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Friday, July 20, 2007 Volume XVI, Number 24

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... A Live Changing Volunteer Training class will be held Monday, July 30 and Tuesday, July 31 in the First Assembly of God Church, 1605 S. Baker, Carthage MO. Volunteer training brings: understanding of Hospice dynamics and confidence in providing care to hospice patients. For more info or to register call Susan Hahne, 782-6811 or 417-592-2546.

Did Ya Know?... School Supplies including backpacks, paper, pencils, pens, glue stick, etc. will be accepted for the "Tools for School" distribution program through July 30th at the Salvation Army headquarters, 125 E. Fairview.

Did Ya Know?... A Summer Fun Fest will be held On Saturday, July 21st, 2007 at Life Church 2965 S. Chapel Rd., Carthage, MO. FREE and fun for all ages! Live bands, Giant Slide, bungee run, an inflatable obstacle course and more. Free hot dogs, chips and soda for everyone. Activities will be from 1 pm to 5 pm. For additional info; Amy Davis at 417-358-6100 or 417-439-3990 or by email at

today's laugh

Charming place this old mansion - seen the old wing?
Oh yes. I had it for lunch.

It ain’t sanitary to have the house built over the hog pen that way.
Well, I dunno. We ain’t lost a hog in fifteen years.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Dishonesty Did Not Pay.

The other day at Galena, J.W. Burns, who had come in from the strip, traded a couple of horses to a Galena man for a buggy, horse and $5. The Galena man could only pay $1 down and Burns was given one of the horses for security. The Galena man learned that Burns had skipped out with the horse. He traced him as far as Webb city, where a warrant was procured and with Constable Oxendine came on to Carthage. Marshal Stafford joined them and on the road leading to McDaniel’s mill they overtook Burns and placed him under arrest. He surrendered the horse, and the $4 due him was required to pay the costs in the case. Burns dishonesty cost him most of the boot money but he was spared prosecution.

Miss Hilma Martin arrived last night on the Missouri Pacific for an extended visit with her sister, Mrs. M. Edstrom, at 925 Olive Street.


Today's Feature

YMCA Volleyball Camp.

The Carthage Fair Acres Family YMCA is hosting volleyball camp next week. Coach Loveall and his team are leading the camp for girls 3rd grade through 6th grade, teaching methods used to play successful volleyball.

The camp will start on July 23rd and run until Friday, July 27th from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. daily. All campers will receive a camp shirt. Each camper should be dressed in athletic clothing. Online registration may be completed for YMCA members for $40, $65 for non members. For more information or to register visit or call 358-1070.

Wild West Roundup.

The Carthage Saddle Club arena will be the site of a Wild West Roundup and dinner on Saturday beginning at 5:30 p.m. for families who have completed the parenting classes offered by the Carthage R-9 Schools and Carthage Caring Communities. The western-themed events will include music by D.J. Fry, stick-horse barrel racing, a horse building competition, apple dunk and horseshoe game. R-9 Resource Officer Doug Dickey will be the "Marshall" in a skit during the event.

The event is hosted by Carthage Caring Communities and the Alliance of Southwest Missouri. Carthage Caring Communities offers parenting classes and events bi-yearly. For more information call 358-3270.

Just Jake Talkin'
Computer technology is movin’ so fast that even the high-powered latest and greatest "electronic brains" can’t calculate the options of or the opportunities.

For those eve tryin’ to keep up with the changes the best that can be hoped for is hangin’ on by the fingernails as the information age whizzes by. There is one fact for sure, either you’re on the train or you’re sittin’ at the depot.

A popular president said something to the effect that if we start now, we’re gonna make some mistakes, but at least we’ll have time to recover. If we wait till ever’thing’s perfect, we might not have that luxury.

As most of us who have lived with computers ever’day have discovered, the only thing certain is that you’re workin’ on equipment that is obsolete.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

Oak Street Health & Herbs

Natural Nutrition
By Mari An Willis

Dry underarms are a challenge in this hot weather so why try? Perspiration is a natural occurrence and a very necessary one. The skin has been called the third kidney and our underarms are obviously a very active disposal site. We seem to be obsessed with keeping them dry causing the usage of large amounts of deodorants. The active ingredient in most deodorants is aluminum chlorhydrate (or similar compound). These clog the pores to stop the release of fluid. As the plug disintegrates we absorb the chemical. Since aluminum chlorhydrate has been listed as a dangerous substance when handling, why put it on our skin to stop a natural process.

In Dr. Julian Whitaker’s Health & Healing newsletter, he explains that there is an alternative. We call it the deodorant stone. It contains potassium of ammonium alum which is soluble in water, but is not toxic nor absorbable through the skin. It acts on the surface of the skin to kill bacteria and the odors they produce. Dr. Whitaker states "even though I am a firm believer in deodorants, I have never been able to find one that prevents day-long odor collection in my clothes. Now I not only put on fresh smelling shirts, but I take them off as well... I use the rock deodorant on my feet and my kids’ feet to avoid that somewhat less than pleasant experience of taking off leather or canvas shoes after a long day."

Another nice thing about the stone is that with careful handling it will usually last about a year, what a bargain! From experience though, if you drop it on a hard surface, it will shatter and the edges are very sharp! They can be rounded out under water.

Art Notes from Hyde House
By Sally Armstrong, Director of artCentral

Thanks to all for making last weekend a great opening for the new exhibition of paintings here at the Hyde House. Several were present for the Opening Night reception that had never been here before, and that’s always wonderful to hear! Our visiting artist, Cathy Martin, arrived at 6:00 pm with her husband Charlie and another Wisconsin couple, and they traveled all day to be with us for the evening. That was a journey of love! We appreciate the time they took and enjoyed meeting them, especially the artist, who enjoyed meeting our members and guests. Her daughter Lindsey has a nice display of her work as well in the Member Gallery, including a painting of the COKE mural on the bike shop wall on Garrison St. here in Carthage, a familiar sight. The beautiful bouquet of sunflowers and green wheat in a galvanized bucket, designed by Justin Thomas and THE WILDFLOWER, set the perfect rural tone and the tables were draped in yellow bandana tablecloths. A nice crowd gathered to view the beautiful oil paintings, and one man was overheard to say they were the most beautiful use of oil paint he had ever seen! Saturday we continued to welcome additional visitors, and Sunday, again, people came. This beautiful show will be open again this weekend and all the next and following weekend during the artCamp hours as well, so I hope if you have not yet come by, you will soon. This show is too good to miss!

Children’s artCamp begins Monday morning July 23rd at 10:00 and we look forward to the arrival of the members of the first class, POTTERY STORY VESSELS. Students in this class are asked to bring along a favorite story book or story idea to use as inspiration in the design of their vessel, which will be hand formed from clay. These classes continue all that week and the next, and places are still available if your child desires to attend. Call 417 358 4404 for information.

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