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Wednesday, June 13, 2007 Volume XV, Number 253

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... Sign ups will be held this week for the Carthage Public Library 2007 summer reading programs "Get A Clue @ Your Library (ages 1-12) and "You Never Know @ Your Library" (young adults). The summer session of Wednesday morning story times begins on June 13th at 10:00 a.m. in the new children’s department.

Did Ya Know?... Spare Cat Rescue will help pay for the spay or neuter of your cat. Call for details. 417-358-6808.

Did Ya Know?... Crossroads Chapter No. 41 will meet Tuesday night, June 19 at 7:00 p.m. in the Legion Rooms of the Memorial Hall. The sons of Veterans can now join the auxiliary of the Disabled American Veterans.

today's laugh

A woman’s three sons go to Texas to raise cattle, hogs and sheep. After a while, they write to her and say that all is fine except that they have been unable to come up with a name for the ranch.
"NAME IT FOCUS," she telegraphed.
The boys were puzzled and cabled back for an explanation.

Why do you keep applauding such a poor play?
To keep awake.

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

They Drew Animals.

A merry crowd of young people enjoyed an evening with Miss Bertha Aspinal of Macon street last night. The principal amusement of the evening was a guessing contest in which Hal Osborn and Will Oeast won the prizes. The game was for one to draw an animal and the others to guess what animal it was.

Miss Aspinal’s guests were; Misses Ethel Hedge, Mattie Osborne, Lena Riddle, Stella Burrows, Myrtle Tolbert, Gladys Campbell; Messrs Paul Green, M Johnson, Hal Ostorn, Fred Nesbit, Will Oeast, Dave Huff, Reg Fulford, Roy Nase of Webb City.

To Spend Summer in Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Lewis , of southwest of Jasper, were in town today and Mrs. Lewis left this afternoon for San Antonio, Texas, where she will spend the balance of the summer visiting with her daughter who resides there.


Today's Feature

A Brief Budget Meeting.

The City Council Budget Ways and Means Committee met Monday evening in a regular session. The committee reviewed an amendment to the budget for this fiscal year. City Administrator Tom Short told the committee that Municipal Golf Course was seeking additional funding, to be transferred from the General fund unreserved balance. Short said that the preliminary numbers had shown the need of approximately $10,000, but based on a "worst case scenario" projection up to $20,000 was being requested. Short added that the Golf Course staff was working to keep expenditures down to help compensate for a low number of rounds and lagging revenues. The committee approved the amendment to allow the transfer of up to $20,000.

The committee also reviewed several contracts with City agencies and discussed a change to the contract with the Chamber of Commerce. Short told the committee that a proposed revision to the contract would allow the Chamber of Commerce to install a search committee in the event of the departure of a director. The committee approved this change unanimously. The meeting lasted 15 minutes.

Just Jake Talkin'
I see there was a recent study that says folks aren’t gettin’ enough sleep these days. I suppose such a study would have interested Tom Edison, who reportedly got through his life sleepin’ ‘bout four hours a night and a couple a cat naps durin’ the day.

I’ve seen other reports that say no one can find a physical reason for sleep at all. The body does need to rest a certain amount of time ever’day, but sleepin’ is just one a the mechanisms that allow such rest.

Some research indicates that sleep is more of a mental rest that allows the brain to shut down for a while.

‘Course cat’s might have the right idea. They sleep about ninety percent of their life. I suppose if all humans had ta worry about was a portion of MeowMix and a clean cat box, we’d get a lot more sleep too.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

Mornin' Mail

Here's A Tip
By JoAnn Derson

• "Here’s a simple tip both for saving money and helping out the environment: We all know that plastic cups are easy to misplace at a picnic. Invariably, you set your glass down, only to come back to a table filled with similar glasses. You can never tell which is yours. Take a permanent marker and put it by the cups. Then ask everyone to write his or her name on the cup before filling. There’s no mistaking that!" -- A Reader, via e-mail

• Every home should have a fire extinguisher, and I hope yours does. But do you know how old it is, or when it was last serviced? If not, replace it today. Date the outside of the extinguisher with a permanent pen, and have it serviced yearly. They last, on average, 10-12 years.

• "Being a little bit of a maniac about clutter -- both physical and visual -- I have settled on a fantastic way to maintain chore lists for each family member without having multiple paper lists on the fridge or counter. I had a photograph of each family member laminated. They hang in a nice presentation on a lower kitchen cabinet. On the backside, with a dry-erase marker, I write that person’s daily or weekly chores. They have only to turn their picture around to see their jobs. I can also attach Post-It reminders for appointments there. It looks so much better." -- S.L.R. in Missouri

• "You can use white vinegar to polish your patent-leather shoes. Just dampen a cloth with straight vinegar, shine and wipe with a dry cloth. They look great, and it really restores that shine!" -- D.L. in Tennessee

• "To freshen stuffed animals, wipe any dirty spots clean with a dampened towel, then put several together inside a pillowcase. Tie the case shut and add the pillowcase and a fabric softener sheet to the dryer. Fluff for 10 minutes on low heat, then remove. They look and smell great!" -- L.E. in Ohio

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