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Wednesday, March 21, 2007 Volume XV, Number 194

did ya know?

Did Ya Know?... A reception will be held Wednesday, March 21 in the Carthage City Hall to welcome the newly appointed executive director of the Carthage Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Did Ya Know?... Throughout March the McCune-Brooks Hospital lab will offer Colorectal Cancer Screening Kits free. Call 359-2432 for more information.

Did Ya Know?... Class of 2007 Project Graduation is holding a raffle for a 2007 Dodge Charger. Prize to be awarded at the Big Man on Campus event, April 27. Only 2,500 tickets sold, must be 18 years of age to purchase. Proceeds benefit Project Graduation. $20 per ticket. Call 358-8786. Winner will be responsible for all taxes, title fees, license, registration and insurance costs.

today's laugh

Man in Restaurant: Waiter, about an hour ago I ordered a steak. Did you forget it or have I eaten it already?

Buyer: Isn’t this house a little strange? How come it’s 2 feet wide and 220 feet long?
Broker: Well, it was originally intended to be a bowling alley.

"How do you stay so healthy?"
"I eat plenty of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates."
"What, no food at all?"

A Chronological Record of Events as they have Transpired in the City and County since our last Issue.

Tore One of His Ears.

Thos. Holden, a member of the fire department, was cutting up at the department headquarters yesterday and in dodging under the rear of the hook and ladder wagon caught his left ear on one of the blunt hooks used by the firemen. The hook penetrated his ear and tore it completely in two. Dr. Brooks took six stitches in repairing the damage and Holden will probably have a disfigured ear for the rest of his life.

In Circuit Court.

Clarence Frankenberger, a 17 year old Webb City boy who stole money and other valuables from Mrs. Frank Knowles on an electric car, was sent to reform school to remain until he is 21 years of age.

Ed Trott expects to leave tomorrow morning for August, Kansas, where he will take a position in the Frisco station.


Today's Feature

Safety Meeting Discussions.

The City Council Public Safety committee met Monday evening in a regular session. There were not items of business on the agenda but several items were discussed during the reports of Police Chief Dennis Veach and Fire Chief John Cooper.

Veach distributed a news release concerning longevity awards for three Carthage Police officers (See Longevity Awards). Veach gave an overview to the committee of the Police Department 2008 fiscal year operating budget, highlighting some of the areas that had changed over last year. Veach commented that officer turnover including training and uniform cost is a large part of the department’s expense.

Fire Chief Cooper said that a siren at Garrison and El Dorado was struck by lightning recently and needs to be repaired. Cooper said that he is in the process of securing bids for repair. Funding for the repair would come from the Council contingency fund, if approved.

Committee member Bill Welch, following the reports, said that he had received an inquiry about parking places on the square and asked for the committee’s input. Welch said that a citizen who lives in an apartment on the square had asked if it was possible to obtain a pass allowing parking on the square without time restrictions.

Veach responded that the matter had been brought before the committee several times and that allowing unrestricted parking on the square had always been rejected.

Committee Chair Mike Harris said that allowing those who live on the square to park without getting a ticket would be unfair to those who work on the square and park there every day. Harris noted that there are several free parking lots located near the square. The committee took no action.

Police Longevity Awards.

The following is a news release issued by Carthage Police Chief Dennis Veach

On this date awards were given to three officers for extended years of service.

Sergeant David G. Martin will have been with the department for twenty years of service as of April 25th. Sgt. Martin was hired as an officer on April 25th, 1987. Prior to being hired here he was an officer with the Neosho Police Department. Sgt. Martin served both day and night shift as an officer until he was promoted to Sgt. on May 7th of 2001. Martin has served both day and night shift as a Sergeant. Among many other things, Sgt. Martin is in charge of the department’s vehicle fleet and the LiveScan Fingerprint System.

Detective William H. Hawkins, Jr. has been with the department for twenty-five years of service as of March 15th. Detective Hawkins was hired on March 15th, 1982. Detective Hawkins served in patrol until being promoted to Detective in 1990. Detective Hawkins is a member of the Tri-State Major Case Squad and has served on many major cases in the last 17 years as a detective.

Captain Kevin V. Davis has been with the department since February 10th, 1977, thirty years of service. Prior to being hired full time here Capt. Davis was also a reserve officer for approximately three years. Capt. Davis also was employed by the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department for a short time before being hired by Carthage. Capt. Davis was promoted to Detective in 1979 and served in that position until being promoted to Captain in 1985. Captain Davis has served as Interim Chief and is currently the Assistant Chief of Police.

The City is indebted to all three officers for their many years of outstanding service to the Citizens of Carthage.

Dennis R. Veach

Chief of Police

Just Jake Talkin'
What I think is strange is the fact that most folks don’t talk about the big sweepstakes offered on TV and through the mail much.

Oh, sure, you’ll hear an occasional comment about how things’ll be better when the sweepstakes money comes in, but no serious talk.

I have to admit, that for the first time in a long time, I’ve actually made it to the point that I got the form askin’ how I wanted the money to be paid out. I wanted to be assured real security, so I checked the box beside the "$20 a year for 10,000 years" line.

‘Course, even thought you are almost guaranteed to be a winner, they still want ya to save a couple a bucks and order just one more "special" magazine offer.

This is some fact, but mostly,

Just Jake Talkin’.

Mornin' Mail

Here's A Tip
By JoAnn Derson

• The best and most reliable resource for taxes and tax-related questions is a hop, skip and a click away. Check out for help on your tax questions. If you prefer, you can call the Internal Revenue Service at the toll-free customer-service line, 800-829-1040.

• "The best way to clean a buildup of starch on your clothes iron is to wipe it down with a solution of diluted vinegar. If you have a curling iron or flat iron for your hair, you can get rid of hairspray gunk the same way." -- F.P. in Pennsylvania

• A great resource for laundry-detergent product information is a new Web site offered by The Soap and Detergent Association. At, you will find a product fact sheet available at no cost.

• A reader recently wrote in to find a solution to panty-liner adhesive remaining on undergarments. How to remove it? Here are two tricks to try: First, rub petroleum jelly into the adhesive area and rub the fabric together. The adhesive should begin to loosen and bead up. Then, pick off the larger particles and launder in the hottest water possible. Or, soak in a solution of two-thirds heated vinegar and one-third hot water. Remove and try scraping the adhesive off with a fingernail. Any other suggestions? I’ll leave it to the readers.

• Thinking about re-working your landscape? Plant deciduous trees on the south and west sides of your home to reduce heating and cooling costs. The trees will block sunlight with their leaves in the summer, and after the leaves fall off in the winter, will let warm sunshine through to help with heating.

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