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Monday, December 24, 2007 Volume XVI, Number 133

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... The Carthage Public Library will be closed Chirstmas Eve and Christmas Day, Monday and Tuesday, December 24th and 25th, 2007. CPL will close at 5:00 on New Year’s Eve, Monday, December 31st and remain closed for New Year’s Day.

Did Ya Know?... Effective Monday, December 24th, Allied Waste Services will resume residential alley pickups for removal of garbage.

Did Ya Know?... The Carthage Crisis Center will hold a Christmas Day family Dinner on Tuesday, December 25 from 1 to 3 p.m. in the First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall. Those who would like to volunteer to help are asked to call Marilyn Bisbee at 417-358-3533.

Did Ya Know?... The City of Carthage Recycling Drop-Off Center and Composting Lot will be closed Tuesday, December 25th and Wednesday, December 26th in observance of Christmas.

today's laugh

Doctor, I’m suffering from a pain in my right leg.
There’s no cure, alas.It’s because of old age.
You must be mistaken, Doctor. The left leg is as old as the right leg and it doesn’t hurt at all!

You’ve got a very good nose as noses run.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Letters to Santa.

Dear Santa Claus: - Will you please bring a rubber ball a train of cars and rocky horse, new shoes and little overcoat, and two white bears, sea gull and rooster from the north pole, and lots of candy and nuts and a wagon to pull them all in. Now Santy don’t forget me for I be a good little boy and not set fire to my pants any more and mind mamma. I am five years old, live on the corner of Elm and Mound St. No 200. - Roy Perkins

Dear Santa: - I want the following, if they will be convenient for you; a doll, doll buggy, a set of dishes, a doll piano, a doll iron bed, a pair of new shoes No. 11, a story book, a game of a, b, c blocks. Yours truly, Fern Beard.

Mr. Santa Claus: - I want a loop the loop, knife, wagon, candy, nuts, horn, pop gun, whistle. Walter Cherry, Kendricktown.


Today's Feature

Council Approves Cleanup Bid.

City Council on Friday of last week met in a special session and approved a contract for curbside storm-related debris removal. Under the contract, J&R Disaster Services, of Columbia, MO, will remove fallen limbs from the City right-of-way beginning January 2 and ending February 1, making three passes through the town.

City Administrator Tom Short informed the Council that bid specs had been sent to 30 vendors for the curbside removal of limbs fallen during the ice storm. The City received bids from 8 firms, the lowest of which was from J&R Disaster Services. Public Works Director Chad Wampler noted that the reviewing committee had received several positive references for the company.

The bid cost per cubic foot is $3.79, and the City has estimated 25,000 cubic feet of limbs. J&R will also trim "hangers", or the limbs that are broken and overhanging the street, but have not fallen yet. The cost for that service is $25 per tree trimmed. The total estimated cost for the project is $120,000. City Administrator Short noted that there was no way to tell the amount of debris prior to collection, and that the 25,000 cubic feet was only an estimate.

Council also approved a budget amendment allowing a supplemental appropriation in the amount of $150,000 for the cleanup. Short noted that the cleanup had not been officially deemed a reimbursable project by SEMA, but that decision was expected soon. The appropriation will allow the City to pay for the cleanup, after which the City will submit for reimbursement. The budget amendment was unanimously approved.

Further information will be forthcoming concerning the cleanup schedule. It was noted that limbs must be located in the City right-of-way, at the curbline, to be eligible for pick-up.

The City Landfill is still accepting fallen limbs free of charge for those citizens capable of hauling the debris. The landfill will continue to do so at least until February. Public Works Director Wampler said that the Public Works Committee would consider an ending date at a later meeting.

Just Jake Talkin'
With Christmas bein’ tomorrow, ya only have today left to get out and pick up those last minute gifts that couldn’t be found over the weekend.

Or, as in the case of some, today is the day to finally get started on the quest for the perfect gift.

Last minute shoppers have a real advantage over those who start their shoppin’ in July. Time is on their side.

Not in the typical sense that there is enough of it, but the lack of it makes decisions easier. No time to look around, no time to wrap, no time to worry about the cost. Just do it.

I’m guessin’ that if time didn’t run out, a lota gifts just wouldn’t be given. The deadline is upon us.

Have a Merry Christmas.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

Oldies & Oddities Mall

This Is A Hammer
By Samantha Mazzotta

Oh Joy! What Goes Up Must Come Down

While we celebrate the Christmas holiday this week, most of us DIY’ers are already thinking about the chore of removing and storing outdoor and indoor decorations. Here are some safe and effective tips for taking down all those holiday decorations you so painstakingly put up.

--Use a sturdy ladder whether working indoors or outdoors, with a helper to hold it steady.

--Always use caution when working around electricity.

--Change any burnt-out bulbs before taking down light strings, and secure remaining replacement bulbs in their small plastic bags near the end of each string.

--Putting a light string back onto the same plastic card from which it came from the store can be maddening. Instead, wrap the string around a spare piece of cardboard. To keep them from sliding off, cut small notches along each side of the cardboard and slip the wires into the notches as you wind on the string.

--Store outdoor and indoor lights in separate, weather-resistant boxes, and mark each box clearly.

--To keep from having to hunt down extension cords next year, pack extension cords with their corresponding light sets. Purchase any additional cords that you will need now, during the after-Christmas sales.

--Lawn decorations should also be packed in clearly marked, weather-resistant boxes (see-through plastic storage boxes are ideal). Place newspaper or biodegradable packing peanuts between items to prevent scratches and dings.

--Fully deflate inflatable lawn decorations; coil tethering ropes and tie off to prevent tangles, and collect and tape together anchoring stakes so they can be found easily next year.

--Designate a spot in the garage, attic or basement to store all holiday decorations together, and place them so that the biggest items come out first (such as the tree, lights and lawn decorations) and the smaller trimming items come out last.

Taking down holiday decorations is never going to be an absolute breeze, but storing them properly will minimize headaches next year and beyond.

HOME TIP: Label cardboard storage boxes using red or green markers to designate those that contain Christmas items. For plastic storage bins, apply leftover holiday stickers.

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