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Monday, January 8, 2007 Volume XV, Number 142

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... The winter session of Wednesday morning preschool storytimes will begin January 10, at 10 a.m. in the Library Annex.

Did Ya Know?... McCune-Brooks Hospital will hold a "Freedom From Smoking" class beginning on January 11 in. The eight week course provides a complete plan to prepare to quit smoking, helps set a quit date and provides techniques for coping with urges to smoke and the various stresses of quitting. The cost for the cessation program is $65 or $50 when a friend enters as well. Call 359-2452 or 359-2432 for more information or to sign up.

today's laugh

I got some tartar-control toothpaste a while back. I’ve still got tartar, but it’s under control. - Mitch Hedberg

The Nazis wanted to take over the world. The only idea terrorists have come up with is: "Why don’t we blow ourselves up?" That’s good, that’s really good. You should do that. - Jerry Seinfeld

I put a new engine in my car but I didn’t take the old one out. Now my car goes five hundred miles an hour. - Steven Wright

When I was younger, I used to have a photographic memory. Now it takes three hours to develop. - Jerry Rubin

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Militiaman Returns to Missouri.

Dr. C.Z. Kelso of Gage, Okla., is visiting his brother-in -law, Conductor Ed Palmer of the electric line at Webb City. Dr. Kelso was formerly a resident of Nevada, Mo., and was at one time prominently connected with the state militia. He is now on his way to Nevada to make his home once more. He has been living in Oklahoma some seven or eight years.

Good Horses and Mules to Sell.

Henry Tangner Has a Good Lot on Hand Ready to Go at Reasonable Figures.

For sale, fine lot of horses and mules, including some fine drivers, some draft horses, good brood mares, choice young mules and almost anything demanded on the market. Will sell on reasonable terms.

Maj. C.O. Harrington went to Kansas City last night with a carload of young fat cattle witch were shipped for market. Maj. Harrington bought these cattle up last fall.


Today's Feature

Childers on DNR.

Representatives from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources including Director Doyle Childers spoke to Carthage and Jasper County representatives in the Carthage Courthouse on Friday.

Childers outlined some of the priorities of DNR for the future, which include the reducing the time it takes for paperwork and permits to be completed, readability and understandability of rules and regulations, and a focus on the prevention of environmental problems.

A moderate crowd was present and was allowed time to ask questions. Carthage Mayor Jim Woestman reminded Childers that there were still problems with odor emissions from Renewable Environmental Solutions (RES). Childers said that the department was trying to "stay on top" of the situation, adding that the most recent Notice of Excess Emissions issued by DNR had been due to a well break. Childers said that RES may never be completely odor-free.

"I don’t know how you could deal with that material in the middle of a city and not have some smell problems," said Childers.

Numerous questions were asked by the attendees of the meeting concerning the effectiveness of DNR actions against RES.

Childers said that he felt RES was making an honest effort to improve.

"There’s no question that they have made major changes in their operation," said Childers.

Attendees also questioned the effectiveness of the "scentometer" device used by DNR to smell the air when complaints are filed.

Childers said he though the scentometer was a "terrible" instrument, but said it’s the best instrument available at this time.

Frank Martinez, sponsor of the Carthage Stream Team which conducts contamination level tests on Spring River asked what authority would be required in order to place signs near areas of water contamination to caution against swimming.

Childers said that DNR did not have the resources to begin posting signs, and said that signs would likely be better maintained if they were posted locally.

Martinez also asked about the possibility of DNR assisting in the purchase of supplies and testing equipment for stream teams. Childers commended the work of regional stream teams but said that the DNR budget was not able to fund these projects.

A number of other topics were touched on briefly from Missouri’s recycling efforts to water shortages and some other site specific areas of environmental violations. The meeting was scheduled to end at 2:15 p.m. but ran over and was concluded at approximately 2:30. Childers thanked the participants and left for Springfield, MO where a 3:30 conference was scheduled.

Stench Report:


No Stench Detected on Carthage Square

Just Jake Talkin'

A buddy a mine was headin’ off for a fishin’ trip last weekend. He didn’t ask if I wanted ta go along. Saved me tellin’ him I don’t do fishin’ in the middle of winter.

I don’t mind a little fishin’ ever now and then, but mostly I enjoy just sittin’ on the bank. The fishin’ part is just an excuse.

The scene I envision when I’m fishin’ is a warm breeze comin’ across the water coolin’ off the summer sun. Maybe even dozin’ off for an afternoon nap.

I’m not a big fan of cleanin’ fish either, specially after a good nap. So the fact of whether or not they are bitin’ on a particular day isn’t really a factor.

Sittin’ in the cold rain waitin’ for a fish to bite just doesn’t fit the picture I have of an enjoyable getaway.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

Oldies and Oddities
This Is A Hammer
By Samantha Mazzotta

Stain, Stain Go Away

Q: I have two questions. First, how do I clean red candle wax from a beige carpet? Second, how do I clean the wall paint from a hardwood floor? Thanks! -- Mimi S., Santa Fe, N.M.

A: For your first question, grab a butter knife or small putty knife and carefully scrape away as much of the excess wax from the carpet as possible. Be careful not to dislodge or tear the carpet fibers; if a particular glob of wax is too difficult, just leave it for now.

Next, plug in a clothes iron and turn it to its LOWEST setting. This is extremely important -- nylon carpet fibers will melt if the temperature is too high, making the stain many times worse (and requiring replacement of that piece of carpet). In fact, you may want to test the iron on a hard-to-see part of the carpet first.

Take two or three paper towels and layer them on top of the candle-wax stain. Gently iron over the towels (turn off the steam setting), checking the stain after each pass. Replace the towels as needed and keep ironing. The warmth should melt the candle wax, and the towels should soak it up. You may need to repeat several times, being careful not to scorch the carpet.

Now, to your second question. Latex paint can often be scraped up with a putty knife. Carefully ease the knife under the edge of the paint stain, moving in the same direction as the wood grain, and push the paint up and away. Paint that has set into the wood or that will not scrape up can be loosened by dabbing on acetone (nail polish remover) with a soft cloth, allowing that to sit for a minute, then rubbing to remove the stain. When all else fails, steel wool or sandpaper and a liberal dose of elbow grease can get out deep-set stains.

A quick note: If you are dealing with a stain on laminate, rather than hardwood, do not scrape or sand the stain, and do not use acetone or other solvents. Check with the laminate manufacturer for advice on getting the stain up.

HOME TIP: Lengthen the life of hardwood floors by protecting them from sunlight and standing water. Close the curtains and clean spills promptly.

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