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Thursday, December 27, 2007 Volume XVI, Number 135

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... The Carthage Public Library will be closed at 5:00 on New Year’s Eve, Monday, December 31st and remain closed for New Year’s Day.

Did Ya Know?... Effective Monday, December 24th, Allied Waste Services will resume residential alley pickups for removal of garbage.

Did Ya Know?... A New Year’s Eve Dance will be held at the VFW Post 2590 in Carthage, Monday, December 31 from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. Couples $25, Singles $15, In Advance, $22 - $12. Entertainment by the Highway 66 Band.

Did Ya Know?... Curbside cleanup of fallen branches will begin January 2 and end February 1. Limbs will be collected only from the City right-of-way, directly behind the curb line. No collections will be made from private property.

today's laugh

When did bustles go out of style?
The year revolving doors were invented.

Can I help you, sir?
I want a hat.
No, for me.

Say, you look swell. Who does your laundry?
Nobody. I tear the buttons off myself.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Traveling From Carthage Now.

Bert Clark is here to remain over Sunday recuperating from a bad cold. He will make this his headquarters for a month or more while he sells shoes to dealers in adjacent territory. His wife is expected to arrive her from St. Louis this evening to visit here for a month or so.

Returned Today from the East.

Mr. G.A. Rose of Rose Mercantile Co., returned this morning from the east. Mr. Rose tells us of a great purchase at forced sale. Also form the fire underwriters - one of five thousand dollars in merchandise. Mr. Rose is thoroughly enthused over the big deal. The first or middle of next week, the Rose Company will offer this stock for sale. Several cases arrived today.

If you want a stylish hat made to order, leave your order with Misses Kauth & Mathis, north side of the square.


Today's Feature

Some Have Filed.

A General Election will be held on April 8, 2008 to elect representatives for the 5 wards of the City Council. Filing was opened to candidates on December 18th. Two candidates, Timothy Teed and Ronnie Wells, have already filed to run for 2nd Ward representatives.

The final date for candidates to file in City Hall will be January 22nd, 2008.

One member from each of the five wards will be elected to serve a two year term. The Council members currently holding those positions are as follows: 1st Ward, Claude Newport; 2nd Ward, Mike Harris; 3rd Ward, Cyndi Curry; 4th Ward, Bill Johnson; 5th Ward, Tom Flanigan.

Petitions for nomination of candidates are available in the Office of the City Clerk, City Hall, 326 Grant, Carthage, Missouri. Applications should be accompanied by submitting $25.00 or a petition with 25 signatures from registered voters from the ward represented.

Political signs for candidates are allowed by City code provided that they are not posted more than 60 days before the election, February 8.

Just Jake Talkin'
One of the big decisions after the holidays is whether to carefully put away those miniature Christmas lights. At the after-Christmas price of a couple a bucks for a string of a hunderd or so, the hours needed to pack them away may not make much sense to some. I’ve seen real trees before that have been pitched out with the lights still on ‘em. Folks with fake trees have ta take ‘em off just ta get the trees apart, so for them it might be worthwhile ta just wind ‘em up and stick ‘em in the box too.

I guess all those things that were gonna get done "after the holidays" have ta be addressed now too. The list has been growin’ since ‘fore Thanksgivin’. I’m not sure how big a list I’ve put together. Like many, I think makin’ the list was one a those things supposed to be on the list.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

Metcalf Auto Supply

Click & Clack Talk Cars
By Tom & Ray Magliozzi

Dear Tom and Ray:

I have a 1986 Volvo 740 GLE wagon. I had the exhaust system replaced from the catalytic converter two years ago, at a cost of $486.41. Last week, I took it in to have the timing belt changed, and when I picked it up, it sounded like a hot rod. When I complained, they showed me the rusted-out exhaust system and said it would need to be replaced again. What caused it to rust through so fast? I drive the car almost every day and park it in the street, so it is exposed to the range of New England weather. Is getting a warranty worth it? Thanks so much! - Laurie

RAY: Well, it’s not unusual for after-market, replacement exhaust systems to last about two years. Especially in areas of the country where they’re exposed to rain, snow and salt.

TOM: Particularly if the car makes a lot of short trips. On short drives, the exhaust system never heats up enough to vaporize the moisture produced by the engine. So the moisture sits and turns your system to rust.

RAY: There’s really nothing the mechanic could have done while replacing your timing belt that could have damaged the exhaust system. Not unless he was rushing to the coffee truck, took a shortcut under your car and bonked his head on the thing while moving at full speed.

TOM: A warranty is fine. But understand that most warranties cover just the muffler. So, the next time your exhaust system fails, if you’re even lucky enough to (A) still have the car, (B) remember that you got a warranty, and (C) remember where you put the paperwork, you’ll still have to pay for the gaskets and connectors, as well as the labor.

RAY: Muffler warranties typically are more marketing devices than consumer protection devices. But if they give it to you for free, put it in your glove compartment, try to remember it and hope that it saves you a few bucks off your exhaust bill in two years.

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