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Monday, December 31, 2007 Volume XVI, Number 137

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... A New Year’s Eve Dance will be held at the VFW Post 2590 in Carthage, Monday, December 31 from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. Couples $25, Singles $15, In Advance, $22 - $12. Entertainment by the Highway 66 Band.

Did Ya Know?... The Carthage Public Library will be closed at 5:00 on New Year’s Eve, Monday, December 31st and remain closed for New Year’s Day.

Did Ya Know?... Effective Monday, December 24th, Allied Waste Services will resume residential alley pickups for removal of garbage.

Did Ya Know?... Curbside cleanup of fallen branches will begin January 2 and end February 1. Limbs will be collected only from the City right-of-way, directly behind the curb line. No collections will be made from private property.

today's laugh

What’s the date today?
I don’t know. Why don’t you look at the newspaper you have in your pocket?
That won’t do any good. It’s yesterday’s paper.

My feet are cold.
Well, all you have to do is go to bed and have a brick at your feet.
I tried that.
Did you get the brick hot?
Get it hot? It took all night just to get it warm.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

John Lee "Kidnapped."

The newspaper is in receipt of a letter from John Lee, written from the jail at Columbus, Kansas, in which he refers with great satisfaction to the pardon of his brother, Charlie Lee, from the penitentiary.

Concerning himself he adds: "On the night of the 18th inst., I was forcibly kidnapped from Joplin and brought into Kansas to answer to the charge of stealing a broken pistol out of the Galena Times office. I am under a $500 bond, which I cannot fill. My kidnappers had no requisition papers. I received personal injuries while struggling with my kidnappers. If anyone doubts my statement let him investigate the matter for himself and verify its truthfulness.

Four hoboes were last night given a lodging in the City holdover in return for carrying in a box of coal. On of them wore a swallow tailed coat, pantaloons and stiff hat to match, an immediate shirt and standing collar and gold eye glasses.


Today's Feature

Approved Library Budget Adjustment.

Carthage City Council met Thursday evening and heard the first reading of an ordinance that would amend the City’s Capital and Operating Budget. The ordinance would appropriate an additional $27,250 to the Carthage Public Library from the Parks and Stormwater fund.

The budget approved by the City in June appropriated the same amount to the Library, which was half of the requested amount. During the Budget hearings the Library board requested an increased amount over the previous year due to increase in operation expenses following the construction of the addition to the Library. The $54,500 request was based on projections, and the Budget committee approved half of the requested amount, with the understanding that the Library board could return after six months of operation to request the other half if it was needed.

Council also approved an ordinance approving the settlement agreement with US Cellular, an ordinance approving the vacation of 17 feet of right of way on Buena Vista, and an ordinance approving the comprehensive tree inventory for the City.

Just Jake Talkin'
This is the time a year when all those pennies ya paid in sales tax start ta be counted up for the year end totals. This is when the old "shop at home" sayin’ really starts ta make some sense for ever’one.

Since close to a fourth of the City’s income comes from sales tax, it is a critical component of the annual budget.

Jasper County is even more dependent on Sales tax. Close to $3 million goes to keep the County roads up to par.

Due to the volatile nature of that income stream, countin’ on sales tax is a little risky. The up side of course is that folks livin’ outside of the particular area help support the local government when they do their shoppin.’ Spendin’ all you can locally helps ta maintain the quality of life we’ve grown accustom to.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

Oldies & Oddities

This Is A Hammer
By Samantha Mazzotta

Water-Stained Ceiling

Q: The ceiling in my hallway is showing water stains in two places. Why are these stains appearing there, well below the roof? -- Boyd L., Springfield, Mass.

A: Detecting the source of the leak may take a little work, but if there is no sign of water leaking into the attic, the next likely explanation is that a pipe is leaking near or above the hallway ceiling.

If you cannot access the pipe run in that area to check it, you’ll need to contact a plumber, who may have to break through a wall (or even the ceiling itself) to repair the leak. However, it’s much better to find and solve the problem as fast as possible, rather than risk thousands of dollars in water damage down the road.

Make sure the plumber is licensed in your state and bonded, and get all estimates in writing -- insist that you approve all work before it’s performed. Invasive repairs -- like removing wallboard to get to the pipes behind it -- should be made to match as closely as possible to the original wall.

Q: In one of your columns you recommended a product called "Lemi-Shine" that would clean hard water stains from windows. I looked for it at my local Wal-Mart, but they do not carry it. I don’t have access to a computer so I can’t go to its Web site. Would you have a mailing address for them instead? Thank you. -- Joan K., Brick, N.J.

A: The manufacturer of Lemi-Shine is Envirocon Technologies, Inc. You can write to the company at the following address:

Envirocon Technologies, Inc.

P.O. Box 4444

Midland, TX 79704

You can also call 888-336-2582.

HOME TIP: Leaky ceiling? Poke a small hole in the center of the water-stained area to let excess water drain and prevent additional damage.

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