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Thursday, July 12, 2007 Volume XVI, Number 18

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... The Carthage Public Library 10th annual Puzzle and Game Day will be Thursday, July 12, 2007 in the children’s department of the new library addition. There will be board games and puzzles for ages 2 through 12 downstairs from 10 a.m. until noon.

Did Ya Know?... The 2nd Annual Car & Bike Show will be held on Sunday, July 15th from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Carthage First Nazareth Church, 2000 Grand Ave.

Did Ya Know?... A "Freedom from Smoking" series will begin July 12 at McCune-Brooks Regional Hospital. $60.00 registration fee covers all materials, or bring a friend and pay $45. Registration required, call 359-2432

Did Ya Know?... The Crossroads Chapter #41 and the Auxiliary Unit #41 of the Disabled American Veterans will meet Tuesday, July 19th at 7:00 p.m. in the Legion Rooms of the Memorial Hall. All members are invited to attend the meeting.

today's laugh

About the only business that makes money without advertising, is the Mint.

Have you any pillow cases?

Yes, sir. What size?

I really don’t know, but I wear a size seven hat.

Let him among us to run the fastest throw the first stone.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Circuit Court in Session at Joplin.

The Carthage term of circuit court adjourned Friday evening and the term at Joplin began this morning.

Court will again be in session in Carthage when a decision will be made in the ejectment suit of T.T. Luscombe vs. S.C. Edgar et al which has been in progress for the last three days before M.G. McGregor, special judge.

Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Lane and little daughter of Whitefield, New Hampshire who have been visiting their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Vorbles of this city, left this morning for their eastern home.

Planning a Trip to England.

Jas. Luke is planning a trip to his old home in England, in the near future. He may be accompanied by Byron Ash. Mesdames Luke and Ash left this morning for a summer stay at Manitou, Colo.

Earl Young, who was in the bicycle business here with Harry During seven years ago, has returned to the city with a wife and looking for a house to rent.


Today's Feature

Route 66 Advocate Recommends Signs.

Carthage City Council met on Tuesday evening in a regular session. The Council heard a request from Carterville resident Rod Harsh to increase directional signage for Route 66 within the City.

Harsh, a self-proclaimed Route 66 advocate, operates a welcome center in Carterville which is located in a renovated 1937 gas station. Harsh told Council that he has heard from many patrons who have passed through Carthage that it was difficult to find Route 66 once inside the City. He said that many of them approach from the east and do not turn onto Garrison, but continue straight on Central until they arrive at the Central/71 interchange.

Harsh recommended to Council the placement of directional signs on Central and Garrison streets so that travelers may more easily follow the route.

Harsh also noted that no host City has been selected for the 2010 Route 66 festival and said he felt Carthage would be an ideal location.

Council took no action on the recommendation but did ask several questions. Harsh, in closing, offered his assistance in the location and hanging of the signs if the City decides to approve them.

"I’ll do anything I can to help, including bringing my ladder and putting them up myself," said Harsh.

Jasper County Youth Fair Events.

The Jasper County Youth Fair will continue through July 14 at the fairgrounds in Carthage Municipal Park.

Today’s scheduled events are to include a Steer Show at 8:30 a.m., a Sheep Show at noon, a Swine Show at 6 p.m. and the 15th Annual Watermelon feed north of the barns at 7 p.m. The Watermelon feed is sponsored by Southwest Missouri Bank.

On Friday, July 13 the events are to include a Dairy Show at 8 a.m., a Celebrity Milking Contest at noon in the Show Arena, a Youth Fair Board sponsored Bar-B-Que from 5-7 p.m. in the Shelter east of the Livestock Barns, a presentation by Dr. Jerry Crownover in the Show Arena at 6:30 p.m., and a Market Animal Sale in the Show arena at 7 p.m. An exhibitor’s dance will follow the sale.

Also located at the fairgrounds throughout the event will be the McCune-Brooks Wellness Tent, which will offer free health screenings.

Saturday’s events will be listed in the Friday edition of the Mornin’ Mail.

Just Jake Talkin'
It amazes me sometimes to see how easily folks adapt. Had a friend through a good portion of school days. He was easy to get serious, but always had a good sense of humor and a little off the wall at times.

When he got married, we expected him to take the role of husband serious, but when he went to work for that furniture store as a salesman, he turned into some other person.

At first I just figured he was puttin’ on, but after a few weeks, it became apparent that he had become this cold, calculatin’ business machine. I tried to gig him once about his new image, he didn’t think it was even a little funny. He’d decided on a role he had no idea how to play and it corrupted him.

He eventually returned to reality, but I don’t think ever understood my bein’ upset at him losin’ that kid I used ta know.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

Metcalf Auto Supply

Click & Clack Talk Cars
By Tom and Ray Magliozzi

Dear Tom & Ray:

I heard a caller on your show describe sitting in her car for 20 minutes while it idled so she could run her air conditioner and listen to her stereo. I couldn’t have been the only one who cringed at that, could I? She was wasting money and fuel, generating pollution and, from what I’ve read, damaging her engine. Do you guys agree with this? - John

RAY: We’ve never condoned excessive idling, John. Except in the case of my brother.

TOM: Right. Sitting on a park bench with a cup of coffee during working hours is great, and I highly recommend it.

RAY: But as far as cars are concerned, you’re right on three of your four points; It does waste money, it wastes fuel and it creates pollution. But it doesn’t really harm the car.

TOM: Right. With modern, fuel-injected engine management, the fuel is metered precisely enough that excess fuel isn’t pouring into the cylinders.

RAY: Nonetheless, idling is still wasteful and selfish. So we recommend that if you’re going to be stopped for more than a few minutes, you turn off your engine.

TOM: There’s no harm in turning it off and on again. There’s no truth to the myth that you "use more gas starting it than by letting it run."

RAY: One of the ways hybrid vehicles save fuel is by automatically turning off the engine whenever you come to a complete stop, even at traffic lights. And my guess is that sooner than later, all new vehicles will adopt this "automatic stop-start" technology.

TOM: But you can contribute today, even if you don’t have that technology, just by being conscious of when your car is stopped for a few minutes. Future generations - and the poor guy sitting behind you - will thank you.

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