friday, May 30, 2003 Volume IX, Number 243

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?. . .The Friends of the Carthage Public Library will host "Bess, A Missouri Treasure," presented by Eileen Hacker at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 4th, in the Library Annex, 510 S. Garrison.

Did Ya Know?. . .If you would like to make a donation for a luminaria at the Relay For Life, go by The Wright Gift & Antique Place, 2303 South Garrison, Tuesday - Saturday and complete a form. Each Luminaria is a $5.00 donation. All money goes to the American Cancer Society.

Did Ya Know?. . .The Carthage Humane Society is having an adoption day from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, May 31st at the Carthage Family YMCA. Volunteer help is needed. Please call 358-6808 for information.

today's laugh

When I was a kid our house was hit by a flash of electricity.
Flash of electricity? Don’t you know the difference between electricity and lightning?
Yes, you don’t have to pay anything for lightning.

Think it will rain this afternoon?
I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve got a new hat, a fresh shoe shine and I’ve just had my car washed.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.


Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Hutchinson’s Departure Eventful Socially.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Spenser Hutchinson, who are to leave for Boston a week from Saturday, are having an eventful farewell social program tendered them.

Last night Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Briles gave a 7 o’clock dinner for them, having Dr. and Mrs. Whitney, Miss Ruth Whitney, Rev. and Mrs. J. B. Toomay, Mrs. Toomay’s mother and Mr. Gould.

Tonight the Pastime whist club gives a bid euchre for them.

Governor Dockery has signed the bill prohibiting the buying, receiving or taking of any personal property, goods, wares or merchandise of any value by any pawnbroker, junk dealer, dealer in second-hand goods or merchant from any minor without the written consent of their parents or guardians.

  Today's Feature

Keep Off The Grass.


Public Service Committee Chair Jim Woestman reported to the City Council last Tuesday evening that an ordinance is being considered to help keep vehicles from driving on the grass at Kellogg Lake. The ordinance would make it easier to discourage damage to the property.

Public Works Committee Chair Bill Fortune reported that the Committee and City Attorney felt it was not advisable to wave building permits for a Methodist youth group scheduled to be in town this summer. The group wants to provide free repairs and cleanup for local homeowners. The group will be encourage in clean up efforts, but repairs will still come under City code guidelines.

Police Chief Dennis Veach and Fire Chief John Cooper advised the Council that several of their officers and fire fighters provided volunteer service to surrounding communities after the recent tornado damage. The City did pay some overtime pay for personnel but will receive reimbursement from FEMA for some of the expense. Many Carthage citizens volunteered their services.

New Work Arriving at artCentral.

By Lee Sours, artCentral

New work has been arriving in the gallery this week. We are getting ready for the Membership Show which will run from June 6 to July 11. The opening will be Friday, June 6 from 6-8 pm. This is a great opportunity to see a sampling of what everyone is doing.

Also that weekend, the 5th annual Bill Snow stonecarving weekend is coming up. Mr. Snow is one of the most experienced, respected and skilled stone carvers in the nation. Some of his works that can be seen locally include "Marlin Perkins" an 8’ bronze located in Central Park in Carthage, "Compassion", a 24’ bronze at St. John’s Medical Center in Joplin, "Alice in Wonderland", a 6’ bronze in the Carthage Library Gardens, and "Longhorn", 24 tons of limestone, the largest in the nation at the Joplin Stock Yards. This year we are also adding two more classes. The Blacksmithing class will cover basic forging techniques from building a coke fire to working on projects. Joe Davis will be instructing this class. He has a shop where he makes hand forged ironwork that is elegant and personalized. He has been making gates, fences, railing, yard art, furniture, kitchen racks and more. Also in our pottery studio, we will have Jerry Long teaching Beginning Handbuilding Ceramics. This class covers slab and coil construction, the use of molds, and carving. He formerly taught at Waterworks art studio in Tulsa, OK.

The blacksmithing and stonecarving classes’ costs are each $150 plus materials. The ceramics class is $80. We still have a few spots left so pick one of these great classes and call artCentral at 358-4404 to obtain information and registration forms. Registration is by prepayment. Participants must be 17 or older.

HOURS: T – F 11 - 5

Sunday 12 -5 Closed Mon. and Sat.

1110 E 13th • 358-4404

Just Jake Talkin'


The golf course - formerly the Carthage Municipal Golf course, oh yea, it’s still the Carthage Municipal Golf Course, anyway, it looks like the renovations are bein’ appreciated by quite a few golfers. Parks Director Alan Bull says the course generated over $18,000 in three decent days and a rainy Saturday. Not bad.

City Administrator Tom Short figures that the installation of the fibre optic system that will tie all the City departments together is about 95% complete. Course now the long known fact that the City’s computers are lackin’ is becomin’ a factor. Some of the computers are not capable of usin’ the internet and will have ta be replaced. The idea is to eventually have at least some City data available on the internet for reference.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.



Oak Street health & herb

Weekly Column

Natural Nutrition

by Mari An Willis

Another month has come and gone. Have you accomplished almost half of the things on your New Year’s Resolution list?

I just returned from So. Texas and grapefruit season is in full swing. That wonderful, juicy fruit is such a treasure right off the tree. The grapefruit diet is a common one among consistent dieters. Eat a half of a grapefruit with each meal and you may shed lots of pounds Drink 1/2 cup juice with each meal...same results. But did you know that the grapefuit seed extract has been studied for its’ health benefits? Yep, the very bitter seed itself is being used as a complimentary medicine.

About 16 years ago a Yugoslavian physicist and M.D. who specializes in finding natural "drugs" came up with a liquid extract from the seeds. He found that it had a negative effect on bacteria and viruses and parasites. Dr. Leo Galland, M.D., a New York City internist who has been giving the extract says"There is just something unique about this particular substance." Whatever it does, it does without debilitating side effects. "It has the advantage of being very safe," says Galland. The only noted side effects were mild stomach irritation and some discomfort during the cleansing process. *

As in Peru, where grapefruit seed extract is used to disinfect produce, that has been my main usage also. I know from consuming this product myself that it must be diluted and never taken straight as it is very strong. Somewhere, someplace there is probably someone researching other valuable benefits of the juicy grapefruit.

*article by Susan Resnick Vegetarian Times
* This article is meant for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Sources available by request.

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